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The venue is the entire village of Esino Lario.

The conference takes place in the entire territory of Esino Lario. The meeting rooms are all located in the core housing area of the municipality within walking distance from each other. The majority of the accommodation is located in the same area and it allows Wikimania participates to enjoy proximity and walking distance from the accommodation to the meeting rooms.

The different kind of spaces used for the Wikimania programme allow a variety of gatherings and discussions. Smaller and lager rooms are available for large session, small groups discussions, formal and informal meetups, exhibition and posters, training and workshops, working spaces and hack sessions. The use of open space, parks, green areas, streets closed to the traffic and squares contribute to the extension of the sessions and to the general atmosphere of the event.

The choice of locating Wikimania within a small natural location uses and potentiates existing spaces, it involves local institutions and operators in contributing to the conference organization, and it sets the collaborative style of the event.

Buildings and Rooms[edit]

Below we provide an overview of the buildings and meeting rooms which can be used for Wikimania Esino Lario. The number of people is indicative because it depends on how the space will be used (size of the seats, if we arrange seats around tables, if it is a presentation, if we add a stage or we use the space for discussions...). In general we kept the number of people below the actual capacity of the rooms (Manuel and Deror who visited the site can also provide their feedback) and you can check the links for further details (further images and plans are also available on Wikimedia Commons).

Image Venue Expected use People
Sport hall and multifunctional space Presentations. 600 seats
Tensile structure Presentations or Meetups. 500 seats
Former cinema - Hall Presentations, possible space for the registration. 300 seats
Theatre of the kindergarten Presentations. 100 seats
Meeting Presentations. 100 seats
Primary school
  • Hackathon
  • Training or discussions
25 x 6 + 50 = 200
Former museum - Collaborative space Collaborative space, training, or possible space for the registration (downstairs). 15 x 6 + 24 = 120
Multimedia room - New museum Presentations. 40
Villa Clotilde Office, press office, space for small meetings and interviews. 15 x 3 = 45
Esino Lario town hall Information desk and a small meeting room. 20
Ex-Albergo Italia Space for the volunteers, storage of luggage, possible space for the registration.
Bar Restaurant 58 Meetups. Around 100
Ristorante albergo La Montanina Meetups. Around 150
Ristorante albergo Rosa delle Alpi Meetups. Around 150
Bar Oasi Meetups. Around 120
Ortanella Meetups, thematic dinners, excursions. 4'000
Cainallo Meetups, thematic dinners, excursions. 4'000
Villa Monastero in Varenna
  • Event involving cultural institutions.
  • Board meetings or other meetings of commissions.
Several rooms. Max 88 in the largest, garden
Montecodeno Storage and backup.
Ex-Albergo Grigna Storage and backup.
Ex-Fioravanti Storage and backup.


Meeting space in Esino Lario[edit]

The Esino Lario city council is the major stakeholder of the venues and it has already expressed its support to the event. The other owners have already been approached; we have the confirmation for Meeting, Montecodeno and Ex-Albergo Italia. We have approached and involved one of the primary school teacher who supports the event and in case of confirmation of the event we will make an official request to the Istituto Comprensivo Bellano (which manages the building) to book and confirm the use (we do not expect specific problems; there are normally no problems in using the building of the Primary School for activities and the event will take place not during the school year[1]).

Meeting space in Varenna: Villa Monastero[edit]

We have booked Villa Monastero in Varenna; we made a pre-booking confirmed by email by the managers because Villa Monastero is a venue also for a major annual conference in physics and we need to negotiate as easy as possible the availability for Wikimania Esino Lario; Villa Monastero is available for Wikimania Esino Lario: conference rooms 21-26 June 2016, plus 7 double rooms and 4 single rooms arrival between June 21st and June 25th with departure Sunday June 26th (it is not possible to sleep in Villa Monastero Sunday 26 June because of the other event); 1 double room is also available but with departure Saturday June 24th.


Wikimania Haifa.

Esino Lario is connected by two electricity lines (one from Varenna, the other from Valsassina). There are 3 transformation cabins within the village. In case a transformer burns (an unlikely situation), it takes 4-5 hours to substitute it. The buildings used for the conference have electricity but not necessary receive the power needed need during the event, as most electrical supply per building can distribute up to 3 KW. Because of the free market, the Esino Lario city council has several electricity suppliers (Enel Energia, Multiutility) for the different building. The public space electricity (street illumination is owned and managed by Enel Sole); there are a series of other outdoor locations (i.e. old centres, industrial area, street via della Chiesa, Villa Clotilde garden) where lamps are owned by the city council and the energy is managed with several energy suppliers, similar to how buildings are managed.

