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Editing competition[edit]

From February 3rd to March 2nd, a competition was held on the subject settlements in the region called Pirin part of Macedonia. This highly productive editing contest resulted with 141 improved articles and one new article about the towns and villages in the Pirin region.

Wikisketch Lessons[edit]

This project continued this month. Our latest participant, and of course new Wikipedian, has engaged in making a good quality article on Wikipedia. Another new wikipedian has joined in this project who has created one article. It is noted that due to COVID-19, our lessons are not organised in person, as it was in regular circumstances, rather via Team Viewer so we can monitor the new and unskilled users.

Editing days[edit]

The 24 hour project has been activated again seven times in March. The first editing day, has occurred on March 5th, has resulted in two new articles about Eskimo-Aleut languages as topic. The second editing day, held on March 8th and was on selected on that day due to International Woman's Day. The topic name was Macedonian women. Six participants were activated in 25 new and two improved articles. Next editing day, on 17th, was on the subject indigenous peoples of the continent of America. Eight articles were created by three Wikipedians. Two days later, editing day named States of Mexico has activated 6 people who created 13 articles and improved one article (the improved article was created by one user the very same day and it was improved by the second user). On 24th, another edition by the name "Siberian indigenous peoples" was done with three improved and four created by three people. The editing day "European National Anthems", on 26th, was attended by seven people who created 18 articles and improved one. On the last day of March, the editing day named "Flags of the United States". This time three participants were engaged and created seven articles.

Education program at Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering (FINKI)[edit]

Оn 7th March, we conducted our second workshop on Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering.

Museum of tobacco[edit]

On 10th March we visited the Museum of Tobacco in Prilep, as a part of the Museum of City Prilep. We had the chance to tour the museum, browse catalogs, artwork and other unique samples of the earliest beginnings of tobacco production until today. But most importantly, the museum staff allowed us to take over and upload photos from their collection in order to enrich the Macedonian Wikipedia. This month we uploaded 21 images.

Editing weekends[edit]

The project was activated on March 21th and 22nd. The first weekend was on subject Film and on those two days three users were active to have created eight articles and to have improved three articles. The weekend on the 28th and 29th, on the subject Towers, resulted in 20 newly articles by participation of five users.