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This page is a translated version of the page Fundraising/Translation/Thank you email 20131202 and the translation is 70% complete.

[ifFirstnameAndLastname] Kara [given name], [elseifFirstnameAndLastname] Kara kontribuanto, [endifFirstnameAndLastname]

Vi estas tiel mirinda. DANKON pro via subteno al la Fondaĵo Vikimedio, la neprofitcela administranto de Vikipedio kaj ĝiaj frataj projektoj.

[ifRecurringProblem] We recently resolved a small technical issue which paused some monthly recurring donations. We have reinstated your recurring donation, and it will process normally going forward. We will not charge you for the months that were skipped. Thank you for your patience and your support, and please feel free to email if you have any questions. [endifRecurringProblem]

Via donaco kovras ne nur viajn proprajn kostojn por uzi Vikipedion, sed ankaŭ la kostojn de aliaj legantoj de Vikipedio.

Like the retired farmer in upstate New York who's using Wikipedia to study the science of sludge, and the student in Kuala Lumpur who's researching organic chemistry. The British mechanic who, after he broke his back in an accident, used Wikipedia to retrain himself as a web developer. The civil servant in Finland who set up an offline version of Wikipedia for a small school in Ghana. And the father in Mexico City who takes his little daughters to the museum on weekends, and uses Wikipedia to help them understand everything they're seeing there.

Wikipedia's job is to bring the sum total of all human knowledge to everyone around the world in their own language. That's a pretty audacious mission, but with 30 million articles and 287 languages, I'd say that thanks to you and people like you, we are getting there.

On behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation, and the half-a-billion other Wikipedia readers around the world: thank you. The fact that you are helping to pay the costs of running Wikipedia means it can stay ad-free and independent of bias, focused solely on helping its readers. Exactly as it should be.

You may have noticed that for the first time this year we've tweaked our fundraising so that most people will only see the banners a handful of times, instead of for weeks. That's deliberate: we don't want people to get irritated by too many appeals. But it does mean that fewer people will figure out we're a non-profit, and that we want their help. So if you're willing, I'd appreciate if you'd help spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to a few of your friends.

And I'd love if you'd try joining us in helping to write Wikipedia. Wikipedia's written entirely by volunteers -- tens of thousands of ordinary people around the world, exactly like us. If you see a typo or a small mistake on Wikipedia, please fix it. If you know anything worth adding, please add it. Some people find it remarkably satisfying, and maybe you will too.

Dankon denove. Mi tre dankas vian fidon al ni, kaj mi promesas al vi: ni zorge kaj bone uzos vian monon.


Sue Gardner
Fondaĵo Vikimedio

Many employers will match employee contributions which doubles your donation: please check with your company to see if they have a corporate matching gift program. You can follow us on [#twitter Twitter], [#identica] or [#google Google+], like us on [#facebook Facebook] and [#blog read our blog]. Here is the [#annual Wikimedia Foundation annual report for 2012-13], [#plan the Wikimedia Foundation annual plan for 2013-2014] and the [#strategic Wikimedia Foundation’s five-year strategic plan]. You can also now buy Wikipedia merchandise at [#shop].

Por via arĥivo: Via donaco, numero [contributionId], farita je [date], estis la kvanto de [amount].

[ifRecurring] Ĉi tiu donaco estas ero de ripeta serio. La Fondaĵo Vikimedio debetos ĉiumonatajn pagojn ĝis vi postulos ĉesigon. Se vi volas nuligi la pagojn, bv. vidi nian [#recurringCancel facilan nuligo-metodon]. [endifRecurring]

Ĉi tiu letero povas utili kiel indiko de via donaco. Neniaj varoj nek servoj estis proviziitaj, nek tute nek parte, pro ĉi tiu donaco. The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (la Fondaĵo Vikimedio) estas senprofitcela bonfara kompanio, kun usona impost-imuna statuso laŭ regulo 501(c)(3). Nia poŝtadreso estas: 149 New Montgomery, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, Usono. Usono impostimuneca numero: 20-0049703

Permeso supozita:

Ni ŝatus informadi vin, kiel donacinton, pri la aktivaĵoj kaj monkolektoj de nia komunumo. Se vi tamen preferas ne ricevadi tiajn retmesaĝojn de ni, bonvolu klaki sube kaj ni forigos vin de la listo.

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Bonvolu helpi nin [#translate traduki] ĉi tiun retpoŝton.