  • We didn't check every single building for the current energy supply but we collected some sampling for Sport hall (largest space), Primary school (probably site for the hackathon) and Hall - former cinema (currently with a limited use). According to the information collected tension (tensione) is 380 volt everywhere, the available power is between 6 kw and 11 kw.
  • We are already in contact with the regional manager of Enel Distribuzione Spa, the company managing electricity distribution in Esino Lario and in the region. We have informed him about the event, he has provided information about the current situation and he is supporting us in planning the necessary steps to upgrade the system for the event.
  • Electricity distribution systems will be upgraded in a selection of buildings according to their use during Wikimania. Please refer below for the estimate upgrade.
  • An UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) system can be rented to provide electricity for the servers and/or for the main site (in case of a big storm). As an alternative, servers and the main sites can be connected to two different electricity lines for ensuring full service continuity. Such a decision will be planned jointly with the regional manager of Enel Distribuzione Spa (according to a cost/benefit analysis).

Upgrade Cost kw w Units Total w kw (per hour) Hours kw for day Total cost per day Days Total cost conference (7 days) in euro Total cost conference (7 days) in dollars
Upgrade to 100 kw € 800,00 100 kw 2 € 1.600,00 $ 2.195,98
Upgrade to 50 kw € 500,00 50 kw 4 € 2.000,00 $ 2.744,98
Upgrade to 20 kw € 180,00 20 kw 1 € 180,00 $ 247,05
The upgrade includes fixed costs and electricity Total cost upgrade € 3.780,00 $ 5.188,01
It includes an amount of electricity
Fixed cost for each upgrade € 150,00 7 € 1.050,00 $ 1.441,11
Estimated consume and cost for computers € 0,30 per kw 50 2000 100000 100 10 1000 € 300 7 € 2.100,00 $ 2.882,23
Consume for the tensile structure 150 5 750 € 225 3 € 675,00 $ 926,43
Total expected expenditures € 3.825,00 $ 5.249,77
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 4.000,00 $ 5.489,96
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37

Equipment rental/A-V expense[edit]

Wikimania Haifa.

All rooms used for presentations will be equipped with LCD Projector, screen, microphones, power sockets/strips for the expected number of people and all room will of course equipped with large sheets, pens and paper. The theatre of the kindergarten is already equipped (projector, screen, stage, microphone), and the Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne con provide 4 projectors and an audio system for free. We have also contacted an art and media centre in Milan to check if it is possible to borrow from them some equipment (5 projectors); we do not have confirmation jet.

If meeting rooms are not used for presentations but for meetings and discussions we will equip them accordingly. Two installations are a bit more complex of the others (and therefore more expensive): the sport hall (projector, screen, audio, power sockets/strips) and the tensile structure or the former cinema. For the installation of the audio in the sport hall we will have the support and advice of Alberto Pinto who is specialized in audio systems. We are deciding how to equip the smaller rooms (up to 35); the audio system doesn't seem to be necessary and eventually a monitor appears to be more appropriate.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Rented equipment (projector, audio, screen) - Tensile structure and sport hall 2 5 € 2.500,00 € 5.000,00 $ 6.862,45
Stationery, computer rentals, printer, electronics & others 8 € 4.000 $ 5.489,96
Already available projectors 4
Already available audio system 1
Already equipped Theatre Kindergarten (projector, audio, screen) 1
Permanent equipment (projector, audio, screen) - Primary school and multimedia room of the new museum 2 € 3.600,00 € 7.200,00 $ 9.881,93
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 16.200,00 $ 22.234,34
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37


Presentations are video recorded during the event. Workshops and discussions are documented with photos and short interviews with participants. Uploads will not be managed in Esino Lario during the event to avoid overcharging the network. The uploads are managed outside Esino Lario by renting space in a data center. We are not planning the streaming.

The video recording will be made with 1 camera frontal and fixed. To provide already formatted videos, the title will be filmed and recording will be stopped at the end of the presentation. Discussions and trainings will not be video recorded; we will document the event with photos, we will have the moderator recording general data about the event (number of attendees, and comments on questions, discussions and the general atmosphere), and a short interview with a participant can be video recorded.

Below how we estimated the cost. We are also considering of involving a school focussed on video making based in Lecco; eventually it would be useful to plan some training for the students during the preconference.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Video recording 4 3 € 200 € 2.400 $ 3.293,98
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 2400 $ 3.293,98
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37


We have requested a pre invoice for forniture: for chairs (to eventually be used for the meeting rooms), and for tables and benches (for outdoor spaces or for the tensile structure). The quantity exceeds our needs and we can probably borrow forniture from local associations, but we thought it can be useful to know how much it costs in an early stage and in case we need them.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Euro Notes
Chairs 1000 € 1.500 Estimated to make sure we have enough chairs
Palk € 200
Tables with benches 63 € 12 € 756 Each table for 8 people
Transport. Tracks for the round trip 2 € 400 € 800
Total without VAT € 3.256
VAT 22% € 716
Total with VAT € 3.972


  1. Phone call to the secretary of the Istituto Comprensivo Bellano, Iolanda Pensa, 06/03/2014.