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Wikimedia chapters are independent organizations founded to support and promote the Wikimedia projects in a specified geographical region (in most cases, a country). Like the Wikimedia Foundation, they aim to "empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally". There are currently 41 chapters, with at least one on every inhabited continent.

This page lists current and planned chapters. Please see the step-by-step chapter creation guide and the movement affiliates FAQ for more information. An Affiliations Committee advises on and assists the creation of and to support affiliates.

Some chapters have an office.

Find an overview of chapter-related Meta pages on Chapters Portal.

Existing chapters, both founded (dark blue) and approved (dark turquoise), planned chapters (green), and chapters in discussion (light blue) as of 24 April 2014.


Existing chapters

There are currently 41 recognised Wikimedia chapters. See also the list of Wikimedia chapters that joined the WCA.

Chapters in discussion phase[edit]

Chapters in active preparation to become a chapter. You should add here any chapter that is under discussion to be started up. Please provide link to a page (in meta) with more detailed information (at best with a short summary in English) and provide a contact for questions about the present state.

A yellowish background means organizations are currently in active contact (as of the "last update" date) with the Affiliations Committee;
A light grey background means awaiting an update (from the proposed organization? from AffCom?)
A light blue background means the AffCom has asked the Board to approve the organization's formation.
country code Chapter Status Articles of Incorporation/
Website Mailing list Contact Last update
Icons-flag-bw.png BW Wikimedia Botswana Early development Meta, (doesn't exist yet)
wikimediabw (doesn't exist yet) tn:User:Oarabile Mudongo (kck, tn, en-3, zu-1, sn-1),
talk on Meta,
talk on Wikipedia
Icons-flag-by.png BY Wikimedia Belarus In discussion Meta,
wikimediaby ru:User Talk:Track13 (en, ru, be),
ru:User Talk:Pessimist2006 (ru, be)
Icons-flag-bg.png BG Wikimedians of Bulgaria In discussion info-l See Wikimedians of Bulgaria 2014-04-18
Icons-flag-ci.png CI Wikimedia Côte d'Ivoire Writing bylaws fr, en (drafts) Meta Wikimedia-CI Zenman (talk) 2014-06-30
Icons-flag-co.png CO Wikimedia Colombia Writing bylaws es,
en (untranslated) Baiji, Racso or #wikimedia-co 2012-04-04
Icons-flag-dz.png DZ Wikimedia Algeria In discussion to come Meta Vikoula5 2007-07
Icons-flag-eg.png EG Wikimedia Egypt Writing bylaws Proposed by-laws Wikimedia Egypt mail:wikimediaeg-l Mido or/and #wikimedia-eg 2009-03
Icons-flag-ge.png GE Wikimedia Georgia Development. ka info at 2010-12-17
Icons-flag-gr.png GR Wikimedia Greece In discussion Research stage Geraki or/and #wikimedia-el 2011-06
Icons-flag-hr.png HR Wikimedija Hrvatske Formally established under Croatian law on January 17, 2009. hr, en SpeedyGonsales, #wikimedija-hr 2011-01-12
Icons-flag-ie.png IE Wikimedia Ireland In discussion Wikimedia Ireland Community mail:wikimediaie 2014-07-26
Icons-flag-in.png IN-DL Wikimedia Delhi City Memorandum of Association has been posted on Meta. Meta Wikimedia-in-del Vibhijain 2011-06-05
Icons-flag-ir.png IR Wikimedia Iran In discussion Meta 2008-07-07
Icons-flag-kg.png KG Wikimedia Kyrgyzstan In discussion Wikimedia Kyrgyzstan Aidabishkek (en, ru, tr, ky),
Maksat (en, ru, ky)
Icons-flag-kr.png KR Wikimedia South Korea (tentative name) / Korean Wikimedia Association Waiting to approve from Seoul City Government for member corporation. Approve process of usergroup of AffCom will be in later ko (done) mail:wikimedia-kr the secretary-general of Korea Wikimedia Association
  • (mail to secretary-general)
Icons-flag-kz.png KZ Wikimedia Kazakhstan Reviewing bylaws with AffCom. No currently ongoing communication. en Ashina, Alash, Rauank 2012-08-05
Icons-flag-lt.png LT Wikimedia Lietuva Stopped at discussion phase none none 2009-12-10
Icons-flag-my.png MY Wikimedia Malaysia Early development Research stage Wikimedia Malaysia (on meta) Talk:Wikimedia Malaysia 2009-01-12
Icons-flag-np.png NP Wikimedia Nepal Community Approved Draft By-Laws in Nepali Now in Lawyer's revision/ By-laws translation into English Affcom studying on proposal Meta (on meta),
F:Wikimedia Nepal; Rajesh Pandey,
Ganesh Paudel,
Saroj K. Dhakal (en, hi, ne),
Nirmal Dulal (en, hi, ne)
Icons-flag-ro.png RO Wikimedia România Early stages (planning) ro (drafts) (currently a portal) WikimediaRO-l IulianU or Razool 2005-09-26
Icons-flag-sa.png SA Wikimedia Saudi Arabia Early development Wikimedia Saudi Arabia Alrwaikm 2008-12-26
Icons-flag-sg.png SG Wikimedia Singapore Early development Wikimedia Singapore Wikimedia-SG Mailing list or #wikimedia-sgconnect 2011-04-27
Icons-flag-si.png SI Wikimedia Slovenia In discussion Writing first draft Wikimedia Slovenia (on meta),
w:sl:Wikipedija:Društvo on
none yet Wikimedia Slovenia,
Miha / xJaM / Yerpo
Icons-flag-tr.png TR Wikimedia Türkiye In discussion Early development Wikimedia Türkiye (on Meta),
wikimedia-tr #wikimedia-tr 2011-11-01
Flag of Cascadia.svg US-CAS Wikimedia Cascadia In discussion, drafting bylaws pending Meta wikimedia-cascadia Another Believer
Icons-flag-us.png US-MW Wikimedia Midwest US In discussion Meta


