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The Affiliations Committee advises and makes recommendations regarding the recognition and existence of Wikimedia movement affiliates.


  • 2023-01-29 The Board of Trustees' Community Affairs Committee voted for Lorenzo Losa to be an additional AffCom liaision for the Board.
  • 2022-12-07 The Board of Trustees has adopted the revised charter for the Affiliations Committee.
  • 2022-11-30 The term of the serving AffCom members was prolonged to the end of 2023, and as per the decision of the Board of Trustees, and no elections are held in late 2022. The Board has invited AffCom to work on Affiliate Strategy.
  • 2022-08-03 The Tyap Wikimedians Proposed User Group was recognized as a Wikimedia affiliated usergroup.
  • 2022-07-11 AffCom published their standing on hubs and the role the Commitee can take in developing these new Wikimedia structures.
  • 2022-07-08 The Women in Religion User Group was recognized as a Wikimedia affiliated usergroup.
  • 2022-04-09 Joy Agyepong and Benoît Prieur have been appointed to the Affiliations Committee as new members. In addition, incumbent member Mehman Ibragimov has been re-appointed for an additional term.
  • 2022-01-14 The Affiliations Committee has officially appointed Camelia Boban as Chair, Jeffrey Keefer as Vice-Chair, Houcemeddine Turki as Secretary, and Suyash Dwivedi as Treasurer, for a one-year term.
  • 2021-12-19 The AffCom is seeking new members and advisors! Applications are accepted from January 1 to January 31. Also, everyone can share endorsement and comments for prospective members and advisors.
  • 2021-11-08 Paiwan Wikimedians User Group has been recognized as a user group for a one-year renewable period.

Komiti e e ikgolagantseng (e e itsegeng ka leina la setlhopha sa komiti) ke maloko a Wikimedia community committee ba ba nang le dithata tsa go ka gakolola komiti ya Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees ka go amogela ditlhopha tse di simololang tsa movement affiliates: lefatshe ka bophara kgotsa kwa setlhophana sa lefatshe se ikaegileng teng,badirisi ba maloko gape le ditlhopha tsa badirisi.

Komiti e e simolodisitswe ka kgwedi ya Ferikgong 15,2006 ke resolution maloko a a tsepameng,ba nale ba bangwe ba le mmalwa ba Wikimedia committees.Maitlamo a yone tota a akaretsa go tlisa kgolaganyo ya ditlhabololo tsa Wikimedia chapters-tse erileng ka nako eo tsa bo di le mo legatlong la ntlha la dipuisano le ditlhophana tse dingwe tsa mafatshe a sele le one tota mokgatlho wa Wikimedia Foundation.

Ka ngwaga wa 2012,mo go latediseng dipuisano tsa community discussion le ditlamorago tsa maloko a a tsepameng' resolution,legatlo la komiti le ne la atlolosiwa go akaretsa thematic organisations le user groups.Ka ditatediso tse,komiti e ne ya kwala mokwalo wa nakwana wa its charter o o neng wa amogelwa semmuso ke baphutlhegi ba maloko ka kgwedi ya Phatlwe,mme se se digela diphetlogo tse mo komiting e e ikgolagantseng.

The Affiliations Committee's process (PDF presentation in 2012).

The Affiliations Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the recognition, approval and existence of Wikimedia movement affiliates, and for facilitating the creation of those organisations. In other words, the Committee helps Wikimedians from all around the world self-organise into chapters, thematic organisations and user groups, and to gain official recognition from the Wikimedia Foundation.

Re ka go etelela pele fa o le mo lenaneong la go batla go simolodisa mokgatlho ka go baakanya molao,go araba dipotso kgatlhanong le gore mokgatlho o tlhokana le eng go tsweng mo baikgolanying,tse di amanang le maloko gape le merero ya tse di agang metsana,gape le fa go tlhokafala - ba thuse ka tsa madi fa o semilodisa meletlo (Se se akaretsa ditshenyegelo tsa ikwadiso,ditshenyegelo tsa dikhutlola tsa ntlha,etc.).

Fa o nale kgatlhego ya go simolola go ikgolagany le ditirelo tsa mo tikologong ya gago,phutlhologa go re itsese ka go dirisa motlhale o o mo palong below,mme ebile re tla itumela go golagany le batho ba eleng bone tota go go thusa.

For further information, see Affiliations Committee/Members.

