Istraživanje o željama zajednice 2017. godine

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Rang Prijedlog Kategorija Tickets Status
1 Kartographer improvements (project page) Razno 154 T155601, T162232, T141304, T147184, T141750, T141715, T141335, T140212, T140209, T140092, T140087, T140083, T180907, T180909
Related: T181604
Done by the Collaboration team
2 Ping users from the edit summary ([[Community Tech/Ping users from the edit summary|Translations:Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Results/66/hr]]) Uređivanje 127 T32750 Done
3 Development of the programs and events dashboard ([[Community Tech/Programs and events dashboard|Translations:Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Results/66/hr]]) Programi i događaji 111 T186820 Done as Event Metrics
4 Blame tool ([[Community Tech/Who Wrote That tool|Translations:Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Results/66/hr]]) Traženje 110 T2639 partially Done as Who Wrote That (limited to English, German, Basque, Turkish and Spanish Wikipedias and main NS only)
5 Template wizard ([[Community Tech/Infobox wizard|Translations:Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Results/66/hr]]) Uređivanje 106 Related: T18951 Done
6 Deploy Article Alerts to other languages ([[Community Tech/Article Alerts for more languages|Translations:Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Results/66/hr]]) Botovi i dodatci 102 T186821 NoN Declined
7–8 Auto-save feature in Visual Editor and WikiText Editor ([[Community Tech/Auto-save edits|Translations:Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Results/66/hr]]) Uređivanje 96 T57370
Related: T169965, T175489, T139804
Done by the Editing team
Allow 'thanks' notification for a log entry ([[Community Tech/Thanks notification for log entries|Translations:Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Results/66/hr]]) Razno 96 T60485 Done
9 SVG-Translate ([[Community Tech/SVG translation|Translations:Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Results/66/hr]]) Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 94 T56214 Done at toolforge:svgtranslate
10 Commons deletion notification bot ([[Community Tech/Commons deletion notification bot|Translations:Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Results/66/hr]]) Botovi i dodatci 91 T167614
Related: T91192
Done To opt-in the bot on your wiki, please ask here.
11 Support 360 photo viewing Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 90 T151749, T105789, T70719, T138933
12 Allow further user block options ("can edit XY" etc.) Administratori i stjuardi 86 T119795, T27400, T6995, T16636, T18644 Done (feb 2019) by Anti-Harassment, see T2674.
13 Multiple watchlists Popisi praćenja 85 T3492
14 Make AbuseFilter easy to use for nontechnical admins by making filter editing more visual Administratori i stjuardi 82
15 Use map for Nearby Razno 77
16 Automatically unwatch pages after a certain, user defined, amount of time Popisi praćenja 76 T100508 Done, see Community Tech/Watchlist Expiry
