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Voting results as of 22:40, 19 November 2018 (UTC)

212 proposals 18 categories 157 proposers 3577 174 phab tasks, 96 related
Rank Proposal Category Proposer Symbol support vote.svg Phabs
1 Page Curation and New Pages Feed improvements Admins and patrollers Insertcleverphrasehere 128 T169441, T157046, T92621, T157048, T207847, T207757, T189929, T169120, T167475, T207238, T207761, T207485, T207442, T207452, T207443, T207237, T207439, T208685
2 Watchlist item expiration Watchlists Certes 63 T124752, T100508, T8964
3 Add an option to require email address and username to reset password Anti-harassment -revi 61 T145952
4 VisualEditor: Allow references to be named Citations SoWhy 61 T52568, T92432
5 Night mode Reading Premeditated Chaos 61 T199634, T91201, T206094, T180890, T66731
6 2FA available for all concerned editors Bots and gadgets Ahm masum 60 T166622
Related: T100373, T180896
7 Keep the lightweight text editor Editing Sänger 57
8 Global signature Miscellaneous 燃灯 51 T188200
9 Article reminders Notifications Papuass 49 T2582, T88781
10 Automatically add inverse properties Wikidata Germartin1 48 Related: T167521
11 Put mw.toolbar back Editing Itti 47 T30856
12 Create URL Shortener extension for Wikimedia wikis Reading Walter Klosse 47 T108557, T44085, T56459, T112715
13 Show categories in the Wikipedia app Mobile and apps Daylen 45 T73966, T153980
14 Improve export of electronic books Wikisource Consulnico 44 T178803
15 Mini-editor for citations Citations Kerry Raymond 43
16 Include section name in the diff Editing IKhitron 43
17 Create an integrated anti-spam/vandalism tool Admins and patrollers Ajraddatz 40
18 Add an undo/revert button to diff view Mobile and apps Dvorapa 40 T191706
19 Support 360 photo viewing Multimedia and Commons Ahm masum 40 T138933
20 Allow partial reverts for edits Admins and patrollers FF-11 39 Related: T108664
21 Automatic category suggestion for Commons images Categories Capankajsmilyo 34 T192444, T155538, T155848
22 Automatic web archive Citations ZellmerLP 32 Related: T199193, T115224
23 Revive Crosswatch tool Watchlists Niharika 32 T144083
Related: T5525
24 Easy talk page posts by email Editing Bluerasberry 31
25 Separate templates in "What links here" Miscellaneous No such user 31 T5241, T14396, T3392
26 Sort claims of a property by date Wikidata Bencemac 31
27 Geolocator for wikidata coordinates property Wikidata JarrahTree 30
28 Notify users when their revision has been approved or rejected Notifications HaeB 29 T54510
29 Sort search results by date Search Pudeo 29 T18237, T195071, T40403
30 Minimize references Citations Vanbasten 23 28 T166098, T142523, T30684
31 Show navboxes on mobile website and app Mobile and apps Feminist 28 T124168
32 Update Echo Notifications in real time without page reloads Notifications Trizek 28 T34284
33 Show categories on Commons mobile website Mobile and apps Syced 26 T24660
34 Functional and beautiful math for everyone Reading Debenben 26 T195861
Related: T175673
35 Monitoring of new external links Admins and patrollers Ladsgroup 25
36 Partial and multi-item protection for Wikidata items Wikidata Man77 25 T189412, T209243
37 Dealing with unsourced additions - "citation needed" button Citations Enterprisey 24
38 Maps should have option to show users current location Maps Traveler100 24 T208713
39 Add a citation option to mobile editing Mobile and apps ParadiseDesertOasis8888 24
40 Indicate when Wikidata sitelink is to a redirect Wikidata Jheald 24
41 Create integrated interwiki mechanism for Wikisource Wikisource Ankry 24 T128173, T180304
Related: T180303
42 Structure of Categories Categories Marcus Cyron 23 T13281
Related: T177357
