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Editing days[edit]

This month our first 24 hour project was on July 1 and was named "Works of George Bernard Shaw". Two people joined and created five articles about works of the writer. On 6th was "Raions of Moldova" which had five created pages by two participants. Then, on 8th, we held the "Archaeological sites at region of Kumanovo" and had 10 new articles by one participant. On 13th, our users' group organised the "Channel Islands" day and it was attended by two persons who contributed in four created articles. Then, on 15th, there was "World Heritage of UNESCO in Eastern Europe". That time, six articles got created and one being improved out of three people.

Five days later, there was "Macedonian Folk Songs (Ž & Z)" that scored three created articles by one user. The second last editing day, on June 22, was named "Paintings by Edgar Degas" and in that occasion three men were included and created six articles and one template. The final was called "Ethnic peoples in China" which produced two brand new articles by one participant.

Editing weekends[edit]

"Braille" was the first editing weekend that resulted with six creations by one Wikipedian. The second weekend was appointed in Maori culture. That occasion, four men created ten pages. Four participants created 13 articles and improved two at the wide topic "Sweden" editing weekend (July 17 and 18). Then, on 24 and 25 this month, two people participated and contributed in seven new articles at the topic "Japanese Culture".


Filming videos within the Wikiexperiments project has continued on July 6. That day, at the Institute of Chemistry, with the help and demonstration of two professors - Vladimir Petruševski, Marina Stojanovska; and one associate professor/docent - Miha Bukleski, we managed to cover 18 chemistry in span of four hours.

Wikisketch lessons[edit]

On July 17 2021, an article about the Macedonian Heraldic Society was created by occasional Wikipedian. This was his first activity with Shared Knowledge.

Photohunt in Galičnik[edit]

On 20th of the month, three Wikipedians headed to the village of Galičnik, which is 110 km away by road from the capital city. The goal of this photohunt was to photograph the houses that are listed as Cultural Heritage of Macedonia. 30 houses, out of 31, were located and were photographed. Alongside the houses, several other local buildings got covered, such as the St. Paraskeva of the Balkans Church and the Villa Dosta. A total of 43 images were uploaded on Commons.