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Stratejiya 2015/Şêwra civakê

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Strategy consultation report

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) is a nonprofit, charitable organization that supports and operates major wiki-based knowledge projects like Wikipedia. Working with thousands of dedicated volunteer contributors and readers, we are constantly striving to grow our projects and expand their global reach so that we may share free, multilingual, educational content with the world.

Your vision matters. We are working on a strategy for WMF, and we need some preliminary thoughts about the future. We are gathering information from people like you. The expertise and perspective you bring will help us broaden our thinking and generate an outcome that is truly representative of our shared goals. We will read your contributions to help formulate our strategy, which we will be sharing with the community for comments.

If you would like more information, please review Background or check out this blog post.

Hûn çawa dikarin beşdar bin?

Please read the below scenario and answer the questions on the discussion page.


The Internet environment is changing. In the next three years we expect to see stronger impact from at least two major global trends:

  • The world is going mobile. Trends show that mobile devices are becoming the primary (and often only!) method of access to the Internet for most people globally. Our sites need to be fully prepared for this.
  • The next billion Internet users are coming online (including a substantial number from Asia, Latin America, and Africa). These users may have little to no preconceived notion about any Wikimedia project and may have new motivations for participating when they do.


  1. What major trends would you identify in addition to mobile and the next billion users?
  1. Based on the future trends that you think are important, what would thriving and healthy Wikimedia projects look like?

Ji me re bêje ku tu çi difikirî

Help shape the future of the Wikimedia Foundation by clicking the button below. Your input is appreciated as we begin this process.

Please remember that all answers are publicly posted and that by submitting them here you are releasing them in the public domain, so that we may use or release them for research or other purposes. Please do not provide private data here.