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The four main working areas of Wikimania Esino Lario.

The organization of Wikimania in Esino Lario presents a specific complexity. For this reason we have been working on a executive plan in collaboration and with a strong involvement of the local community, institutions, operators and experts in specific fields. The executive plan is guarantees that all the different challenges are addressed and managed, and that the proposal is ready to be implemented.


The fundamental principles by which Wikimania Esino Lario operates can be summarized in five "pillars":

  1. Collaboration. The team is one team, which includes all the people involved, who are already wikimedians or not. The edit button exists also offline, and wikimedians are all the people who want to modify things to share their knowledge and to support the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual, educational content. We include all the project contributors in the organizing team, we credit work, we design a program meant for different kind of participants, we include in a transversal way the interests and needs of different people, we make sure participants are in the best conditions to obtain a visa, we select for scholarships dedicated members which need economic support to participate (through a transparent process which provides full - really full - or partial scholarships, according to the needs), and we plan an inclusive and collaborative event.
  2. Scalability. We are not planning one event, we are planning a format which can be replicated in other places. We document what we are doing and how we do it, we produce guidelines for the future and to involve people who can contribute further to other events; we look for solutions which can be relevant for other contexts.
  3. What already exists. Priority is given to local suppliers and to tap on existing resources. We look at previous experiences and we build on it.
  4. What can last. Priority is given to invest in what lasts beyond the event. We reduce to the minimum all the expenses related to the ephemeral and we invest time, energy and budget in what is useful and relevant beyond the event.
  5. Experimenting and having fun. We gather for the pleasure of it.


Cute and cuddly, boys. Cute and cuddly! Skipper, Madagascar, 2005.
A limited overview of what the four main working areas of Wikimania Esino Lario imply.

Wikimania Esino Lario is a conference promoted by Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH in partnership with Esino Lario city council, Ecomuseo delle Grigne, Pro Loco Esino Lario, Parco Regionale della Grigna Settentionale and the Esino Lario local associations and community. Please refer to the support of institutions. Wikimania Esino Lario team is composed mainly of volunteers, it will have a specific staff and it will be implemented also with the support of some of the staff of Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH.


The group promoting Wikimania Esino Lario is composed by volunteers. We also had the support of the project manager Giulia Sepe at the beginning of 2014, managed and financed by Wikimedia Italia. The majority of the people involved in Wikimania Esino Lario are volunteers and the event is led by volunteers.

Kinds of volunteers[edit]

  • Promoters group. The promoters group is composed of wikimedians, and other volunteers. We have involved in the team a series of people who have the specific skills to help us in the planning and who can advice with their expertise. Among the team there are volunteers with experience in attending Wikimania and engaged in the Wikimedia movement, there are representatives of associations of Esino Lario and people managing the buildings we will be using, two former mayors of Esino Lario, an engineer with an expertise in infrastructures and safety (the Italian regulation is pretty precise and complex), and – just to provide some examples – an expert in ICT for development with experience in connectivity in rural areas of Sierra Leone in Sub-Saharian Africa, other experts in ICT (servers, hardware, systems), an expert in audio systems, experts in art, cultural events and tourism, a consultant for catering who will be working for our event as food curator. We are also benefitting from the advice of a large group of people: we have informed and met representatives of public administrations at a provincial and regional level, we received a lot of help from the staff of the Esino Lario city council providing us with information and the urban plans to update OpenSteetMap, we received advice from the executive director of the Comunità Montana della Valsassina, Valvarrone, Val d'Esino e Riviera and really a large number of people in Esino Lario has not only supported us by confirming apartments and private meeting rooms but also by suggesting solutions, spaces and contacts. Really a long list of people we need to thank and we hope we can work with further. At the moment people met in Esino Lario during site-visits, meetings and presentations, we have a mailing list in Italian created by Wikimedia Italia and we exchanged by email; for the implementation of the project we will organize the group of promoter in smaller teams to allow people to collaborate and exchange more closely.
  • Volunteers during the event. During the event we expect 300 volunteers to contribute to Wikimania Esino Lario
    • 100-150 volunteers based in Esino Lario.
    • 100 wikimedians mainly from Italy and Switzerland and some international volunteers involved in particular in the program.
    • 50-100 volunteers from Italy not necessarily linked to Wikimedia (i.e. volunteers recruited in local high schools and universities).
  • Volunteer service (before-after the event). We are browsing the possibility of supporting further the involvement of volunteers by creating links with existing volunteer programs (essentially Italian and European). We have contacted two youth organizations who have experience in this field; we don't have jet a conformation of their involvement. Existing volunteer programs can allow us to involve volunteers longer than during the event. this would be an interesting option to have some people contributing to the preparation of the event; we already have accommodation which can be used to host them.