43 Support category redirects Categories Wheeke 23 Related: T5311
44 Provide an easier way to create a wikitable from a Commons dataset Miscellaneous Gareth 23 Related: T200968, T155290, T153966, T153598
45 Display results of a SPARQL query on a map in Wikipedia Maps Ayack 22 T188291
46 Improve graphs and interactive content Reading Yurik 22 T195627, T195628, T100444
47 Offer PDF export of original pagination of entire books Wikisource Alex brollo 22 T179790
48 Allow De-Privileged logons to webui Admins and patrollers Xaosflux 21 T153454
Related: T199118, T169741
49 Overhaul spam-blacklist Admins and patrollers Beetstra 21 T6459
Related: T14896
50 Make it possible to not expose email-addresses Anti-harassment ° 21 T129747
51 Warn of other revisions saved during edit-preview Editing Wikid77 21
52 Show nearby or related articles in maps Maps Mike Peel 21 Related: T180909, T35704, T149280
53 Expand automatic edit summaries Wikidata Jo-Jo Eumerus 21 T108688, T171027
54 The notification view should show the label for an item instead of showing the item ID Wikidata ChristianKl 21
55 Interface to display two (or more) different text from same (or different) wikisource side by side Wikisource C933103 21
56 GeoLocation selection Maps Mdmahir 20 Related: T172122
57 Accessibility settings for everyone Reading Quiddity 20 T91201
Related: T72879
58 XTools Edit Counter for Wikisource Wikisource Jayantanth 20 T173012
59 Globalize some of Twinkle's functionality Bots and gadgets Edgars2007 19 Related: T110148
60 Improvements of Categories in Chinese Wikipedia Categories Leiem 19 T46667
61 Display more information about users on the user page Miscellaneous Kaldari 19 T65988
62 Easy, low-maintenance possibility to include color coded maps Multimedia and Commons Christallkeks 19
63 AfD/prod flags in Wikipedia watchlist Watchlists Michig 19
64 Traffic spike notification Watchlists GreenC 19
65 User Script to Guide Students Bots and gadgets Doc James 18 T187674
66 Display all images of a category and of all sub-categories Categories Delsaut 18
67 Enhanced conversion of bare references using VE Citations Leyo 18 T132288
68 Maps Improvements: Vector Structure, Disputed Borders, Cleaner Style Maps Naveenpf 18 T153282, T113008
Related: T155601, T145475, T147184, T141715, T141335, T140212, T140209, T140092, T140087, T140083, T180909, T208350, T158919, T151524, T156433, T178370, T161065, T155927, T155919, T154585, T146343, T192613, T136455, T131618, T197735, T200968, T155290, T153966, T153598, T187741, T155925, T193198, T156682
69 Save button to save the unfinished content for a new page Mobile and apps U1Quattro 18
70 Musical notation – files on Commons (rendering and playback), graphical editing Multimedia and Commons Jc86035 18 T208494, T201637, T209695, T183642, T49528
Related: T198233
71 Replace the media player Multimedia and Commons Borys Kozielski 18 T100106
72 Support for chemical formats Multimedia and Commons EugeneZelenko 18 T18491
73 Prevent DDoS-style attacks Admins and patrollers Jayron32 17
74 Machine readable diffs Bots and gadgets MER-C 17 T56328
Related: T104072, T117279, T38902
75 Display interproject links on mobile Mobile and apps Lofhi 17
76 Improve the PDF/book reader Multimedia and Commons Bodhisattwa 17 T154100
Related: T187872
77 Date handling improvements – additional precision and correction of translations in interface Wikidata Jc86035 17 T57755, T63909, T63958, T95553
78 Mark multiple revisions in a diff as patrolled Admins and patrollers Andyrom75 16 T10697
79 Improve diff viewer - how it handles line breaks Editing Gryllida 16 T7072, T208933
80 Replace GeoHack with Kartographer Maps Kaldari 16 T187884, T137253
Related: T152971, T146534
