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Editing days[edit]

On 4th, a "Macedonian Folk Songs (B)" (songs that start on the letter B) editing day was organized which resulted with four new articles by two participants. Again at archaeology, "Arcgaeological sites at Gevgelija region" was scheduled on 9th, which was an edition that produced 38 new articles from two Wikipedians. Two days later, it was a day for the topic "Works of Fyodor Dostoevsky" that got gained with 13 new articles by three men. Next one being "Ottoman Treaties" got participated by three people who created six brand new articles. Then on 18th, "Paintings of Albrecht Dürer" got realized and attracted three user that made eight new pages. "Settlements in Municipality of Kožani/Kozani" was participated by two Wikipedians and it ended with seven new articles. The last editing day, on 25th, was on the subject "Programming Languages", got three newly establised articles by one man.


"Human Rights" Edit-a-thon
"Geography" Edit-a-thon

On 4th of February we have organized an edit-a-thon on the topics about Human Rights together with the members of the organization Neci NMK, being conducted online. The event was attended by 5 participants, 9 articles were created and 1 article was improved.

The second edit-a-thon this month was in 23rd, when the topic was "Geography" and was participated by 20 people and 17 of them edited about various geographical articles. The productive event ended with 104 new and one improved article. Again, this editing marathon was collaborated with the youth organization MladiHub, and it was again organized online.


The international logo

From January 15 to February 5, we organized a special editing contest exclusively for inserting references in articles where they lacked. The participants were advised to cover the articles which had no any references, but also they could have edit articles with small amount of references, in order to back up the content of the article itself. Four people participated in this event and added 3,226 references in 1278 different articles. Those four participants, as intended, got prized based on their contribution of added refs and covered articles.

Editing weekends[edit]

The first editing weekend named "Automobiles" resulted with 8 new and 1 improved article by three participants. Then it was "Norse Мythology", attended by three users who contributed in seven new articles. "Rock Music" attracted five people who contributed by editing 13 new and one improved article. The last weekend was 'busy' with the topic "Seismology" that got participated by two user, covering 13 new articles.

Wiki Sketch Lessons[edit]

A moment of the lesson

On 20th, this subproject was reactivated. The participant was from the previous year, who now improved an article about a video game.

Professors mentorship[edit]

February 23, we managed to make a cooperation with a professor of history, hired at the Faculty of Philosophy Skopje. He was introduced of the basic knowledge and skills of using and editing Wikipedia so in near future he would be able to create of improve article, especially at his field of academic knowledge.