We expect the management of the project to require the involvement of some staff; staff can guarantee continuity and it can take care of a more regular work which will be needed before the event (coordination, management of the participants and administrative work). Another task which might require support from staff is transport management. At an early stage of the planning, we expected a series of tasks to require staff; during the planning process we have produced an executive project, we have involved a series of partners and we have started and tested the collaboration with a group of volunteers; some of the tasks we expected to need staff appear to be manageable by volunteers or partners.

At the moment we already benefit from the involvement of some staff of the partner institutions (in-kind contribution[1]):

  • Wikimedia Italia staff. Through partnerships we have already secured the contribution of Wikimedia Italia for the communication of the event (newsletter and other media used by Wikimedia Italia) and during the conference (on-site registration with 3 people for 7 days); this contribution is in-kind (it involves staff already collaborating with Wikimedia Italia). We are discussing with Wikimedia Italia board the possibility of increasing the contribution of their staff with a co-funding from a grantmaker.
  • Wikimedia CH staff. We have asked Wikimedia CH an in-kind contribution of 4 staff members to work with us during the event; Wikimedia CH can also contribute to facilitate the visa process for specific countries.
  • Esino Lario city council. We can benefit for Wikimania Esino Lario of the collaboration of two people involved in the Esino Lario tourist office as in-kind contribution, and the staff of the city council has already supported us during the planning process. Another interesting asset of the collaboration with the city council is the possibility to extend the collaboration with some of their suppliers.
  • Wikimedia Foundation. If selected Wikimania Esino Lario can take the advantage of having the involvement and support of the event coordinator of Wikimedia Foundation.

We have requested an estimated cost to an event company for the management of the transports (5'000 euro + VAT) and the coordination of the event (20'000 euro + VAT). We include in the budget a general amount for staff.

Biographies of the team[edit]