81 Automatic display authority control template Miscellaneous Shizhao 16
82 Support reverting/undoing accidentally sent thanks Mobile and apps Bencemac 16 T63737
83 Allow non-CC0 licensed data for datasets Multimedia and Commons Sabas88 16 T154071, T155290
Related: T200968
84 Image inheritance, a bequest safe for Wikimedia Commons Multimedia and Commons Molgreen 16 T120454
85 Improvements to the reliability of Wikidata Wikidata Jc86035 16 T209242, T209237, T209241, T148928
Related: T139583, T193728
86 Wikisource Contest Tools Wikisource Jayantanth 16 T163060
Related: T197772
87 Insert attestation exploiting Wikisource as a corpus Wiktionary Noé 16 T139152, T157802
88 Button to show subcategories Categories Like tears in rain 15
89 Easy way to reference pictures Editing Debenben 15 T7600
90 Shared Multilingual Templates and Modules available to all wikis Miscellaneous Yurik 15 T121470
91 Tool to cut videos in Commons Multimedia and Commons Pavan santhosh.s 15
92 Partial "Pending Changes" Reviewing Admins and patrollers Nosebagbear 14 Related: T113004
93 Make the math tag support non-Latin languages Editing 脂肪酸钠 14 T50032
Related: T195861
94 Syntax highlighting of special characters Editing PopularOutcast 14 T196934
95 (Un)-Pause Buttons for animated GIFs Multimedia and Commons MichaelSchoenitzer 14
96 Diacritics editing tool Wikisource Alex brollo 14
97 ProofreadPage extension in alternate namespaces Wikisource Beleg Tâl 14 T53980
98 Collapse multiple consecutive revisions by same author Admins and patrollers Geertivp 13
99 Filter user contributions as patrolled or unpatrolled Admins and patrollers FF-11 13
100 Smarter undo function Admins and patrollers Jayron32 13
101 Add gender options to user preferences - how do you prefer to be described Anti-harassment RyLee Hühne 13 T61643
Related: T129747
102 Avoid links to disambiguation pages Editing Edoderoo 13 T97063, T198936
103 Simplified/semi-automated conversion for units of measurements Editing TKOIII 13 Related: T190813, T77978
104 "→" links to sections should be easier to click Miscellaneous Dvorapa 13 T165189, T207565
105 Stop ifexist checks from appearing in Special:WhatLinksHere Miscellaneous Mike Peel 13 T14019
Related: T33628
106 Allow preview edit on protected page Editing Certes 12
107 Clear roadblock for wiki site URL changes Miscellaneous C933103 12 T172035
Related: T147164, T174160
108 Offer different wikitext editors including non-JS editor Mobile and apps C933103 12 T205778
109 Transcription gadget for images with text Multimedia and Commons JarrahTree 12
110 City targeting for Geonotice Programs and events Dispenser 12 T152297
111 Mobile web watchlist should only show latest revision of each page Watchlists Deryck Chan 12 T109277
112 Better import of descriptions of images with croptool Wikisource Alexmar983 12
113 Enable book2scroll that works for all Wikisources Wikisource Jayantanth 12 T205549
114 Feature parity for tools dealing with deleted revisions Admins and patrollers MER-C 11 Related: T9996, T110989, T192023, T30821, T30819, T62736, T20493
115 Improve the information returned on hovering links from the references section Bots and gadgets John Cline 11
116 Create possibility to sort images in categories Categories Jürgen Eissink 11 T71417, T42870
117 Reuse of VE-citations, allowing new text to be added Citations Trygve W Nodeland 11 Related: T144695
118 Cross-Platform AutoWikiBrowser Editing JarrahTree 11 T157271
119 Tool for easy user buttons Editing JAn Dudík 11 T136152
120 Display rectangular part of the image as parameter of File and compatible with ImageNote Multimedia and Commons Snek01 11 Related: T187872
121 Support for IIIF Presentation API in WikiCommons Multimedia and Commons Glenrobson 11