Varnent (talk) 2012-06-22
Flag of Texas.svg US-TX Texas Wikimedians In discussion pending Meta WhisperToMe

Former chapters in discussion[edit]

Chapters formerly in preparation to become a chapter, which have either stalled or been absorbed into other chapters.

country code Chapter Status Articles of Incorporation/
Website Mailing list Contact Last update
Flag of California.svg US-CA Wikimedia California Inactive pending Meta wikimedia-california Geoff Plourde 2010-05-05
Icons-flag-us.png US-PA Wikimedia Pennsylvania Stalled, merged with Wikimedia New York City en Wikimediapa-l Cbrown1023 talk, SB_Johnny, Whiteknight, or #wikimedia-pa 2009-04-29

Ideas for chapters[edit]

See the movement affiliates FAQ to understand what a local chapter is, and what it entails to create a new one. If you wish to create a local chapter, follow the step-by-step chapter creation guide. In case you have any questions, contact the Affiliations Committee.

In Europe[edit]

In North America[edit]

  • Wikimedia Cascadia – a chapter in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington and possibly including Northern California and/or British Columbia)
  • Wikimedia Texas – Possibility of a chapter for Texas and the south-central United States

In Asia[edit]

  • Wikimedia Japan – 設立の是非について投票中です。 The page reads "There are currently no active arguments to establish a local Japanese chapter, mainly because very few Japanese language community members are interested in it. Lack of legal knowledge and accounting skills among the community is also a large contributing factor."
  • Wikimedia Nepal विकिमिडिया नेपाल is recognized as a user group Wikimedians of Nepal on 29th May, 2013. Now it is in the way of becoming national chapter. Wikipedia was begun in Nepal on June 3, 2002 with Nepali Wikipedia. Now Wikipedias are avaible in five languages spoken in Nepal. Wikimedia Nepal begun regular meetups and discussions from 17 July 2010. It has been organizing outreach and various programs to promote Wikipedia in Nepal.

In Africa[edit]

In Oceania[edit]

In South America[edit]

In Central America[edit]

Composition of chapters[edit]

See also Wikimedia chapters/Summaries. This list may be partially outdated; provided in alphabetical order by country codes:

[AM] Wikimedia Armenia (Armenia)[edit]

[AR] Wikimedia Argentina (Argentina)[edit]


[AT] Wikimedia Österreich (Austria)[edit]

Elected 2012-12-01.

[AU] Wikimedia Australia (Australia)[edit]

Committee (elected 5 October 2014):

[BD] Wikimedia Bangladesh (Bangladesh)[edit]

[BE] Wikimedia Belgium (Belgium)[edit]

See wmbe:Board for an overview of the board positions within Wikimedia Belgium.