Image Name Last name Involvement Based Skills / biography Wikimania experience Team Contacts
Charles Andrés Switzerland, Neuchâtel Staff Wikimedia CH --- Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Program, co-general coordinator
Andyrom75 Andyrom75 Volunteer Italy, Florence area Member of Wikimedia Italia, very active on wikivoyage in Italian. Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. Documentation, wikivoyage User:Andyrom75
Ilenia Atzori Volunteer Italy, Sardinia Active member of Wikimedia Italia. Involved in Wiki Loves Monuments. Bachelor in Operator for cultural tourism and experience as a tourist guide. [it], [en]. Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong. Program, wikiexcursions.
Fabio Baioni Volunteer Italy, Milan area Active member of Wikimedia Italia. Work in ICT and he has experience in Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London, Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. Technical, equipment User:Fabexplosive
Piercarlo Barindelli Volunteer Italy, Esino Member of associations and groups in Esino Lario (Soccorso Val d'Esino, Esino 2000, CAI). Works in a studio of an architect. / Location
Domenico Berardinelli Volunteer Barcellona, Spain Experience in designing and coordinating public programmes both for cultural and educational organizations. In addition, works in the sector of communication 2.0, specifically dealing with social media management for arts & design. [it], [en], [es]. / Program, special events, art curator. linkedin
Elvezia Bertarini Volunteer Italy, Esino Teacher at Esino Lario primary school; involvement in off school activities and workshops. / Location
Tecla Bertarini Volunteer Italy, Esino Student in Natural Sciences (Master), collaboration with the city council of Esino Lario (tourist office) and Comunità Montana della Valsassina, Valvarrone, Val d'Esino e Riviera (excursions, activities for children, workshops). [it], [en]. / Location
Roberta Bonetti Volunteer Italy, Florence area Anthropologist, Ph.D. with a specialization in education and intercultural learning. Professor in Bologna and Bolzano, cofounder and board member of the Italian society of applied anthropology (SIAA Società Italiana di Antropologia Applicata), and member of the scientific committee of the association Associazione Mani Altri Sguardi. [it], [en], [fr]. / Evaluation CV in Italian
Carlo Borgia Volunteer Italy, Esino Former member of Esino Lario city council, hear of tourism and coordinator of the program of events in Esino Lario. / Location
Niccolò Caranti Volunteer Italy Photographer and active member of Wikimedia Italia. [it], [en]. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong. Documentation, Photos of the event. user:Jaqen
Mauro Cassina Volunteer Switzerland, Ticino Wikimedia CH board member. Wikimedian, wikipedian and photographer. He has worked in the field of events and catering and he currently works in the field of renewable and alternative energy. Documentation, Photos of the event. User:Cassinam
Marco Chemello Volunteer Italy, Vicenza area Architect with experience in working in innovative projects involving both communication and technology. Co-promoter the Festival delle libertà digitali (Festival of digital freedom). Active member of Wikimedia Italia. / Program, chair of the sessions user:Marcok
Lorenzo Colombo Volunteer Italy, Lecco Press office of a large company. He has a house in Esino Lario. / Communication, chair
Cristian Consonni Volunteer Italy, Trento and Milan area Wikimedia Italia board member - treasurer, wikipedian, wikimedian. Researcher at the Bruno Kessler Foundation. [it], [en], [fr] Wikimania 2010 Gdansk, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Wikimedia Italia board User:CristianCantoro
Roberto Corda Volunteer Italy, Milan Wikipedian and wikimedian. Works in ICT. Wikimania 2005 Frankfurt.
Ornella Costanzo Volunteer Italy, Turin area Project and content manager in the field of culture and video, with experience in multimedia museum design, production of documentaries, audience and crossmedia design. Executive Producer at Studio Azzurro Produzioni s.r.l. / Program, special events, art curator. [ linkedin]
Dario Crespi Volunteer Italy, Milan area Active member of Wikimedia Italia. Involved in Wiki Loves Monuments, Archeowiki and BustopediA. Wikipedian and OSM user. [it], [en]. Wikimania 2014 London, Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. Open Street Map User:Yiyi
Bishakha Datta Volunteer Wikimedia, former board member of Wikimedia Foundation --- Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Program, focus on gender
Elisa Dell'Era Volunteer Italy, Esino / Lecco Former member of Esino Lario city council. University degree in economics, she has been working for several years in event planning on Lake Como. She has also experience in managing a 1'000 participants conference. / Location
Giovanni Dell'Era Volunteer Italy, Esino Former major of Esino Lario. Quantitative surveyor (geometra) and municipal engineer (tecnico comunale). / Location, chair
Simona Dell'Era Volunteer Italy, Esino [it], [en]. / Location
Shani Evenstein Volunteer Israel Involved in Wikimedia outreach projects related to GLAM-Wiki & Edu-Wiki.Teaching experience. Works at Tel-Aviv University [TAU], at the Sackler School of Medicine. Wikimania 2011 Haifa - attendee; Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, - speaker; Wikimania 2014 London - speaker. Program, focus on GLAM User:Esh77
