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Single Uiser Login finalisation annooncemant

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This page is a translated version of the page Single User Login finalisation announcement and the translation is 100% complete.
"Fer up-tae-date news oan the progress o this deveeloupment,see mw:SUL finalasition."

The deveeliper team at Wikimedia Foundation is makin some chynges til hou accoonts wairk, aes pairt o oor ongaun efforts tae provide new n better tuils fer oor uisers (like cross-wiki annooncemants). Tae support thir chynges, uisers maun hae the same accoont name awsteids. This will lat us gie ye new featurs that will heelp ye tae eedit n tauk better, n will permit mair flexible uiser permeessions fer tuils. Yin o the pre-condeetions fer this is that uiser accoonts will nou hae tae be unique across ae 900 Wikimedia wikis.

Onfortunatelie, some accoonts ar no uneeque across aw o oor wikis the nou, bit insteid clash wi ither uisers that hae the same accoont name. Tae mak sair that aw o thir uisers can uise Wikimedia's wikis in the futur, we will be renamin ae nummer o thir accoonts tae hae "~" n the name o thair wiki eikt til the end o thair accoonts' name. This will happen in Apryle 2015. Fer exaumple, ae uiser cried "Example" oan the Swedish Wiktionair that will be renamed wid become "Example~svwiktionary".

Aw accoonts will still wairk aes afore, an will continu tae be creeditit fer aw o thair eedits dun sae faur. Houever, uisers wi renamed accoonts (wham we will be contactin indiveeduallie) will hae tae uise the new accoont name whan thay log in.

Renamin uisers localie haes been remuived fer tae stap accoonts that were global becomin onattached cause o local renamin. Uisers can speir fer ae rename uisin Special:GlobalRenameRequest oan thair local wiki or speir fer thair accoont tae be renamed further here oon Meta, gif thay dinna like thair new uiser name.

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