122 Notifications should be able to display all cross-wiki notifications, whatever their status Notifications HLHJ 11 T207932
123 Add "Page Views" an input filter and as a sort option in the output. Search Cabeza2000 11
124 Linksearch overhaul Search MER-C 11 T14810
125 Ability to remove/mute page when viewing watchlist without permanently removing from watchlist Watchlists AHeneen 11
126 Automatically add subpages in the watchlist Watchlists Pamputt 11
127 Improve Wikipedia Watchlist Handling of Wikidata Watchlists Doc James 11
128 View content page or discussion only Watchlists Natalie Freyaldenhoven 11
129 Freely editable input mask Wikidata Marcus Cyron 11
130 More fine-grained diffs for Wikidata Wikidata Tacsipacsi 11
131 Solution to the ‟Bonnie and Clyde” problem Wikidata Lothar Scherners 11 T54564
Related: T206426
132 Translation editor as an extension Wiktionary Noé 11
133 Port Twinkle functionalities to mobile web page Bots and gadgets Jimmyshjj 10 Related: T110148
134 Autocomplete summaries in VisualEditor Editing Dvorapa 10 T50274
Related: T54859
135 Geographic coordinates check Maps Man77 10
136 New special page "Outgoing links" Miscellaneous NaBUru38 10
137 CAS numbers of chemical substances Search Leiem 10
138 Ability to filter Watchlist in Wikidata via language Wikidata ChristianKl 10 T43686, T141866, T90435
139 Ajax editing for nsPage Wikisource Alex brollo 10
140 Context-dependent sort key Wiktionary TAKASUGI Shinji 10 T183747
141 Multiple collations per site Wiktionary Automatik 10 T30397
142 Create HotCat-like functionality for stub templates Bots and gadgets Furicorn 9
143 Flag edits by new editors (editor retention tool) Editing HLHJ 9 Related: T206711
144 Make default edit summaries available for all wikis Editing Czar 9 T54859
145 Route users through knowledgebase before contacting OTRS Editing Anachronist 9
146 Have CAPTCHA in languages other than English Miscellaneous Pavanaja 9 T7309
Related: T6845
147 Provide a tool to efficiently analyze the usage of a template Miscellaneous Man77 9 T120767
148 Wikidata module for translations Wiktionary Micru 9
149 Open diffs in new tab Admins and patrollers Teles 8
150 Wikipedia mirrored in Tor .onion Anti-harassment Bluerasberry 8 T168218
Related: T129747, T209248
151 Wikipedia in the News Bots and gadgets GreenC 8
152 Using HotCat for many uncategorized articles in one page Categories Priviet 8
153 Bring back doi bot Citations Abductive 8
154 Make citation templates easier for newcomers to find and use Citations GualdimG 8
155 Avoid VisualEditor edits changing only the link text or only the link target Editing Tacsipacsi 8 Related: T55973
156 Make Wikipedia more accessible to the visually impaired Editing Chongkian 8 Related: T194014, T120938
157 Search by suffix Search 燃灯 8
158 Editable Page Link Notifications watchlist Watchlists NessieVL 8 T66090, T70060, T46787
159 Statements with deprecated and preferred rank should be much easier to identify in the Wikidata item pages Wikidata Datawiki30 8 T87327, T139081, T198907
160 Improve HotCat Categories MPF 7
161 Change formatting of particular cells in VisualEditor Editing DS limak 7 T54180
162 Improve OSM external data usability in Kartographer Maps Pikne 7 T209067, T156433, T155919
163 Wanted (by articles) pages Miscellaneous Traveler100 7 T208935
164 Make interlanguage links more discoverable on the mobile site Mobile and apps Pudeo 7 Related: T128917
165 MediaWiki Upload to Commons Wizard for non WM projects Multimedia and Commons Friedel Völker 7
166 New design for video and audio player Multimedia and Commons Luky001 7 Related: T100106
167 Transcode MIDI file archive Multimedia and Commons Trlkly 7 T135597