Tommaso Fara Volunteer Italy, Milan Consultant and collaborator for an organization of of catering; he is specialized in proposing menus, organizing thematic lunches and dinners, and experimenting new recopies and traditional and innovative cooking techniques. He is the author of radio programs about cuisine and of the books “Il cucchiaino caramellato” (DeAgostini, 2005), “La cucina a impatto [quasi] zero” (in collaboration with Lisa Casali, Edizioni Gribaudo, 2010) and “Diversamente cotto: Metodi di cottura e strumenti tra tradizione e innovazione” (Edizioni Gribaudo, 2012); he is the curator of eight volumes on Italian cuisine for DeAgostini (2007-2008). He also works as restorer of antiquities. / Location, food curator
Susanna Giaccai volunteer Italy, Firenze Wikimedia Italia member. Librarian. / Program User:Giaccai
Isla Haddow Volunteer South Africa, Cape Town Project manager WikiAfrica, board member Wikimedia ZA [en]. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London. Program User:Islahaddow
Michele Lavazza Volunteer Italy, Milan Wikipedian, wikimedian. Student in philosophy. [it], [en], [fr]. Wikimania 2014 London. Program MLWatts
Federico Leva Volunteer Italy, Milan
  • Wikimedian since 2006 in several areas, did stuff.
  • WMIT: treasurer 2008-2009, wrote first reimbursement policy; helped a bit setting up WMIT Wikimania scholarships program 2011–, evaluator in 2013.
  • University of Milan: board of directors 2009-2012 overseeing 750 M€ budget, contracts up to ~10 M€; committee dividing ~170 k€ / y among students orgs; co-organised students event with thousands participants, 2009-2012.
Attended 2010 and 2011 kickstarting a renewed Italian delegation; into Wikimania discussions since then; watched since 2007. Scholarship working group, chair User:Nemo_bis
Lorenzo Losa Volunteer Italy, Milan area and Pisa Former Wikimedia Italia board member, wikipedian, wikimedian. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London, Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. Wikimedia Italia board User:Laurentius
Ester Maglia Volunteer Italy, Esino Manages Esino Lario tourist office and she is involved with Pro Loco in the organization of events. Student in pharmacy. / Location
Luca Martinelli Volunteer Italy, Rome area Wikimedia Italia board member. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London, Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. Evaluation, chair user:sannita
Lara Marziali Volunteer Italy, Bologna Wikimedian and wikipedian Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2014 London, Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. Social network User:.laramar.
Francesca Milano Volunteer Italy, Lecco Student in communication / Communication
Giusy Nasazzi Volunteer Italy, Esino Teacher in Esino Lario Kindergarten. / Location
Nicola Nasazzi Volunteer Italy, Esino Former member of Esino Lario city council. / Location
Serena Nasazzi Volunteer Italy, Esino Treasurer of the association Pro Loco in Esino Lario. She has been organizing and managing events in Esino. / Location
Giuditta Nelli Volunteer Italy, Genova area Artist. / Program, special events
Alberto Nogara Volunteer Italy, Taceno Architect, former architect for Comunità Montana Valsassina Valvarrone Val d'Esino e Riviera, competence and experience on the territory and public administrations. / Location
Giammario Ortelli Volunteer Italy, Esino Lario Former Esino Lario city council, vice-mayor. / Location
Roberto Paci Dalò Volunteer Italy, Rimini Artist, composer, director and activist. A pioneer in the use of digital technologies and telecommunication systems in art, his works have been presented worldwide in the major theatres, festivals, museums. Recipient of the Premio Napoli 2015 and the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD fellowship. He teaches Interaction Design at UNIRSM / IUAV Venice. / Artistic direction, documentation, technical and special events Roberto Paci Dalò
Iolanda Pensa Volunteer Italy, Milan / Esino Experience in directing and managing international projects, and in fundraising, research and communication. Interdisciplinary academic studies (university degree in medieval art history, thesis in contemporary art, Ph.D. in anthropology and territorial government and planning). Experience in problem-solving, international youth exchanges and social work. Coordinator of the Ecomuseo delle Grigne. Wikipedian and wikimedian, volunteer in Esino Lario. [it], [en], [fr]. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London, Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. Promoter iopensa
Carlo Maria Pensa Pensa Volunteer Italy, Lake Como / Esino Engineer and businessman. As a volunteer - among other activities - mayor of Esino Lario for 10 years, involved in the Comunità montana, president of Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne. Deep knowledge of the territory. / Location and promoter
Pietro Pensa Volunteer Italy, Milan area / Esino Architect and engineer. He is specialized in safety and security issues. He is one of the professional experts in-charge of safety and security for Expo Milan 2015 buildings. / Location, security and infrastructural upgrades [1]