17 Allow a second email address Suzbijanje uznemiravanja 68 T129747
18 VisualEditor: Allow references to be named Uređivanje 67 T52568, T92432
Related: T169841
19 Improve workflow for uploading books to Wikisource Wikizvor 65 T154413
Related: T172953
20 Make 2FA easier to use Administratori i stjuardi 62 T172079
Related: T129747
21 Per-page user blocking Suzbijanje uznemiravanja 61 Done (feb 2019) by Anti-Harassment. phab:T2674
22 Simple diff Čitanje 61 Done volunteer Evad37 created TextDiff, which allows for this.
23 Automatic display of attribution and license information Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 61
24 Flickr-like uploader Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 60
25 Smart blocking Suzbijanje uznemiravanja 58 T152462
Related: T172477
26 Advanced diff algorithm and wikitext delimiter pseudosectioning for reducing edit conflicts Uređivanje 57
27 Integrate Citoid Fully into Wikidata Wikipodatci 57 T199197 In development
28 Allow to select and copy/paste statements Wikipodatci 57 T161259
29 Page status color code not always showing Wikizvor 57 T114318
30 Categories shown in the app Mobilno i aplikacije 55 T153980
31 VisualEditor: Allow editing of auto-generated references before adding them Uređivanje 55 T107078, T174585
Related: T173437
32 Make it possible to format tables in VisualEditor Uređivanje 54 T54180, T103276, T99890
Related: T180867, T169306
33 Improve export of electronic books Wikizvor 54 T178803
34 Allow exploration of categories at upload time Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 53
35 Correct date format on Wikidata Wikipodatci 53 T63958, T95553
36 Create new item based on another item Wikipodatci 52
37 Make Wikimedia accessible via Tor and/or I2P Čitanje 51 T168218, T35779
38 Functional and beautiful math for everyone Čitanje 50 T74553, T130967, T137788, T135543, T172865, T172873, T111712, T50032, T2798, T7600, T159735, T166380
Related: T99369, T172864, T132607, T74240
39 Add filters to history pages Razno 50 T18619, T97020
Related: T152434
40 Find & Replace feature Uređivanje 49
41 Bring Special:Undelete to feature parity with live page histories Administratori i stjuardi 48 T9996, T110989, T30821, T30819, T62736
42 Allow watching (or unwatching) just the page or just the talk page Popisi praćenja 46 T2738
43 Mobile app for sister projects Mobilno i aplikacije 46 Related: T165495
44 An organizer dashboard for multimedia contribution drives Programi i događaji 46
45 Night-mode for read articles? Čitanje 44
46 Implement delete and move warning for associated talk pages Administratori i stjuardi 44 T12814
47 Order search results by date of last edit or alphabetically Traženje 43 T40403 Partially done [1] [2]
48 Provide a Reasonator like front to Wikidata Wikipodatci 41
49 2 factor authentication for all Razno 41 T166622, T100375
Related: T180896, T129747
50 Continue development of wikitext syntax highlighter (CodeMirror extension) Uređivanje 40 T170001, T171374, T179287, T177175, T170238, T175223, T177043, T179321, T172456 Done 8 of these 9 tickets were fixed
51 Textual diffs for SVGs Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 40 Related: T44566
52 Wikisource dictionaries for Wiktionary Wječnik 40 T183047
53 Better countervandalism tools Wikipodatci 40
54 Vertical writing support Razno 40 T353, T11436
55 Watchlist in mobile Mobilno i aplikacije 40 T76953 Done
56 Keep maintenance categories and links up to date Botovi i dodatci 40 T157670, T167283
57 Support multiple diff variants Uređivanje 40 Related: T38902, T117279
58 Develop precision of citation by showing which text span the ref applies to Citiranje 39 T20231
59 Multiple protocol support in Special:Linksearch Razno 39 T14810 Done
60 Provide a tool to efficiently analyze the usage of a template Razno 39 T120767
Related: T76699
61 Mark red links to other WMF wikis Razno 38
62 Visually indicate if a page has been edited since loaded Čitanje 38 Related: T120882, T136815, T94918, T98047
63 Use native audio/video player Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 38 Related: T25965, T100106, T103527
64 Merging files will include merging in file history too Administratori i stjuardi 37 Related: T28741
65 Citation template for all language versions Citiranje 37
66 Further develop the Timeless skin Čitanje 36 Related: T158012
67 Improvements in "What links here" Traženje 35
68 Client side SVG rendering Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 34 T5593
69 Download as eBook on WikiBooks Čitanje 34
70 Mobile app for editing and contributory actions Mobilno i aplikacije 33
71 Permanent opt-out of mobile frontend Mobilno i aplikacije 33
72 Create a global whitelist for global autoblocks Administratori i stjuardi 32
73 Add "Insert Attestation" to VisualEditor Wječnik 32 T139152, T157802
74 Accessibility for colour blind readers Čitanje 32
75 Make Thanks and Undo links easier to distinguish Uređivanje 32 T49658
76 Provide easy interface for replacements in the Visual Editor Uređivanje 31 T106996, T115847, T106049, T106641
77 Get feedback using a yes/no microsurveying Razno 31 T89970
78 Add searchbar to Nearby Mobilno i aplikacije 31 T142431
79 Search page: integrated "incategory" functionality Traženje 30 Done nov 2018 by WMDE. T143310
80 Watchlist created on categories Popisi praćenja 30 T3710
Related: T175096
