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Editing Days[edit]

On June 1, "Formula One Circuits" got organized. It was consisted of two people who created two articles. Another day specified for editing, occurred on 3, was also about "Monarchs of the Kingdom of Jerusalem" and has resulted in three created articles by one participant. 16 articles were created, by two men, during "Archaeological sites in the Kavadarci region" editing day at June 8. The fourth editing day was "Short Stories by Anton Chekhov", participated by two users who made contribution of five new articles. Next, on 15th, it was "Paintings by Diego Velazquez" editing day which had participation of one man who created three articles. On 17th, the title was "Administrative Divisions of the Ottoman Empire" and two people got involved and created three pages. Next ED was held and titled as "Macedonian Folk Songs (GJ & E)". One person was involved with creation of two articles. The Thursday on 24th got chosen for the "Pritzer Prize Laureats", held just like the last year, and the outcome was two new articles by two Wikipedians.

Wikisketch Lessons[edit]

The activity launched this month on June 4, when with the presence of the Association of Business Women - Macedonia, we created one article. Several hours later, again with a new participant, we managed to create two article about two books related to the Tetovo region. Four days later, we had a lesson with the National Association of Inventors of Macedonia, in which we created one new article. On June 9, one article was created alongside with the Macedonian Association of Publishers.

Editing Weekends[edit]

The first weekend premiered as "UEFA European Championship", due to the upcoming EURO 2020, and has gained scores of 16 articles and one improved template that got created by 4 men. On 12th and 13th we had a weekend titled "Footballers of the EURO 2020" that achieved creation of six articles and improvement of two article from three participants. The weekend that followed, was appointed for the topic "Astronautics". That time four articles got created out of two men. The weekend at 26th and 27th, like in the previous year, we reinstalled the topic "Pharaohs" which was participated by three users who created six articles.


On June 10, the Archaeoexpeditions got launched, for the first time since 2019. The destination was proposed, by a MA at Archaeology, to be the Demir Kapija region, at the South-Central part of the Republic of Macedonia, specifically at the Demi Kapija Canyon and the town of Demir Kapija itself. We covered four archaeological sites: Kale - Strezov Grad (assumed by many archaeologist as the Medieval town/fortress of Prosek), Ramnište, Crkvište (which represent a former church), and Varnici. This expedition had a total of four participants, of which the above mentioned archaeologist, two Shared Knowledge members, and a photographer who has participated in many our previous activities. 30 images got uploaded on Commons with encyclopedic value. One article got created and eight more were improved.


The second expeditions of this kind was held in the period of June 18-20. In this occasion, the locations visited were the parts of Mariovo that are within the Municipality of Novaci, and the villages of Selečka Mountain that lies in the Municipality of Prilep. 694 images were uploaded as a product of the engagement.

Teacher's trainings[edit]

In this month, two professor got involved in this Education program activity. The first participant/professor was engaged on June 16 and he was mentored and parallel to that, he created one article. On 25th, another individual eagerly was included and he, with training and mentorship, he got able to improve an existing articles and additionally uploaded 13 images on Wikimedia Commons.