Alberto Pinto Volunteer Italy, Milan area / Switzerland, Ticino Expertise in sound and acoustics (BS-MS in pure mathematics, MS in applied physics focusing on digital signal processing perceptual audio coding and music information and Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Milan and visiting scholar at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University; he is the director of the CESMA, a European Centre for Studies in Music and Acoustics based in Lugano). He is also plays the organ (conservatory of Milan, Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève, organist of San Bartolomeo church in Milan, Prize of the National Organ Competition of Viterbo - CariVit and the "Pierre Segond" Prize - City of Geneva) / Technical, sound [2]
Vincent Plisson Volunteer France / UK / South Africa Graphic designer. He has been working in Great Britain, France and South Africa. / Communication [3]
Remulazz Remulazz Volunteer Italy, Milan area Wikipedian. / Documentation, geography User:Remulazz
Simone Sala Volunteer Italy, Milan; Switzerland, Lugano 9-year experience in a wide range of cross-sectorial applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Sustainable Development in emerging regions. Proven ability to design and deliver tailored ICT-related projects and programmes to both non-governmental organizations and governmental institutions in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ghana, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Senegal, United States of America. [it], [en], [fr], [es]. Wikimania 2015 Mexico City Technical, chair linkedin
Ginevra Sanvitale Volunteer Italy, Bologna area / South Corea Wikimedia Italia board member. Specific interest in gender activities and projects (in Italy and at large), collaboration in WLM communication. [it], [en], [es]. Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Wikimania 2012 Washington DC, Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong, Wikimania 2014 London, Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. Program, general coordinator User:Atropine
Catherine de Senarclens Volunteer Italy, Lake Como / Esino Experience in organizing events (school exchanges, trips of the Associazione Amici del Museo), volunteer coordinator, editor of books and excellent organizational and relational skills. Former English teacher and vice-headmaster of a linguistic high school. [it], [fr], [en], [de]. / Location, accommodation
Giulia Sepe Wikimedia Italia staff Italy, Milan Project manager, experience in organizing and implement large-scale events, project manager of the Wikimedia Conference 2013 in Milan. [it], [en], [es], [fr]. / Wikimania Esino Lario bid project manager, start-up phase December 2013 - March 2014.
Chiara Somajni Volunteer Germany, Berlin Independent journalist, formerly employed at Il Sole 24 Ore (major Italian financial newspaper), writing, editing, focus on culture and technology. Board member of ActionAid International. [it], [en], [de]. Participated in Wikimania 2005 Frankfurt. Program, relationships with keynotes. linkedin
Francesco Tarantini Volunteer Italy, Milan area Experience in coordinating nursing and health medical services, former member of Wikimedia Italia board, member of Wikimedia Italia active on Wikipedia medical content. Former board member of Italian Red Cross volunteers of Milan committee. Nursing degree's adjunct professor at University of Milan. Participated in the Wikimedia Conference in Milan. Safety, coordinator nursing and health medical services and accessibility linkedin - User:Franciaio
Leigh Thelmadatter Coordinator-Wiki Borregos Tec de Monterrey Mexico Language professor in Mexico's largest private university system. I have worked with Wikipedia in English-as-a-foreign-language classes since 2007. Since 2011, I have coordinated efforts to develop a Wikipedia Education program at the school with projects in classrooms, to fulfill community service requirements and organize events such as photo contests related to Mexico's culture. These efforts have been recently re-organized under the name of "Wiki Borregos" (name of school mascot), accepted by the school system but still in process to be recognized as a user group by the Foundation. [en], [es] Wikimania 2012 Washington DC speaker. Program, focus on education
Ilario Valdelli Wikimedia CH staff Switzerland, Lugano Excellent knowledge of the territory of Wikimania Esino Lario, network in Italy and Switzerland, experience of organizing and contributing to Wikimedia events, strong engagement in the movement. Community manager in Ticino Switzerland for Wikimedia CH, he also works in ICT. [it], [en], [fr]. Member of the jury of previous Wikimania. Wikimania 2014 London, Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. Program, Wikimania Takes Lake Como, activities in Ticino Switzerland. User:ilario, linkedin
Fabio Vanin Volunteer Italy, Venice Architect and urban designer, Ph.D. in Urbanism. He worked as project leader for several strategic plans in Europe (Antwerp, Gent, Gorzow, Poznan) and Africa (Nairobi), and as research assistant at TU Eindhoven and at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He is the co-founder of Latitude: Platform for Urban Research and Design. / Location Linkedin, site
Fiorenzo Viglienghi Volunteer Italy, Esino Former bus driver of the local company, knowledge and network of the local transport and bus companies, extensive experience in driving busses in the area (also very large vehicles) / Transport (local reference person)
Giovanni Viglienghi Volunteer Italy, Esino Entrepreneur in Esino Lario, president of the Alpini, former member of Esino Lario city council. / Location