81 One click reference tool Wikipodatci 29
82 Allow filtering of recent changes and user contributions by whether they have been reverted or superseded Razno 29
83 Variable size of Commons categories Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 29 T13281
84 Write license data into meta data of image files Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 29 Related: T5361, T20871
85 Pop-up showing authorship info Čitanje 29 Related: T179996, T176912, T174022
86 Search by date Traženje 29
87 Human touch for duration property (P2047) Wikipodatci 28 T145532
88 Improve support of interwiki links on Commons using Wikidata Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 28
89 Add an undo/revert button to diff view Mobilno i aplikacije 27 T87609
90 Implement deferred changes Razno 27 T118696, T150593, T153284, T150594
91 Navigation template on mobile Mobilno i aplikacije 27 T124168
92 Stable data Wikipodatci 26 Related: T138708
93 Offer PDF export of original pagination of entire books Wikizvor 26 T179790
94 Expand QuickStatements to allow wider variety of statements Wikipodatci 26
95 Wikitext substitutions should work in ref and gallery blocks Uređivanje 26 T4700
96 Stop ifexist checks from appearing in Special:WhatLinksHere Razno 26 T14019
97 Automatic notification of new links to a page should be able to be activated/deactivated on a per page basis Popisi praćenja 25 T46787, T66090, T179678
98 Stop making false claims about dates Wikipodatci 25 T146499
99 Re-use a citoid citation in VisualEditor's wikitext mode Uređivanje 25 T164954
100 Combined Desktop/Mobile/App-View for the Pageviews Analysis Botovi i dodatci 25
101 Citations translations Citiranje 25
102 Only show mainspace pages in Special:WantedPages Razno 25 T110848
103 Autoarchive provided Razno 25
104 Make it possible to add coordinates through the app Mobilno i aplikacije 25
105 Improve the Score extension Razno 25
106 Nested templates in template parameters in VE Uređivanje 24 T52355
107 Remember site notice dismissals Razno 24
108 Custom list for language learner Wječnik 24 T183108
109 Advanced filters for global usage on Commons Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 24 T170258
110 A new wiki skin developed specifically with readers in mind Čitanje 24
111 U2F support for 2FA Administratori i stjuardi 24 T100373
Related: T129747
112 Word count on statistics Razno 23
113 Automatically create a reference id for pictures with a label Uređivanje 23 T7600
114 ContentTranslation extension for others wikis Uređivanje 23
115 Allow seeing all changes since last visit directly from Special:Watchlist Popisi praćenja 23 T171717, T100419
Related: T74937
116 Semi-automatic description generation Wikipodatci 22
117 Improve UploadWizard campaigns Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 22 T51443, T49561
118 View old revisions with mobile site Mobilno i aplikacije 22 Done by reading team in 2018
119 Have calendar converter for input dates Wikipodatci 22 T189746
120 VisualEditor Template Suggestion Uređivanje 21 T55590, T96710, T109253, T136152
121 Context-dependent sort key Wječnik 21 T183747
122 Track changes of files and metadata Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 21
123 Integrate Pattypan and Quick Statements Wikipodatci 20 T51443
124 Enable video uploads from Commons mobile app Mobilno i aplikacije 20
125 Audio/video review tool (for mp3s especially) Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 20 T132650
Related: T129845, T167815
126 Number of Pixels for images on Commons Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 20
127 Upload wizard for uploading artwork template Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 20 T51443
128 Dividing section name from edit summary Uređivanje 19
129 Responsive CSS/Template Framework for Media Wiki Razno 19 Related: T90687, T483
130 Better categorization from Commons Mobile Mobilno i aplikacije 19
131 Review individual edits Uređivanje 19 Related: T25792, T147012, T19237, T142782
132 Expand automatic edit summaries Wikipodatci 18 T108688, T171027
133 Improvements in category pages Traženje 18
134 Overhaul spam-blacklist Razno 18 T6459
135 Upload and instant conversion of mpeg and avi etc Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 18 T157319
136 Parse dumps for DICT clients Wječnik 18 T38881, T31229, T986
137 Support CSS files associated to SVG as media files Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 18
138 Making Mediawiki MOOC-ready Razno 17
139 Share conjugation (among other things) templates on Wječnik 17
140 Allow readers / editors to see the citation style they like Citiranje 17
141 Make Flow database accessible on Tools Labs Botovi i dodatci 17 T69397, T136950
142 Create new Han Characters with IDS extension for WikiSource Wikizvor 17 T154044
143 Turn UTCLiveClock into an extension Botovi i dodatci 16 Related: T56902
144 Allow Special:Nuke to delete imported pages Administratori i stjuardi 16 T11120
145 Trim webm videos on site Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 16
146 Qr codes for all items Wikipodatci 15 T65463 Done volunteer Evad37 created Free Knowledge Portal
147 Converter from Latex and/or MSword Uređivanje 15
148 Traffic watchlist Popisi praćenja 15 T168527
149 Convert AWB into a special page Botovi i dodatci 15 T157271