[CA] Wikimedia Canada (Canada)[edit]

[CH] Wikimedia CH (Switzerland)[edit]

[CL] Wikimedia Chile (Chile)[edit]

[CZ] Wikimedia Česká republika (Czechia)[edit]

Board and Audit committee elected on April 2013 for two years.

[DE] Wikimedia Deutschland (Germany)[edit]

Elected on November 2014:

[DK] Wikimedia Danmark (Denmark)[edit]

[EE] Wikimedia Eesti (Estonia)[edit]

[ES] Wikimedia España (Spain)[edit]

[FI] Wikimedia Suomi (Finland)[edit]

Effective 2014-01-01.

[FR] Wikimédia France (France)[edit]

Conseil d’administration après son renouvellement partiel du 11 octobre 2014 :

  • Christophe Henner (Schiste), président,
  • Émeric Vallespi (ShreCk), vice-président,
  • Guillaume Goursat (GuillaumeG), trésorier,
  • Sébastien Beyou (Seb35), trésorier-adjoint,
  • Benoît Évellin (Trizek), secrétaire,
  • Pierre-Selim Huard, secrétaire-adjoint,
  • Jean-Frédéric Berthelot (Jean-Frédéric),
  • Alexis Marise Bique,
  • Léa Lacroix,
  • Ludovic Péron,
  • Samuel Le Goff,
  • Benoît Prieur.
Voir aussi : Courtes biographies des membres du Conseil d’administration

[GB] Wikimedia UK (United Kingdom)[edit]

See wmuk:board for a current list and biographies of board members.

[HK] Wikimedia Hong Kong (Hong Kong)[edit]

  • Directory
    • Rover WONG, president
    • Ivy WONG, deputy president
    • Vincent TSUI, secretary
    • Tango CHAN, treasurer
    • Alexander CHEUNG, director & commissioner for outreach
    • Carol TANG, director & commissioner for communication

[HU] Wikimédia Magyarország (Hungary)[edit]

Elected: 2014-11-29.

[ID] Wikimedia Indonesia (Indonesia)[edit]

The administrative board (2011-2012).

[IL] Wikimedia Israel (Israel)[edit]

[IN] Wikimedia India (India)[edit]

  • Dr. Ekbal Bappukunju
  • Jayanta Nath
  • Nikhil Kawale
  • Priyanka Tiwari
  • Sanket Oswal
  • Yohann Varun Thomas

For biographical summaries, please visit [<tvar|wmin-executive></> Wikimedia India Chapter Executive Committee Members]

[IT] Wikimedia Italia (Italy)[edit]

[MK] Wikimedia Macedonia (Macedonia)[edit]

According to Macedonian laws, the name of organization is written in cyrilic: Викимедија Македонија, for international use the name of organization is Wikimedia Macedonia.

[MO] Wikimedia Macau (Hong Kong)[edit]

See this list in the official website (Traditional Chinese).

[MX] Wikimedia México (Mexico)[edit]

Updated 2014-03-01

[NL] Wikimedia Nederland (Netherlands)[edit]

A new board was elected on March 29 2014. The current members of the board:

  • Frans Grijzenhout, Chair, human resources
  • Jan Anton Brouwer, Treasurer
  • André Engels, Secretary
  • Ad Huikeshoven, International Affairs, Education Program
  • Justus de Bruijn, Communication
  • Ronn Boef, Community
  • Marlon Thé, GLAM

[NO] Wikimedia Norge (Norway)[edit]

Updated 2013-04-22

  • Jon Harald Søby – chairman
  • Erlend Bjørtvedt – deputy chairman
  • Jarle Vines – board member
  • Knut Hjelleset – board member
  • Anne C Martens – board member
  • Trond Trosterud – board member
  • Claes Tande – board member
  • Harald Groven – assistant member of the board
  • Hogne Neteland – assistant member of the board
  • Dan Michael Heggø Olsen – assistant member of the board

[<tvar|wmno-about></> Presentation in English]

[PH] Wikimedia Philippines (Philippines)[edit]

Officer who is not a member of the Board of Trustees:

[PL] Wikimedia Polska (Poland)[edit]

[PT] Wikimedia Portugal (Portugal)[edit]

(elected on December 18, 2011 - until December 2013)

[RS] Викимедија Србије (Serbia)[edit]

[RU] Викимедиа РУ (Russia)[edit]

[SE] Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden)[edit]

  • Mattias Blomgren, chairman
  • Bengt Oberger, member
  • Holger Motzkau, treasurer
  • Ylva Pettersson, member
  • Kristina Berg, member
  • Harald Andersson, member
  • Maria Arneng, member
  • Brit Stakston, member
  • Karin Åström Iko, member

[TW] Wikimedia Taiwan (Taiwan)[edit]

See the Chatper page.