Instant book. One of the communication template of TOI Things of Internet designed by Antonio Scarponi for Esino Lario to create 8-pages small books georeferenciated and made of simple recycled A4 paper.
Making instant books.

Target and communication tools[edit]

Target Objective Tools
Working team
  • Coordinating the work to plan and implement Wikimania Esino Lario.
  • Making sure that people can access information both in Italian (national team) and English (international team).
  • Making sure every person involved is welcomed and knows how he/she can contribute to.

Please note that the working team is made of all people working on the organization of Wikimania, regardless of where they are based.

  • Wikimania Esino Lario bid - working and coordination pages on meta (English and Italian)
  • Wikimania Team wiki,
  • Mailing list for the group and for specific working groups: wikimania-l (general), wikimania-planning-l, wikimania-program, wikimania-scholarships, wikimania-core , internal-l for collaboration with various Wikimedia insiders
  • Description of the team, objectives and tasks of each group
  • Contacts with Ellie Young and the Committees
  • Planning meetings
  • Mailing list in Italian esinolario at
  • Visits to Esino Lario
  • Documentation shared and updated (management tools, road book)
  • Specific registration for the working team
People involved in Wikimania at an international level
  • Making sure we take full advantage of the experience of people linked to Wikimania-Wikimedia.
  • Making sure the working team is open to the contribution of all people interested in supporting the organization of Wikimania.
  • Communicating broad issues related to Wikimania to the community interested in the event and in the future of the event.
  • Please refer also to the working team.
  • wikimania-l
  • Wikimania Esino Lario bid - presentation of the proposal
  • Exchange with the jury and answers to their comments
Wikimedia community in Italy and like-minded organizations
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Inviting them to contribute to Wikimania as volunteers.
  • Providing information about the Wikimedia movement and in which ways they can contribute to it (online and offline).
  • CentralNotice
  • Media (local, national and international)
  • Scholarships
Wikimedia community in Switzerland and like-minded organizations
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Inviting them to contribute to Wikimania as volunteers.
  • Providing information about the Wikimedia movement and in which ways they can contribute to it (online and offline).
Members of Wikimedia Italia
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Inviting them to contribute to Wikimania as volunteers.
  • Wikimedia Italia mailing list
  • Wikimedia Italia newsletter
  • Wikimedia Italia website and social networks
  • Decision of the board and of the general assembly
  • Scholarships
  • General assembly of Wikimedia Italia (to inform, update and collect feedback)
Members of Wikimedia Switzerland
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Inviting them to contribute to Wikimania as volunteers.
  • Wikimedia CH mailing list
  • Wikimedia CH website and social networks
  • Wikimedia CH member wiki (internal website)
  • Decision of the board
  • Scholarships
  • General assembly of Wikimedia CH (to inform, update and collect feedback)
  • Scholarships
Potential attendees from all-over the world
  • Inviting them to participate in Wikimania.
  • Providing information about the Wikimedia movement and in which ways they can contribute to it (online and offline).
  • Specific website (presentation of the event and overview)
  • Replies to comments on the website.
  • CentralNotice
  • OTRS
  • Media
  • Scholarships
Attendees (communication before, during and after the event).
  • Providing practical information about the event and support to attend and enjoying it (before and during the event).
  • Providing information and documentation about the event (videos, photos, feedback).
  • Collecting feedback.
  • Specific website (practical information)
  • Replies to comments on the website.
  • OTRS
  • Scholarships
  • Support for the visa procedures
  • email to the attendees before arrival (to remind them where to find everything)
  • Emergency number
  • People involved in the organization who both know Italian and English (and other languages)
  • Information desk
  • Welcome begs
  • Paper booklet
  • Badge
  • Announcements during the conference
  • Signs on rooms and around the locations (urban signage)
  • Moderators for each session
  • Recording or video recording short description of the results of working sessions (trainings, workshops, discussions).
Media and press
  • Providing a presentation of the event (texts, information, images, news and updates).
  • Supporting the participation of media and press in the event (practical information, a specific space for interviews, registration, support in organizing interviews).
  • Press kit
  • Press contacts (local, national - Italy and Switzerland - and international)
  • Answers to media requests
  • Press conference
  • Specific registration for the press
  • Press office (news, updates, information, images, texts, support in organizing interviews) - Documentation in Italian and English
  • Space for interviews
  • Providing reports and documentation which allows to evaluate the project (correspondence between the project and the results, definition of outcomes and metrics, documentation with data and photos)
  • Supporting stakeholders in attending the event.
  • Crediting correctly the support and engagement of stakeholders.
  • Sponsor kit
  • Credits and logos (according to trademarks and stakeholders-partners requests)
  • Request of support letters
  • Application forms and communication specifically designed for each stakeholder
  • Reports (narrative and financial) according to the guidelines of each stakeholders
  • Contact person for stakeholders.
  • Specific registration for the stakeholders
  • Press coverage (local, national and international)
  • Evaluation
  • Making sure the event is documented and its documentation to people who attended it or didn't.
  • Making sure guidelines and documentation related to the experience is documented to allow others to replicate or build upon the experience.
  • Documentation about the process.
  • Press coverage
  • Recording or video recording short description of the results of working sessions (trainings, workshops, discussions).
  • Video recording of presentations.
  • Photos of the events.
  • Upload of the video recordings
  • Upload of photos of the event
  • Conference "post-mortem"
  • Collecting attendees feedback
  • A representative of the team will join the Wikimedia team the year after.
Local media[edit]

