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Editing days[edit]

The first editing day, by the name "Comedia del'arte" was on April 2nd and ended with 6 articles, all of them new ones, by 3 participants. On 5th, we organized the editing day "Roma People" and it resulted with nine new articles from participation of six Wikipedians. The editing day "European football national teams", occurred on 14th, had five people who made ten new articles. Next, on 21th, we had a topic "Nobel Peace Prize Laureats" and four Wikipedians created ten pages. Two days later, we turned our attention on "Formula One champions" that was attended by three participants who made six new articles. The sixth event named "Punctuation signs" had four men who created eight articles. The last editing day this month, on 30th, we organized the "Cantons of Switzerland" comprised of three men who created eight articles.

Editing weekends[edit]

On April 4th and 5th, editing weekend by name "Music bands" was occurred. Five Wikipedians created 16 articles. The second weekend, we made the "Romani culture" edition and five people got included who had 18 articles, all new. On 18th and 19th, due to Julian calendar Easter, the weekend was named "Faberge Eggs" that contributed in 24 new pages by 5 men. The next weekend, from 25th to 26th, we had the edition "Paintings" that gave 41 new articles by five participants.

Wikisketch Lessons[edit]

Two Wikipedians were included. The very same who contrubuted in March. The first one has created seven enriched articles and had one improved article, and the latter continued to improve her article created in March and then created 28 more articles.

Editing competition[edit]

The second competition this year had the title "SEE Spring 2020" reffering about articles of South and Eastern Europe, a topic regulary held every year. Four competitors were included and they contributed with 159 newly and 1 improved article.

Uploading photos[edit]

We continued to upload photographs taken from the Museum of Prilep in March, ten total.