168 Uploaded files visible in the gallery Multimedia and Commons Tournasol7 7
169 Add buttons and keyboard shortcuts to move through category pages quickly Reading Kenraiz 7
170 Custom list for language learner Wiktionary Pamputt 7 T183108
171 Make PopUps display diffs in green/red line by line Bots and gadgets Mylenos 6
172 CategoryTree improvement Categories Neolexx 6
173 Additional reference types in ProveIt Citations Furicorn 6
174 Improve document type prediction from citoid Citations James Salsman 6
175 Expand functionality of the map editor in VisualEditor Maps Ainali 6 T125539
176 View object location of all images with coordinates on a map Maps Snek01 6 T149280
177 Bring Sitenotice to Mobile view Mobile and apps Tiven2240 6 Related: T150391
178 Make copy/paste functions easier tablets and phones Mobile and apps Épine 6
179 IAuploader for images Multimedia and Commons Slowking4 6
180 Present 3D content in a stereoscopic view Multimedia and Commons ° 6 T180937, T204129, T129747
181 Tool for organizers of editing contests Programs and events Theklan 6 Related: T193443
182 Index all labels and aliases on Wikidata Search Shyamal 6
183 Additional edition interfaces and recording formats on the fly Wiktionary Psychoslave 6
184 Display Multi-column sorted categories Categories Geertivp 5
185 Extend Template:Cite map on English Wikipedia to cover GIS generated maps Citations Furicorn 5
186 Add key mapping for Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa to ULS Editing HandsomeBoy 5 Related: T195175
187 TemplateWizard in VisualEditor Editing YjM 5
188 Wikitext substitutions should work in ref and gallery blocks Editing bdijkstra 5 T4700
189 Recover text of old revisions for the Massachusetts article Miscellaneous GeoffreyT2000 5 T147146
190 Save the revision that a translated article is based on Miscellaneous প্রলয়স্রোত 5
191 Gather metadata of ISO/ASTM/EN... standards Wikidata Thibdx 5
192 Link labels/aliases of Q-items to lexemes Wikidata Micru 5
193 Microbot for mundane tasks Bots and gadgets Scope creep 4
194 Avoiding broken category links Categories Achim55 4
195 Make the 2010 editor lighter and faster or create a new lightweight editor Editing Ankry 4
196 Fix bugs relating to map data stored at Commons Maps Gareth 4 T151524, T155927, T200968, T155290, T153966, T153598
197 Create a dissemination platform for Wikinews Miscellaneous Teles 4
198 Every special page that accepts wikitext should have normal editor toolbar Miscellaneous John Cline 4
199 SVGs are often tiny in the preview (MediaViewer) Multimedia and Commons MichaelSchoenitzer 4
200 Wikipedia-Translator for articles word by word based on Wiktionary Reading LudwigSebastianMicheler 4 Related: T67117
201 Display reference in edit summary when a reference is added Wikidata Jo-Jo Eumerus 4
202 Navigate Wikidata items through category items Wikidata Epìdosis 4
203 Add Template:Cite Thesis to VisualEditor Citation Tool Citations Batreeq 3
204 New Swiss map coordinate system Maps Stopfentrudel 3
205 OSM map problem on dewiki Maps Stopfentrudel 3 Related: T184126
206 View list of articles in subcategories all on one page Reading MGChecker 3 T4725
207 One-click solution to show qualifiers and references in wikidata SPARQL-queries Wikidata Datawiki30 3
208 Make undeletion page ID sensitive Admins and patrollers GeoffreyT2000 2 T193690, T206587, T161671
Related: T193211, T38976, T39465, T20493
209 Tool for easy science editing using linked dictionary Editing Manavpreet Kaur 2
210 Visibility of articles needing defaultsort tags for leading articles Editing KConWiki 2
211 Improve watchlist colors Watchlists Mylenos 2
212 Watchlists based on Wikidata statements Watchlists Micru 2

Archived proposals (138)