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Editing days[edit]

Continuing the "Wiki Loves Fashion" iniative, "Fashion designers" was held on the first day of the month. That day four people participated and they created six articles. Returning at Macedonian Archaelogy, we opened "Archaelogical sites in Kočani region" which three people joined and created 34 articles and one template. The last but not least, the final editing day as the part of the fashion initiative, was "Fashion Labels" and it resulted with nine creations of articles by three Wikipedians. Later, on 13th, there was "Moons of Neptune" comprised of two participants and with results of 5 new articles. Two days later, again two men participated this time in "Paintings of Paul Cézanne", but this time with score of nine creations. At October 20, "Archaelogical sites in Sveti Nikole region" was arranged and was joined by three users who created 36 articles. Again with a art editing day, we had "Paintings of Vincent van Gogh" which was participated by two men and they covered nine new articles. The last editing day was again dedicated to archaelogy, this time about "Archaelogical sites in Kriva Palanka region". So in October 29, 70 articles have been created about this region.

Edit-a-thon on topic Community service[edit]

On 2-nd October, our second editorial marathon was held with a physical (five editors) and online presence (four of them) on the topic "Community service and digital youth". The event was organized in collaboration with "MLADIHUB". A total of nine participants edited and created 26 articles, mostly related about volunteering, but also about World days celebrated of any kind, and bisiness articles. The recommendations regarding to COVID-19 were kept, as seen in the shown images.

Wikimedia CEE Online Meeting 2020[edit]

From October 2 to 4, the Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2020 was held online due to COVID-19 pandemic. Three persons from Shared Knowledge participated of which one of them was in the Programme Committee. around of hundred people were part of the online gathering. Many topics were spoken troughout this Conference such as COVID burdens at the Wikipedian/Wikimedia society, Wikipedia as trusted source, many kinds of lessons, interaction and socialization between the participants, movements within Wikipedia, and of course the experience, of Shared Knowledge in these past months, said from the head of the board of Shared Knowledge.

Editing weekends[edit]

The first editing weekend was continuation of the previously mentioned Fashion initiative, and this time was about "Female models". This topic acumulated 13 created articles, writen by three users. Next was combat themed "Military equipment of World War II" and that weekend attracted four men who contributed with 11 new articles. Setting our eyes on geography, we had "Lakes" as a topic. That weekend had presence of people and they achieved 18 newly established pages. Something of a 'fresh' topic was "Comics". Those two days (24 and 25) were attended by five people who created 20 articles.

Gender Gap 2020[edit]

Starting from September 30 and up to October 7, right after the WikiGap Skopje 2020, а 'week-a-thon' was held by the name "Gender Gap 2020" (Macedonian: Родов јаз 2020) in initiation of the Swedish embassy in Skopje, Shared Knowledge user group and the Macedonian Wikipedia, with concluded goals to improve current and create new articles on the subject 'Gender gap' specifically in writing articles about famous and influential Swedish and Macedonian women. The initiative was backed by "National Youth Council" in Macedonia and the "MLADIHUB" organisation who will conduct the prizes in form of IT courses training. The final results were: eight contesters, 513 covered articles ow which 476 new and 37 improved articles.

Wikitour Kratovo 2020[edit]

On October 10, nine headed to Municipaluty of Kratovo, as part of project "Education through Wikipedia" by the grant of the Macedonian Government. This was the second trip, after the one in Veles a month ago. Our destinations were Cocev Kamen observatory and the town of Kratovo. The first location visited was the prehistoric observatory of Cocev Kamen, located near the village of Šopsko Rudare. There we captured several photographies considering the Wikimedia Commons was relativery lacking media of the site. In the town of Kratovo, we photographed some of the cultural sites who were not captured by the Wikipedia community. Then the 'deal' was to edit on Wikipedia that day and the day after. The editing was free on subjects and and we recorded: two articles created and one article improved about architecture in Kratovo; three articles created and one article improved about Macedonian music and musicians; one article created about a book.

Part of the gallery:

Osogovo region and Bregalnica region Wikiexpeditions[edit]

On October 9 and up to the following two days, the second Wikiexpedition was organised. Three participants headed to the two municipalities of Makedonska Kamenica and Kočani. The goal was to visit, note, photograph the unvisited villages, local landscapes, and other features good enough to be recorded. A total of 22 villages (8 in Kamenica and 14 in Kočani Municipality) got explored within the two municipalities. The Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica was totally covered and big portion of Municipality of Kočani was visited. The length of the distance traveled was 650 kilometers of the two way trip. 303 images were uploaded.

Gallery of the second Wikiexpedition in 2020:

Also at the end of the month, the third expedition was organised. From October 22 to 24, our group traveled through the valley of Bregalnica River and the Mountain of Plačkovica. In those areas the rural Municipality of Karbinci is situated. So, in this expedition 27 villages and 2 historical villages got visited, and entered by a Macedonian Wiki community, in a over 430 kilometers two wasy trip. Only two villages were not visited due to bad road connection and remoteness. 455 images were uploaded.

Gallery of the third Wikiexpedition in 2020:

Wiki for United Nations[edit]

Initiative logo

Another week-a-thon we organised this month, from October 24 to 31. This weekly editing competition was part of the international initiative deliberately themed to commemorate the founding day of the United Nations (October 24). In our Macedonian Wikipedian community, five people participated and contributed in 126 new and 1 improved articles related branches of the United Nations. The top three participants were awarded prizes in form of vouchers.


Wikiexperiments (Викиексперименти) is a project by Shared Knowledge supported by "Gothe-Institut" which is a abroad cultural institution of Federal Republic of Germany that operates in learning the German language and nursing the international cultural cooperation. This is an ongoing project that started in 2015/16 and continued in 2020 year. On 26th and 27th October 2020, in collaboration with the professor Oliver Zajkov from the Institute of Physics at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics at the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" in two stages of recording were conducted, and 12 experiments were recorded. On 14-th December, the third stage was realized with the 11 new experiments, with a total result of 23 experiments. Most of the experiments were invented by German scientists such as Julius Plücker, Johann Wilmhelm Hittorf, Eugen Goldstein, Gustav Kirchhoff, Georg Ohm, Johann Christian Poggendorff, Heinrich Geißler. A professional production house was hired for the recording, and the experiments were performed with some of the students who also helped.Тhe project activity was published on several portals and media

Gallery of some moments of the first series of shooting: