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Wiki Loves Womenː SheSaid
    SheSaid (Elladijo en español) forma parte de la iniciativa Wiki Ama a las mujeres

    The #SheSaid drive, part of the Wiki Loves Women initiative, celebrates women leaders by focusing on enhancing their visibility through the creation and improvement of Wikiquote entries related to them.
    Since its launch in October 2020, the #SheSaid campaign on Wikiquote has achieved remarkable success. By January 5th, 2021, it had contributed to a total of 867 new or enhanced articles across seven languages, predominantly consisting of new entries. Among the languages, Italian Wikiquote emerged as the clear leader, with 405 articles, closely followed by Ukrainian Wikiquote with 187 articles and French with 105 articles. This outstanding outcome is truly incredible, and we extend our gratitude for amplifying the voices of women.
    Sobre la base de este éxito, en 2021, la segunda edición de la campaña resultó igualmente triunfante, lo que resultó en la creación de "1500+ entradas de Wikiquote en nueve idiomas", con numerosas entradas que también recibieron mejoras. Italian' y Tagalog surgieron como las lenguas más activas durante esta edición, contribuyendo aún más a la misión de mostrar las voces de las mujeres.
    En 2022, el equipo de WLW fue feliz de volver a ejecutar la tercera edición de la campaña que dio como resultado +4158 artículos creados o importados y +1918 artículos mejorados
    Debido a su increíble éxito, la campaña SheSaid se llevará a cabo por cuarto año consecutivo, que tendrá lugar del 1 de octubre al 31 de diciembre de 2023. Basándose en los logros de las ediciones anteriores, esta campaña tiene como objetivo continuar sus esfuerzos para mejorar la visibilidad de las mujeres mediante la creación y mejora de entradas de Wikiquote relacionadas con sus contribuciones.

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    • Julyː Call for grant applications - Hecho
    • Augustː Grant webinars - Hecho
    • September, 1stː Last day to apply for grants - Hecho
    • October, 1stː Start of the campaign - Hecho
    • October - Novemberː #SheSaid webinars - Hecho
    • October - Decemberː #SheSaid local events - Hecho
    • December, 31stː End of the campaign - Hecho


    I am new

    Simple steps to take when contributing on Wikiquote are:

    1. Register on the Wikimedia projects.
    2. Search for quotes said by notable women online (keep a record of where you found the quote mentioned).
    3. Watch this introduction on how to edit on Wikiquote.
    4. Add the quotes to Wikiquote and ensure that there is a short biography about the woman you are featuring.
    5. Remember to use the #SheSaid hashtag in the Edit Summary so that we can track it!
    6. Quotes should be sourced from reliable sources, i.e. news site, book, newspaper, journal, etc.
    7. Add links and references of the source to your quotation.
    8. Follow the #SheSaid campaign on Facebook or Twitter @WikiLovesWomen

    I am a Wikimedian

    1. First, please add your name (optional but nice to see who is interested in helping :))
    2. Get to know Wikiquote better! Watch the webinars linked below!
    3. Share the postcards created in 2023, create a bookmark or postcards.
    4. Join the drive in your local language community WikiQuote by adding quotes using the #SheSaid hashtag in the Edit Summary!
    5. Share your added quotes on social media with the #SheSaid
    6. Follow the #SheSaid campaign on Facebook or Twitter @WikiLovesWomen

    Participating Affiliates/ User Groups

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    Add your name, with ~~~~, i.e. 4 tildes, as well as any comment you want to make.

    SOFONIE DALA [[1]]22:30, 07 December 2023 (UTC) My success is not measured by the number of likes, the number of shares, subscribers and the number of views. These are the metrics of #Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and social networks in general. This is how social media measure success. But my metric, my standard of evaluation and my success, is how much it changed my life, how much it contributed to my intimate reform, how much it positively impacted people's lives.[reply]

    Finding a place where i can make an imapct. Discovered this page through WikiWomen Camp 2023

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