[UA] Wikimedia Ukraine (Вікімедіа Україна) (Ukraine)[edit]

Board elected in December 2014

Auditing Committee

[US-DC] Wikimedia District of Columbia (United States)[edit]

See Wikimedia DC's official list.

[US-NYC] Wikimedia New York City (United States)[edit]

[UY] Wikimedia Uruguay (Uruguay)[edit]

  • Fernando da Rosa, president
  • Rodrigo Barbano, vicepresident
  • Mariana Fossatti, secretary
  • Andrea Mazza, treasurer
  • Gustavo Ginares, ordinary member

[VE] Wikimedia Venezuela (Venezuela)[edit]

[ZA] Wikimedia South Africa (South Africa)[edit]

Inter-chapter initiatives[edit]

See also: Interchapter groups


  • Chapters Council, a proposed central organization for chapters intended to promote coordination and accountability. See Wikimedia Chapters Association.
  • Wikimedia Asia, a regional cooperation initiative for chapters and working groups in Asia and Australia.
  • Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU, an initiative in the European Union to have a clear and coherent position on major legislative and political changes affecting the vision, mission and values of the Wikimedia movement.


Mailing lists and wikis[edit]

Apart from public mailing lists (most notably Chapters-reports) and websites listed elsewhere, there are two main private channels for communication and coordination among chapters, which existing chapters must follow and participate in:

  • Internal wiki[17] and Internal-l – Local Chapters, board and officers coordination: each chapter can subscribe an unlimited number of board members (as of 13th August 2010), with an e-mail to the list admin by the president; additional members can be subscribed following the usual procedure (endorsement by a subscribed person + consensus on wiki);
  • Chapters wiki[18] and chapters mailinglist[19] for discussions and decisions among chapters: each chapter can subscribe unlimited board members (and some staffer) and an email by the president of the chapter to the list admins with the list of email addresses to add/remove is the usual process; there are also other lists for working groups, generally subsets of the previous one, apart some more open lists (e.g. GLAM).

Wikimedia chapters related news and announcements[edit]

See also[edit]


  1. Is the chapter formally recognized as a Nonprofit organization under its nation's laws? "n/a" should be used if the country's laws do not recognize a nonprofit status.
  2. Letters Patent
  3. Applying for charitable status as well.
  4. A small no profit association doesn't require the formal approval. It's sufficient to follow the law and to have a bylaws compliant with to the law[1][2]. The tax exemption has been formally approved [3].
  5. All associations are non-profit by definition in the Czech republic.
  6. All associations in Spain have Non profit status.
  7. Wikimédia Magyarország is a registered association at the Court and all registered associations are non-profit by definition in Hungary. Wikimédia Magyarország is recognized as "organization for the public benefit" status which means: transparency requirements, tax exemptions, tax deductibility etc.
  8. Based on Wikimedia Indonesia Board of Executive Meeting.
  9. Wikimedia India chapter ( Registered Name: Wikimedia Chapter) is registered as a Non-profit Society vide Registrar of Societies, Bangalore Urban District. However applications to tax-exemption for the society and its donors are still pending.
  10. At the founding team's request, the provisional approval was extended by the WMF executive director until April 2013.
  11. Officialy recognized as Wikimedia México A.C. (civic association) under Mexican laws since February 2013.
  12. There is no separate official non-profit status. However, we have been granted charity status (ANBI) by the tax office since January 2010, which, among other demands, requires that the organization is a non-profit by its bylaws and operates as a non-profit in practice. During 2012 we were busy to prepare the chapter for the CBF certificate for 'small charities'.
  13. Wikimedia Philippines is applying for NGO accreditation and donee institution status (charitable status).
  14. All associations are non-profit by definition in Poland
  15. All organizations in Portugal have Non profit status.
  16. All associations are non-profit by definition in Serbia.