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Need people to help make your idea happen? Got skills to share? Below are some ideas in need of particular roles and some people with particular skills. Have a look around and consider joining with other people and ideas to create active collaborations!


These ideas are looking for participants to join in a particular role. You can browse through the following projects to find one that's right for you, then offer to join the idea's team and help turn ideas into action.

Community organizers wanted

Designers wanted

Developers wanted

Project managers wanted

Researchers wanted

No pages meet these criteria.

Volunteers wanted


These people have skills that may be useful for particular roles in projects. You can browse through the following profiles to find someone who looks like a good fit, then reach out to them to ask if they'd like to help turn your idea into action.

Community organizing skills offered

Design skills offered

Developer skills offered

Project manager skills offered

Research skills offered

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