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Wikisketch Lessons[edit]

Wikiskatch continues through online training
Wikiskatch with the other wiki volunteer

At this month, we continued the collaboration with the two Wikipedians of the previous two months. The first one improved two pages and created six articles. The second, student at Archaeology, created articles about 161 archaeological sites. Due to the current situation with COVID19, we continued to conduct Wikiskatch by Team Viewer from home.

Editing weekends[edit]

By the name "Mammals" weekend, on 2nd and 3rd, 16 articles got created by participation of four men. "Calendars", which was on 9th to 10th, had attendance of five participants who created 16 articles. Themed by the Eurovision Song Contest, that is organised this period of year, we dedicated a editing weekend to it, with results of 12 created articles by two men. The last editing weekend we chose to be "Macedonian literature", occuring during the Saints Cyril and Methodius Day (24th). This was productive one, with 34 new articles by four Wikipedians. The last weekend which had the title "Ottoman Grand Viziers", had performance of 51 created pages by seven men.

Editing days[edit]

On 5th, a "Macedonian Grammar" editing day was organised which resulted with six articles: five new and one improved, by four participants. Two days later, the second editing day "Pritzker Prize laureats" achieved eight created articles out of five people. Next one, on 12th, three Wikipedians created eight articles at the "Departments of France" editing day. The fourth one was "Subways" occurred on 14th and was attended by four participants with production of eleven newly articles. Next one, on 20th, we turned our attention to "FIBA Basketball World Cups" and resulted in attendance of three users who created seven articles. Sixth editing day was named "Indonesian Provinces" and the achieved results were six new articles by three participants. On 28th, we had "Christian Crosses" event that ended with creation of 20 articles and participation of six Wikipedians.

Uploading photos[edit]

Considering the situation with this year's pandemic and the restricted movement of the population, we wanted to gatter photographs, given by credited authors, from curfews in Macedonia during the COVID-19 pandemics. We managed to upload seven images via Wikimedia Commons.

Partnering with GLAM[edit]

In collaboration with the users group GLAM Macedonia, we organized an editing competition for persons from 15 to 18 years old. No certain theme was chosen and the title was "Necessary Articles". This means that participants were guided by a specific article that enlists which articles should and can be created. The results of the youth editors, which were eleven of them, are 123 new articles.