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Wikisketch Lessons[edit]

A session of one of the two users
A session of the other user publishing an article about a book

This month the first existing user created 51 articles, and created 11 templates and improved one about archaeology in the Macedonian municipalities. The other volunteer spared his time to create three articles.

Editing days[edit]

On June 2, "Province-level Divisions of China" got organized. It was consisted of 3 people who created four articles. Another day specified for editing, occurred on 9th, was also about provinces but this time in Spain and has resulted in eight created articles by three participants. Six articles were created, by three men, during "Writing scripts" editing day at June 11th. The fourth editing day was "Central American volcanoes", participated by two users who made contribution of 9 new articles. Next, on 23rd, "Numeral Systems" editing day which had participation of two men who created four and improved two articles. On 25th, the title was "Ancient Egyptian dynasties" and two people got involved and created four pages. The last day of the month, we held "Hindu scriptures and texts". Two people were involved with creation of three articles.

Editing Weekends[edit]

The first weekend premiered as "Musical Instruments" and has gained scores of eleven articles that got created by 4 men. On 13th and 14th we had a weekend titled "Solar System" that achieved creation of eight articles from four participants. The weekend that followed, was appointed for "India" meaning it had wider range of articles to be created. That time 16 articles got created, accompanied with five improved ones out of four men. An effort given from four Wikipedians. The last weekend was named "Ships/Vessels" and it was comprised of two users that achieved eleven created articles.

Uploading images of the "Kuzman Josifoski - Pitu" Memorial Museum and Memorial House of Blazhe Koneski[edit]

As a reminder, when we were at the town of Prilep for our Museum for Tobacco visit in March, we also gathered images of the other departments of the main Museum of Prilep. This time we uploaded five images of the "Kuzman Josifoski - Pitu" Memorial Museum a.k.a. the house of the Macedonian revolutionary which the museum carries his name. We also created a article for the Memorial museum in order to put the uploaded images on Wikipedia. Later we uploaded a image of the Memorial House of Blazhe Koneski who was Macedonian linguist, literary historian, university professor, and first president of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.