150 Write geographical data into image files Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 15
151 Improve interproject linking Wikipodatci 14 T71735
152 VisualEditor has limited functionality on mobile Mobilno i aplikacije 14
153 XTools Edit Counter for Wikisource Wikizvor 14 T173012
Related: T172408
154 Display reference in edit summary when a reference is added Wikipodatci 13
155 Feed for search engines Razno 13 T172875 Done in dec 2017 by bawolff and Framawiki
156 Create discussion entry automatically from edit summary Uređivanje 13
157 Find a solution for the conflict between bulleted/numbered list and floating object Čitanje 13 T13782
158 Bring back autopopulation of citation template from a PMID Citiranje 13
159 Automatically watch pages containing specific string Popisi praćenja 13 T4308
Related: T166924
160 Add CentralNotice to the apps Mobilno i aplikacije 13 Related: T145830
161 Infobox pictures in the app don't match those on web Mobilno i aplikacije 13
162 Show the number of versions between last watched and current state Popisi praćenja 13
163 Tracking category in Wikipedia for missing labels Wikipodatci 13
164 Show number of unseen changes in the page title Popisi praćenja 12
165 Sort watchlist by least observation Popisi praćenja 12
166 More Options for Auto-Watching Popisi praćenja 12
167 Interface to easily add pages linked through identifiers as a "reference" to a statement Wikipodatci 12 T172150
168 LinguaLibre's audio learning mobile app Mobilno i aplikacije 12
169 Filter user contribution page by number of bytes changed Razno 12
170 Allow protection of multiple pages (from the same Category) Administratori i stjuardi 12
171 Allow additional password recovery methods Razno 12
172 Unlimited number of search results Traženje 12 T177270 NoN Declined
173 Remind users to update TemplateData when template was edited Uređivanje 11 T138219
174 Have the image rotation bot not overwrite existing images Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 11
175 Allow multiple entry from same site on wikidata Wikipodatci 11 T54971
Related: T179937, T206426
Included in major reconstruction works of Incubator, see T165585 - Make creating a new Language project easier
176 Only show latest edits in mobile web watchlist Popisi praćenja 11 phab:T70367
177 Further functionality for "statement" parser function Wikipodatci 10
178 Make it easy to switch articles on the main page Uređivanje 10 Related: T166149
179 Watch a Wikidata query Popisi praćenja 10
180 Mass revert tool Wikipodatci 10
181 Allow video uploading from mobile Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 10 Related: T157614
182 More table types Uređivanje 9
183 Syntax highlighting for code snippets in mobile app Mobilno i aplikacije 9 Related: T180332 Done in early 2018 by mobile team
184 Show Interlanguage links on some pages automatically Wikipodatci 9 T102888, T30604, T123063
185 Fix Gallery slideshow Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 9 Related: T151471, T154013, T179918, T181470
186 ProofreadPage extension in alternate namespaces Wikizvor 9 T53980
187 Wikimedia projects automatic reader Mobilno i aplikacije 9
188 A social wikipedia Razno 9 Related: T2470
189 Wikidata reference "stated in" from url bot Botovi i dodatci 9
190 Recognize .djvu file as wikisource index file Wikipodatci 9
191 Enable additional links in the GallerySlideshow Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 8
192 Flash dialog editing Wječnik 8
193 Create a new class of statements which are automatically generated based on a query Wikipodatci 8 T167521
194 Fix search in AWB Botovi i dodatci 8
195 Stop using string datatype for linking to pages on other projects Wikipodatci 8 T179937, T177698
196 Automatic detection of admin candidates Administratori i stjuardi 8
197 Turn Stereoskopie into a MediaWiki Extension Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 8 T180937, T129747
198 Interwiki links between different wikidata item Wikipodatci 7
199 Provide file uploading facility Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 7 T112543, T85561
200 Make language conversion work in the Electron Pdfs Service Čitanje 7 T167603
Related: T43716, T159985
201 Flexible use of EXIF- and IPTC-data and filenames on Uploads Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 7
202 Automatically follow the target items of statements and the property that gets used Wikipodatci 6 T179792
203 Preferences settings to modify crosswiki search results Traženje 6 T163463, T171803
Related: T168697, T55531
204 Specify transcription completion with more granularity Wikizvor 6
205 Extend pag and num accessibility Wikizvor 6
206 Open wiki links in new tab automatically Čitanje 6
207 Extend global blocks to named accounts Administratori i stjuardi 6 T17294
Related: T19929
208 Swahili Permutations Wječnik 5
209 Make adding "Wikipedia in the News" easier Botovi i dodatci 5
210 2FA and Huggle Administratori i stjuardi 5 T180279, T137076, T178818
211 Fix problems that FlaggedRevs wikis have with Commons Multimedijski sadržaj i Zajednički poslužitelj 5
212 Setting for showing new notifications about new page links in the watchlist Popisi praćenja 5
213 Move orphaned revisions to the archive table Razno 5 T164891
Related: T106119, T151124, T57398, T30124
214 Different password for changing email Razno 3