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Repristinatore globbale

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Sta pàgene dèje le standàrd e le linéè guide collegate a l'ause d'u diritte d'u repristine globbale e le otre deritte assignate a l'utinde ca appartenene a 'u gruppe globbale de le "repristinature globbale".

Global rollback is a user group assigned by stewards to trusted users which lets them easily roll back edits that are blatantly counterproductive, such as vandalism and nonsense, on all Wikimedia wikis .

For consideration, users must be demonstrably active in cross-wiki counter-vandalism or anti-spam activities (for example, as active members of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team ) and make heavy use of revert on many wikis. They may request access on Steward requests/Global permissions, providing evidence of this.

Global rollbackers who have not contributed to any Wikimedia project for the past 2 years should have their global rollback rights removed for inactivity.

Linéè guide

Ause d'u repristine jè prengepàlmende guvernate da le regole locale addò esistene.

Global rollbackers are expected to be familiar and compliant with local policies where existing. In accordance with the global rights policy, any abuse of a global user right will result in the immediate removal of that right.

Generally, the rollback feature reverts the latest changes from a user to a particular page in one click. This tool exists primarily to simplify the reversion of malicious edits. Although it can theoretically be used to revert any change, it is often aggravating to the affected user if it is used to roll back a legitimate change. Users should avoid rolling back legitimate or questionable edits if at all possible, and the rollback feature should never be used in a revert war.


Userrights currently assigned to the global-rollbacker global group
N Right Description Notes
1 autoconfirmed Cange le pàggene prutette a metà normally part of the autoconfirmed usergroup
2 editsemiprotected Cange le pàggene prutette cumme a "Allow only autoconfirmed users"
3 ipinfo Retrieve information about IP addresses attached to revisions or log entries
4 move Spuéste le pàggene
5 movestable Spuèste le pàggene pubblecate
6 skipcaptcha Comblete le aziune CAPTCHA senze ca a scè ausanne 'u CAPTCHA
7 abusefilter-log-detail Vide l'abbuse dettagliate de le vôsce de reggistre governed by local policies where they exist, otherwise part of the sysop usergroup
8 autopatrol Certe cangiaminde tue onne state marcate automaticamende cumme condrollate
9 autoreviewrestore Auto-reviste sus a l'annullamende
10 patrolmarks Vide le cangiaminde recende marcate cumme a condrollate
11 rollback Annulle velocemende le cangiaminde de l'urteme utende ca ha cangiate 'na pàgena particolare
12 suppressredirect No scè ccrejanne 'nu ridirezionamende da 'u nome vecchije quanne spueste 'na pàgene
13 markbotedits Marche le cangiaminde annullate cumme cangiaminde de bot normally part of the sysop and bot usergroups
14 noratelimit Non g'à state tuccate da le limite de le pundegge

Local policies

Utinde cu 'u repristine globbale

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