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Un expulsion global o bannimento global es un revocation formal del privilegios de modification e altere accessos (le uso de “Special:Inviar e-mail a un usator”, per exemplo) in tote le projectos de Wikimedia. Illo reflecte un consenso communitari general e clar. Un expulsion global non es un forma de punition, ni es intendite a fornir un periodo de “calmar se”. Le objectivo de un expulsion global es evitar damnos al projectos de Wikimedia quando le communitate non pote resolver un problema per medios minus restrictive; illo es dunque generalmente permanente.

Un expulsion global se applica unicamente si plure communitates independente ha anteriormente eligite a expeller un usator pro abusos repetite. Le projectos de Wikimedia es integremente autogovernante. In general se assume le bon fide quando un usator deveni membro de un nove communitate, independentemente de su passato sur altere projectos. Dunque, un expulsion global non es possibile quando un usator es blocate solo temporarimente, o expellite solmente sur un projecto singule. Per favor, tene in mente que es con intention que le expulsiones global es multo infrequente.

Le expulsion global non debe esser confundite con le blocada global, un mechanismo technic pro impedir que adresse IP o intervallos de illos (i.e. usatores non registrate) pote modificar alcun projecto de Wikimedia, excepte Meta-Wiki. Iste politica tracta solmente expulsiones global emittite per le communitate. Le Fundation Wikimedia tamben ha le derecto unilateral de expeller globalmente un persona, e ille expulsiones global es tractate per le Politica de Expulsion Global de WMF.

Criterios pro expulsiones global

Un expulsion global es considerate solmente quando tote le sequente criterios es satisfacite:

  1. Le usator demonstra un patrono continue de abuso trans-wiki que non es simple vandalismo o spam. Necun expulsion global es necesse pro casos non controverse de vandalismo o spam trans-wiki, perque istes pote esser tractate con un blocada o serratura (que pote esser facite per un steward, sin necessitate de un extensive discussion). Vider Requestas Global de Stewards.
  2. Le usator ha essite informate con cura sur le participation appropriate in le projectos e ha habite un opportunitate juste pro rectificar omne problemas. Iste projectos debe haber demonstrate un tentativa de bon fide de explicar practicas acceptabile e comportamentos que es coherente con lor mission e scopo. Iste criterio es pro monstrar que usatores sape lo que es expectate, ha habite ample opportunitate pro adressar preoccupationes de maniera appropriate, e ha eligite de non participar appropriatemente al projectos.
  3. Le usator es blocate o expellite indefinitemente in duo o plus projectos. Iste blocadas o expulsiones debe esser basate sur le comportamento disruptive local del usator, e non include blocadas protective como blocadas preventive sur usatores sin modificationes local, e blocadas basate sur un problema de securitate del conto o nomines de usator problematic.

Solmente satisfacer le criterios minime hic supra non significa que un expulsion global es requirite. In le passato, le motivos pro requestar un expulsion global ha includite:

  • Molestar o menaciar le contributores al projectos, sur le wiki o foras el wiki.
  • Fraude grave sur le wiki o furto de identitate que non es simple abuso de plure contos.
  • Uso inappropriate de derectos de usator con accesso a information private, como CheckUser o Oversight.
  • Violationes del politica de confidentialitate o altere politicas official de Wikimedia.
  • Violationes continue de copyright sur plure wikis.

Relation con politica local

Iste politica es destinate a complementar le politicas e proceduras existente pro tote le projectos, non a ager como un substitution. Tote le governantia del processo de resolution de controversias remane le responsabilitate de cata communitate individual, e iste processo non es un occasion pro considerar propositiones pro expeller o blocar un usator in un sol projecto.

Relation to the Terms of Use

The Wikimedia Terms of Use, which apply equally to all users of the projects, specifically refer to this policy and supports banning users violating either the terms themselves or any mandatory community policies and guidelines. As the service provider of Wikimedia websites, the Foundation has and continues to support community consensus relating to blocking and banning decisions.

Obtaining consensus for a global ban

A simplified workflow.

Consensus for a global ban is conducted through the requests for comment process on Meta. A global ban request must only be accepted when a user presents a clear and current danger to all Wikimedia communities, a decision is backed by a broad and clear consensus that fairly represents the vast majority of Wikimedia projects, and careful consideration of concerns and possible consequences are evident in the decision. In order to initiate a discussion on whether harm to all communities is evident and merits a global ban, please do the following:

  1. Confirm that the user satisfies all criteria for global bans prior to opening a request for comment.
  2. File a new request for comment on Meta. The title should have the username of the user nominated for a global ban. The nominator must impartially document the significant incidences that satisfy all criteria for global bans. The nominator must also attempt to show that the user's decision not to participate appropriately presents a current danger to all Wikimedia communities.
  3. Inform the user about the discussion on all wikis where they are active. If the user nominated for a global ban is blocked on Meta, a temporary unblock may be considered to allow participation in the discussion.
  4. Inform the community on all wikis where the user has edited about the discussion through a prominent public venue. Be sure to stay neutral in your communications and avoid any defamatory, inaccurate, or exaggerated commentary.

A nomination that fails to correctly follow the above steps is invalid, and may be speedily closed. In addition, to make a nomination valid, the nominator must:

  1. have a Wikimedia account; and
  2. be registered for more than six months before making the request; and
  3. have at least 500 edits globally (on all Wikimedia wikis).

Once a valid request for comment has developed a broad and clear consensus, an uninvolved and impartial steward may close the discussion. Discussion should be open for at least two weeks, but no more than one month. Stewards may extend the discussion in exceptional circumstances. Requests can be closed without extensive discussion when frivolous. Requests can be closed after an extensive discussion when no consensus is likely to be reached.

Multilingualism in discussion

Please be aware that the discussion can and should be conducted in the relevant language or languages of any projects where the user has been active. Wikimedia projects exist in hundreds of languages, and thus a wide variety of communities should be afforded the ability to participate in global discussions regardless of their fluency in any second language. In cases where there are no human translators available, machine translation may function as a substitute for communication between communities.

Implementing a global ban

A global ban formally revokes some or all privileges at all Wikimedia projects, regardless of whether accounts are attached through the unified login system. Any attempt to circumvent an active global ban constitutes a violation of the Terms of Use, regardless of accounts used. Accordingly, local communities where the user is blocked or active should be informed in a prominent public venue about the decision. Stewards may also choose to respond to requests to globally lock proven alternate accounts of a globally banned user.

If the consensus requires steward action, a request should be made to the stewards. Please provide a link to the relevant discussion in your request; otherwise it will be rejected for lack of consensus.

Overturning a global ban decision

Discussion to overturn a global ban decision is conducted through the request for comment process on Meta, in order to include the widest possible audience. A request must follow the same consensus process for requesting a ban, described above.

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