Relationships with local media are important to inform about Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects, to provide people of the territory a calendar of events and presentations related to Wikipedia/Wikimedia and to involve volunteers in contributing to the Wikimedia projects and in supporting the organization of Wikimania. Local media are also essential to involve potential local sponsors: Lake Como area and Valsassina are not only touristic area, but they also have a lively industrial production and some national-size companies.

Name Type Language Level of Wikipedia-issues Coverage Website
La Provincia di Lecco local newspaper Italian almost none
Giornale di Lecco local newspaper Italian almost none
La Provincia di Sondrio local newspaper Italian almost none
Giornale del Popolo (Ticino) local newspaper Italian almost none
Il Giornale del Ticino local newspaper Italian almost none
Il Corriere del Ticino local newspaper Italian almost none
Lago di Como - Online information website Italian and English almost none
Terra di laghi (Italy and Ticino) Online information website Italian none
Il Lago di Como Orientale (Oriental side of Lake Como) Online information website Italian, English, German none
VAOL.IT - Quotidiano online della Valtellina, Valchiavenna, Lago di Lecco e Como Online information website Italian almost none
Valsassina News Online information website Italian almost none
National media[edit]

National media have been already involved in the communication of Wiki Loves Monuments in Italy. Relationships with national media are important to inform the Italian bid and eventually Wikimania in Italy, to recruit volunteers in contributing to the Wikimedia projects and in supporting the organization of Wikimania, and to target national sponsors.

Name Type Language Level of Wikipedia-issues Coverage Website
ANSA Press information / news Italian
Corriere della Sera national newspaper Italian
La Repubblica national newspaper Italian
Il Sole 24 Ore (with Nova - technological focussed paper and Cultura - cultural pages on sunday) national newspaper Italian
La Stampa national newspaper Italian
Radio 3 (cultural programmes; in particular Fahrenheit does direct recordings/interviews during events; Radio 3 Mondo) radio Italian
Radio 2 (entertainment programs; in particular Caterpillar) radio Italian
RSI Radio Svizzera Italiana radio Italian
International media[edit]

For local and national media relationships the focus is both on Italy and Switzerland. Other international media are involved in collaboration with Wikimedia Foundation (review press kits and contact management). The relationship with international media taps on current links and contacts and it focuses on the theme of Wikimania which in Esino Lario goes green and sustainable.

