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Editing days[edit]

The first editing day, occurred on March 2nd, has resulted in two new articles about the topic "Counties of China" which was contributed by two users. Returning at the subject archaeology, "Archaeological Sites in the Ohrid Region" was on, and 30 articles got created out of three men. Next was "Macedonian Folk Songs (V)", meaning songs that start at letter V. This ED was joined by two Wikipedians and they made five new creations of articles. Two days later, "Works of William Shakespeare" has occurred and three people contributed by doing five new articles. On the day of 16th, the ED "Islands in the Baltic Sea" was established and produced six new articles by three men. Two days later, "Paintings by Jan van Eyck" gathered three people who created seven articles. Then at March 23, we had "Top Tier European Football Leagues" that has resulted in five created and one improved article by four participants. Returning at history, we had "Ancient Roman Battles" which was participated by two men who created five articles. On Tuesday 30th, two men were part of the "Deserts of North America" ED, providing seven new articles.

Editing weekends[edit]

Related about high level education, we organized the EW "Universities" which was contributed with 12 new and two improved articles from three users. Seven articles and one template were created, the three participants, at the weekend titled "Philosophy". The weekend titled "Switzerland" has attracted seven participants, the largest number so far, editors that created 22 articles, improved one article and created one template. The last EW was dedicated to "Airships" and got participated by four Wikipedians that covered twelve new articles.

Gender Gap 2021[edit]


Scheduled specifically at the Women's Day, we had editing event which was also international, joined by several other Wikipedias. The goal was to create wikidatas for articles relating about women that lacked any. Three people joined this initiative and created 14 wikidata articles.

Wiki Sketches[edit]

Wiki Sketches were again on in this month. So far, three people were part of this project, of which two men were new ones. The two persons, new users, created two articles about a video game and gaucho - the South American horse rider, respectively at March 9 and 10. The last entry, was a user that has participated at some previous edits and mentorships on this project, improved an articles that he started editing in February. At 19th, another user from the prior years, again participated in this subprogram and created eleven articles.

Visit of the NU-UB "Goce Delčev" - Štip[edit]

The logo of the Visiting Museums and Libraries.

As part of the objective "Visiting Museums and Libraries" in which at some certain institution we hold an editing event on the topics of cultural heritage. The first installment was at the National Institution-University Library "Goce Delčev" - Štip. Hence we where in the town of Štip, we wanted to focus on the cultural heritage of the town and it's area, and the participants liked this idea. Participants at this event were few members of the community organization Neci NMK and an employee of the library itself. A total of six participants were at the event and five of them edited immediately and contributed in three new articles and five improved ones. Later, when the images got uploaded, five more articles were improved. The articles were about two local churches, the famous "Makfest" music festival held in this town, a book of poems writen by a large group women from Štip, pastrmajlija - a type of pastry that is a local brand of Štip, a brand new article about the library we visited, improved article about FC Breganica that was most popular football club in this town and region generally, two local schools, the Štip fortress called Isarot, the local Otinja River, and an article of a Swiss scientist which was a free topic.

The overall gallery of the editing event, places and buildings during our visit in Štip.

Editing competition[edit]

Уредувачки натпревари.svg

Starting from February 15 to March 14, we held the first editing competition titled "Dinosaurs". This event was specially organized due to future QR-coding at the Dino Park situated within the Skopje ZOO, in order to have proper QR plaques of the exhibited dinosaur imitations. Four Wikipedians were part of this award contest. The final numbers of covered articles was 184 new articles and one being improved.


At 26th, this project was activated for the first time in 2021. Two users, participants from last year, were at the Skopje Zoo where the it's animals were photographed. At this visit and capturing moments of the zoo's wild life, 79 images got uploaded from 70+ animals. Additionally, eleven articles were created about animals that lacked a Macedonian article and 53 articles were improved. This was the fist visit of the zoo and the second photohunt was organized during the second visit at the zoo.