The Affiliates Committee comprises volunteers selected for their enthusiasm and their skills in community organising, cross-cultural communication, reviewing bylaws, and providing governance advice for emerging organisations. There are currently ten voting members with terms of two years each; the terms are arranged so that half of the seats are up for election every year.

Voting members of the Committee are helped by an unspecified number of non-voting advisers, either appointed by the Board of Trustees (known as Board liaisons) or by the Committee itself. Advisers provide the Committee with on-the-ground experience, language skills, and governance advice, and are able to take part in discussions on an internal wiki and a non-public mailing list.

Certain Wikimedia Foundation staff members are also actively present on the Affiliations Committee's non-public mailing list and internal wiki acting as liaisons and providing insight and advice when needed. They are not formal members of the committee, and are present at the request of the Wikimedia Foundation and with permission from voting members of the committee.

All members of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees have access to the Affiliations Committee's internal wiki.

If you'd like to be a voting member of the Committee, please leave a note on the talk page, and you'll be notified when seats become available. The next selection is scheduled for the mid of 2021, with new members joining the Committee in July, 2021. New members and advisers may be added by the end of 2021, as well.

Voting members
Photo Name Languages Location (time zone) Term ends Role
1 AffCom portrait of Jeffrey Keefer.jpg Jeffrey Keefer en-N, fr-2 United States, North America (UTC-4/UTC-5) December 31, 2023 Acting Chair
2 AffCom portrait of Mehman.jpg Mehman Ibragimov ka-N, ru-N, tr-N, az-N, en-3 Georgia, Eastern Europe (UTC+4) December 31, 2023 Secretary; Acting Vice-Chair
3 AffCom portrait of Suyash Dwivedi.jpg Suyash Dwivedi hi-N, en-3, sa-2 India, South Asia (UTC+05:30) December 31, 2023 Treasurer; Acting Vice-Chair
4 AffCom portrait of Başak Tosun.jpg Başak Tosun tr-N, en-5 Turkey, Eastern Europe (UTC+3) December 31, 2023
5 AffCom portrait of Joy N. Y Agyepong.jpg Joy N. Y Agyepong en-N, tw-N, ak-N Ghana, Africa December 31, 2023
6 AffCom portrait of Wojciech Pędzich.jpg Wojciech Pędzich pl-N, en-4 Poland, Europe (UTC+1) December 31, 2023
7 AffCom portrait of Benoît Prieur.jpg Benoît Prieur fr-N France, Europe (UTC+1) December 31, 2023

Non-voting members

Able to access the committee's non-public mailing list.

Community advisor
Adviser Languages Location (time zone) Term end Notes
Maor Malul es, en-5, lad-4, pt-4, de-3, he-3, ca-3, af-2, guc-2, tr-2 Israel, Western Asia (UTC+2) December 31, 2022
Mardetanha az-N, fa-N, en-3, tr-2 Iran, Western Asia (UTC+3.30) June 30, 2023
Houcemeddine Turki aeb-N, ar-4, fr-4, en-3 Tunisia, North Africa (UTC+1) June 30, 2023
Aleksey Chalabyan hy-N, en Armenia, Eastern Europe (UTC+$) December 31, 2023
Board Liaisons
Liaison Languages Location (time zone) Term end Notes
Shani Evenstein Sigalov Israel, Western Asia (UTC+2)
Nataliia Tymkiv
Lorenzo Losa
Staff Liaisons
Photo Name Languages Location (time zone) Role
1 Dumisani AffCom portrait.jpg Dumisani Ndubane ts-N, en-4 South Africa (UTC+2)
2 MKaur-WMF portrait for AffCom.jpg Manavpreet Kaur pa-N, en-4, hi-3, fr-2 Punjab, India, Asia (UTC+5:30)
3 Nahid Sultan bn-N, en-3, bpy-1.05, hif-1, as-1 Bangladesh, South Asia (UTC +6) Trust & Safety
4 Charles Roslof en-N United States, North America (UTC-8/UTC-7) Legal
5 Stephen LaPorte en-N United States, North America (UTC-8/UTC-7) Legal

  • The best way to contact the Committee is to write an e-mail to affcom(_AT_)lists.wikimedia.org; please note that the Committee might be sometimes slow in responding to e-mails, so if you don't receive a reply to your message in a reasonable time, just send us a reminder.
  • You can also contact the members of the Committee individually by clicking on their usernames in the timeline above; feel free to use our talk pages and e-mails for any questions related to chapters, thematical organisations or user groups.