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Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Evaluation

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Objective Activities Expected results Indicators
1. Done Organizing a pleasant and affordable conference designed for 1'000 participants.
  • Done Organization and general management of the event (Wikimania checklist).
  • Done Providing support for visa, local transport, accommodation and meals.
  • Done Programme (including leisures and activities for children).
  • In progress… Independent evaluation team: 5 qualitative evaluations from 5 people; the group manages an online questionnaire and collects statistics related to the scholarships.
  • Added Added 700 participants. 1365 participants were registered.
  • Done 80% of the feedback is positive from participants, volunteers and organizations involved.
    • Done Expectation met (38,01%) or exceeded (43,13%) = 81,14%
    • Done Overall rating of the conference: excellent (49,46%) and good (37,57%) = 87,03%
  • Done Availability of scholarships.
    • Added Added We increased the number of scholarships thanks to the partial ones.
    • Added Added We made sure all expenses (including dinners) where included in the scholarships.
    • Added Added Wikimedia Foundation provided 88 full scholarships, 35 partial scholarships and 6 additional scholarships = 129.
    • Added Added A large number of scholarships (due to the costs of the event in Europe but also to the costs of accommodation and meals) were also provided by Wikimedia Italia, Wikimedia CH (including scholarships for the kiwix workshop organized in Esino Lario before Wikimania), Wikimedia Israel, Wikimedia Poland, Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia France. Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH were specifically triggered to contribute in supporting the event with scholarships
  • Cost per participants.
  • Number of requests of scholarships, number of scholarships, number of donors supporting the scholarships.
  • Number of participants (registrations online and check-in at the conference). Comment: 1365 participants were registered.
  • Feedback from the participants (report of the online survey). The survey has not been yet uploaded by the Wikimedia Foundation team. Please also refer to the suggestion page on Wikimania 2016 website.
  • Feedback from the volunteers and organizations involved (report of the online survey). Not currently uploaded by the Wikimedia Foundation team.
  • In progress… Feedback from 5 evaluators (qualitative <2 pages report).
  • Scholarships reports.
2. Done Testing a new collaborative format for Wikimania.
  • Done Enlarging the structure of Wikimania working team, with no separation between wikimedians and "the others".
  • Done Involving wikimedians, people living in the territory, and people with specific expertise in the event planning and implementation.
  • Done A site site-specific programme, designed specifically for the locations and the different available spaces. This is meant to associate each space with a different experience (a different way of collaborating).
  • Done A user-centered programme, designed for the different interests/needs of Wikimania participants. At the moment the call for participation asks people what they want to present, it does not ask people what they want to attend (there are hints in the feedback pages of the different Wikimania).
  • New ideas collected during the conference.
  • Compared to other Wikimania, Wikimania Esino Lario is perceived as something developed in a more collaborative way, and people feel more engaged and targeted.
  • Documentation about the process used to design Wikimania: timeline.
  • Documentation of people involved in the project plan and implementation: timeline and team.
  • Feedback from the participants (online questionnaire).
  • Feedback from the volunteers and organizations involved (online questionnaire).
  • Feedback from 5 evaluators (qualitative <2 pages report).
  • The criteria to collect feedback will be...
3. Done Develop a sustainable Wikimania, which generates a long-term impact on the territory where it is organized (scalable experience).
  • Done Implementing a local fundraising focussed on territorial development and the improvement of existing structures (access and spaces for collaborative work and associations).
  • Done Implementation of specific projects.
  • Done Organization of a programme of events and meetings before Wikimania to present the WIkimedia projects, to support synergies with local GLAMs/data and to involve people in contributing.
  • Done Upload and edit of content on the Wikimedia projects while developing Wikimania (Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, WikiVoyage in English and Italian).
  • Added Added Public Internet wifi in Esino Lario (centre).
  • Added Added Transformation of the former museum in a collaborative space and space for associations.
  • Added Added Improvement of the accessibility of the Sport hall/multifunctional space (access and security).
  • Added Added Improvement of the accessibility of the Primary school (access).
  • Done In the preparation of Wikimania, people living in Esino Lario and in the territory of Lake Como (Lario), Valsassina and Ticino have acquired an improved knowledge of the Wikimedia projects.
  • Done Increased number of content on the Wikimedia projects related to Esino Lario and the territory of Lake Como (Lario), Valsassina and Ticino.
  • Done The structures improved for the conference are used after the conference.