Communication materials[edit]

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Promotional materials € 5.000 $ 6.862,45
Participants package 1.000 € 5 € 5.000 $ 6.862,45
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 10.000 $ 13.724,90
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37


Objective Activities Expected results Indicators
1. Done Organizing a pleasant and affordable conference designed for 1'000 participants.
  • Done Organization and general management of the event (Wikimania checklist).
  • Done Providing support for visa, local transport, accommodation and meals.
  • Done Programme (including leisures and activities for children).
  • In progress… Independent evaluation team: 5 qualitative evaluations from 5 people; the group manages an online questionnaire and collects statistics related to the scholarships.
  • Added Added 700 participants. 1365 participants were registered.
  • Done 80% of the feedback is positive from participants, volunteers and organizations involved.
    • Done Expectation met (38,01%) or exceeded (43,13%) = 81,14%
    • Done Overall rating of the conference: excellent (49,46%) and good (37,57%) = 87,03%
  • Done Availability of scholarships.
    • Added Added We increased the number of scholarships thanks to the partial ones.
    • Added Added We made sure all expenses (including dinners) where included in the scholarships.
    • Added Added Wikimedia Foundation provided 88 full scholarships, 35 partial scholarships and 6 additional scholarships = 129.
    • Added Added A large number of scholarships (due to the costs of the event in Europe but also to the costs of accommodation and meals) were also provided by Wikimedia Italia, Wikimedia CH (including scholarships for the kiwix workshop organized in Esino Lario before Wikimania), Wikimedia Israel, Wikimedia Poland, Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia France. Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH were specifically triggered to contribute in supporting the event with scholarships
  • Cost per participants.
  • Number of requests of scholarships, number of scholarships, number of donors supporting the scholarships.
  • Number of participants (registrations online and check-in at the conference). Comment: 1365 participants were registered.
  • Feedback from the participants (report of the online survey). The survey has not been yet uploaded by the Wikimedia Foundation team. Please also refer to the suggestion page on Wikimania 2016 website.
  • Feedback from the volunteers and organizations involved (report of the online survey). Not currently uploaded by the Wikimedia Foundation team.
  • In progress… Feedback from 5 evaluators (qualitative <2 pages report).
  • Scholarships reports.
2. Done Testing a new collaborative format for Wikimania.
  • Done Enlarging the structure of Wikimania working team, with no separation between wikimedians and "the others".
  • Done Involving wikimedians, people living in the territory, and people with specific expertise in the event planning and implementation.
  • Done A site site-specific programme, designed specifically for the locations and the different available spaces. This is meant to associate each space with a different experience (a different way of collaborating).
  • Done A user-centered programme, designed for the different interests/needs of Wikimania participants. At the moment the call for participation asks people what they want to present, it does not ask people what they want to attend (there are hints in the feedback pages of the different Wikimania).
  • New ideas collected during the conference.
  • Compared to other Wikimania, Wikimania Esino Lario is perceived as something developed in a more collaborative way, and people feel more engaged and targeted.
  • Documentation about the process used to design Wikimania: timeline.
  • Documentation of people involved in the project plan and implementation: timeline and team.
  • Feedback from the participants (online questionnaire).
  • Feedback from the volunteers and organizations involved (online questionnaire).
  • Feedback from 5 evaluators (qualitative <2 pages report).
  • The criteria to collect feedback will be...
3. Done Develop a sustainable Wikimania, which generates a long-term impact on the territory where it is organized (scalable experience).
  • Done Implementing a local fundraising focussed on territorial development and the improvement of existing structures (access and spaces for collaborative work and associations).
  • Done Implementation of specific projects.
  • Done Organization of a programme of events and meetings before Wikimania to present the WIkimedia projects, to support synergies with local GLAMs/data and to involve people in contributing.
  • Done Upload and edit of content on the Wikimedia projects while developing Wikimania (Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, WikiVoyage in English and Italian).
  • Added Added Public Internet wifi in Esino Lario (centre).
  • Added Added Transformation of the former museum in a collaborative space and space for associations.
  • Added Added Improvement of the accessibility of the Sport hall/multifunctional space (access and security).
  • Added Added Improvement of the accessibility of the Primary school (access).
  • Done In the preparation of Wikimania, people living in Esino Lario and in the territory of Lake Como (Lario), Valsassina and Ticino have acquired an improved knowledge of the Wikimedia projects.
  • Done Increased number of content on the Wikimedia projects related to Esino Lario and the territory of Lake Como (Lario), Valsassina and Ticino.
  • Done The structures improved for the conference are used after the conference.


  1. With in-kind contribution we mean that an institution allows that a percentage or a number of days of their staff members is devoted to Wikimania Esino Lario; they do not hire new collaborators, they do not provide us funds for staff, but they involve their team.