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Wiki Loves Womenː SheSaid
    SheSaid is part of the Wiki Loves Women initiative

    The #SheSaid drive, part of the Wiki Loves Women initiative, celebrates women leaders by focusing on enhancing their visibility through the creation and improvement of Wikiquote entries related to them.
    Since its launch in October 2020, the #SheSaid campaign on Wikiquote has achieved remarkable success. By January 5th, 2021, it had contributed to a total of 867 new or enhanced articles across seven languages, predominantly consisting of new entries. Among the languages, Italian Wikiquote emerged as the clear leader, with 405 articles, closely followed by Ukraine with 187 articles and French with 105 articles. This outstanding outcome is truly incredible, and we extend our gratitude for amplifying the voices of women.
    Building upon this success, In 2021, the second edition of the campaign proved to be equally triumphant, resulting in the creation of 1500+ Wikiquote entries across nine languages, with numerous entries also receiving improvements. Italian and Tagalog emerged as the most active languages during this edition, further contributing to the mission of showcasing women's voices.
    In 2022, the WLW team was happy to run again the 3rd edition f the campaign which resulted in +4158 articles created or imported and +1918 articles improved.
    Due to its incredible success, the SheSaid campaign will be running for the fourth consecutive year, taking place from October 1st to December 31st, 2023. Building on the achievements of previous editions, this campaign aims to continue its efforts in improving the visibility of women by creating and enhancing Wikiquote entries related to their contributions.


    • Julyː Call for grant applications - Done
    • Augustː Grant webinars - Done
    • September, 1stː Last day to apply for scholarships - Done
    • October, 1stː Start of the campaign - In progress…
    • October - Novemberː #SheSaid webinars - In progress…
    • October - Decemberː #SheSaid local events - In progress…
    • December, 31stː End of the campaign - In progress…

    Grant applications[edit]

    If you intend to organize a local event, you can apply for a grant to the Wikimedia Foundation before the 1st September 2023. In order to ensure a smooth and comprehensive grant application, we have devised this grant request template.
    PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THERE. If you are ready to submit your grant application, please fill out the Fluxx form.


    Updateː A total of 14 grant applications have been submitted.

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    Communications Material[edit]

    The Wiki Loves Women team is delighted to offer a range of design options for social media, postcards, and bookmarks. We encourage you to utilize them to your liking without any restrictions.
    For help and access to templates on Canvas, please get in touch with UserːAfek91
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