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이 문서는 현재 완성되지 않은 미완성 문서입니다. 토론 문서에 글을 남기시거나 Help:How to start a new Wikipedia 문서 등을 참고하시어 이 문서를 완성하시기 바랍니다.

새 위키백과를 시작하실려면 아래를 읽어 주세요.

언어를 찾아보세요[edit]

위키백과의 목록에서 언어를 찾아보세요. 만약에 언어가 목록에 없다면 그것의 생성을 요청하는위키백과-l에 문의하세요. 그러나 기다리십시오. 4개월 정도 소요될 것입니다.

새 위키백과 시작하기[edit]

대문을 생성하십시오[edit]

대문을 직접 만드시거나 다른 언어판의 대문을 번역하여 대문을 생성하세요. 보통 요약으로 Main Page Start라고 뜹니다. 처음에는 아무런 보호도 되어 있지 않습니다. 그러나 대부분의 대문은 완전 보호되어 있습니다. 귀하가 생성하신 대문도 곧 완전 보호될 것이며 귀하가 관리자가 아닌 이상 더 이상 편집 권한이 없게 됩니다.

편집 방법 번역[edit]

다른 사용자가 볼 수 있도록 문서를 편집하는 방법을 해당 언어로 번역하십시오. 문서 생성에 관해서는 이 문서를 참고하십시오.

Add a link to lists of language Wikipedias available[edit]

찾아낸 언어를 이곳에 등록하세요. Such lists exist in several languages, so you can go to Wikimedia Embassy for people who will help you. After you have added it to one or more Wikipedias, users of other languages will add it to theirs.

Translate the interface, etc.[edit]

Typically, when a new Wikipedia is created there is no interface yet in the language concerned; people interested in a language tend to give creating a new Wikipedia for that language (if it does not exist yet) a higher priority than to provide an interface in that language on existing MediaWiki installations.

To translate the interface you must prepare a file languages/messages/Messageslanguagecode.php (such as [1], [2], [3]) with system messages, namespace names, and a few other things. The translations are also used by other Wikimedia sites with the same site language. The translations of system messages are also used on Wikimedia sites in other languages where the user has specified the new language in the preferences. After release of a new MediaWiki version all this applies also to other MediaWiki sites. Keep this in mind when putting links in messages, and use generic namespace names in these links; by using piped links these namespace names are not displayed.

Then ask a developer to install the file (it is perhaps wise to check first with a developer on details of requirements).

As far as this file is incomplete, and also if it is not installed at all, the default values are those for English.

Some languages also need a file like [4].

Please note that for the translation of the free encyclopedia that free in this sense means "not restricted." This sometimes confuses people because English does not have different words for free (as in price or cost - like the French word "gratuit") and free (as in freedom or liberty - like the French word "libre"). If your language has different words for the two kinds of "free", please use the one that refers to freedom or liberty.

If the language has characters that are difficult to enter on some of keyboards used by speakers of the language, you can add a box of special characters to insert using the Copyrightwarning message.

You might need someone with sysop status very soon. Add your request on Requests for permissions.

공동체 문서를 준비하세요[edit]

각각의 위키백과는 여러가지 사항들에 대해 사용자들이 이야기 하는 문서를 가집니다. 예를들어, 영어위키백과에서는 Village pump이 있습니다.. 프랑스어 위키백과 역시 Le Bistro 이러한 문서를 가집니다. 문서의 이름을 정한 후, 문서를 생성해주세요. 당신은 편집자들과 이용자들이 그들의 이름과 소속을 작성할 문서가 필요할 것입니다. 하나의 아이디어는 이러한문서를 기초로 하여 당신의 언어로 번역하는 것입니다.

Set up basic guidelines[edit]

There are a few rules that all Wikimedia projects must follow:

Other than these all-projects rules, each Wikipedia has created its own rules.

Some rules you might want to have right away include:

  • Orthographic practices - if there is more than one way to spell or write your language, you will need rules about it.
  • Stylistic conventions - if your language does not have a standardised universal form (way everybody speaks it to understand each other), you will need to have one or have a rule to tell people which forms or dialects of your language to use. Also, you will need more complex stylistic conventions (for an example, see here).
  • naming conventions

Add a style guide and resources for writers[edit]

You want to have a high-quality encyclopaedia. Please write a few suggestions for writers. Are there websites in your language about how to write? Maybe you want to add a dictionary or a grammar guide here. Put in everything that could be useful for writers.

Write a few good content articles as an example for others[edit]

You might want to write a few articles for your Wikipedia to get it started, and to give an example to other possible writers. You can translate an article from a different Wikipedia, or you can write an original article.

Have cooperation between the Wikipedia in your language and other Wikipedias.[edit]

We think that you should join some of the mailing lists so that you will know what happens. The mailing lists are also good resources you can use to grow from the things that happen to other Wikipedias.

Please make a local Wikimedia Embassy for multilingual cooperation. (make yourself a page so that we can talk to you more easily, and write a name for a contact)

If you want to have a central place where you can find out what is going on in the whole Wikipedia community, go to goings-on.