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The WikiVibrance Project

The WikiVibrance Project aims to recognize international, regional and national youth days in the movement through the engagement of young Wikimedians and the entire Wikimedia community in events that will contribute to content related to the specific themes of annual celebrations to Wikimedia projects.


"To acknowledge and celebrate young Wikimedians advancing open knowledge through community engagement designed for creating synergies, sharing knowledge and building capacities to contribute to content of selected thematic areas across Wikimedia projects".


There are over 1.8 billion young people in the world today. This set of people have made quite an impression by attaining the highest ever global youth engagement rate in history. This is attested in their level of participation in creating solutions for global issues. This has proved their capacity to lead change, and as such, a valuable investment for now and the future.

Youth capacity to bring change is recognized regionally and internationally on specific days set aside for this purpose. The International Youth Day (IYD) is one such example. IYD provides an opportunity to draw attention to young peoples' voices, actions, initiatives and meaningful engagement. Such youth events are not acknowledged in the Wikimedia movement despite the work of her young people in advancing open knowledge. This is where the WikiVibrance Project comes in.

We will join the rest of the young people globally on such days to demonstrate our capacity on growing knowledge in the digital space by working together to bridge content gaps on specific themes on Wikimedia projects. The project will leverage on the existing Wikimedia communities to create synergies, knowledge sharing and capacity building opportunities as a means to amplify the continuous collective efforts of young Wikimedians to promote open knowledge. We will focus on creating community activities that will ensure meaningful and equitable youth engagement in order to increase the sense of ownership and attachment for young people in the Wikimedia movement.

The WikiVibrance Project was kick-started in August 2021, by Euphemia Uwandu and have recognized the 2021 International Youth Day and African Youth Month in the movement.

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