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This page is a translated version of the page Community Wishlist Survey 2021/Results and the translation is 3% complete.
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Here are the results of the Community Wishlist Survey – thanks to everyone who participated this year!

Curious about what happens next? Check out the Community Wishlist Survey FAQ.

See also the results for each category:

Rank Proposal Category Symbol support vote.svg Tickets Status
1 Templates translation Tradukado 203 T243150, T238417, T121470, T251895
2 Warn when linking to disambiguation pages Redaktado 134 T97063
3 Copy and paste from diffs Redaktado 124 T192526, T270775
4 Live preview Redaktado 119
5 Add sorting options in category pages Categories 117 T71417, T61108, T42870
6 Improve graphs and interactive content Multimedia and Commons 117 T195627, T195628, T100444, T165118
Related: T226250
7 Multiple watchlists Atentolistoj 110
8 InternetArchiveBot for Wikidata Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 103
9 Better diff handling of paragraph splits Redaktado 101 T156439, T7072
10 Add filters to history pages Diversaĵoj 101 T18619, T97020
11 (Un)delete associated talk page Admins and patrollers 99 T27471, T263211, T263209
Related: T247207
12 CentralAuth lock should trigger global autoblocks Admins and patrollers 97 T19929
13 Global semiprotection of user talk pages Anti-harassment 95
14 Bibliographic bot for Wikidata Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 94
15 Automatically suggest categories when creating a new article Categories 93
16 Support 360 photo viewing Multimedia and Commons 91 T138933
17 Allow global user rights to expire automatically Admins and patrollers 82 T153815
Related: T245413, T245925
18 Improve anti spam mechanisms Admins and patrollers 81 T241921, T125132, T212667, T230304
Related: T158909, T141490, T100706, T181217
19 Show all active sessions Diversaĵoj 81 T58212
20 Anti-vandalism tools for Wikidata Vikidatumoj 81 Related: T183141, T199500
21 Allowing VisualEditor to edit by section Redaktado 80 T221908
22 Global events calendar Diversaĵoj 79
23 Adopt Lingua Libre Bot service as a WMF tool Vikivortaro 79
24 Use Wikidata to improve search Serĉo 78
25 Structured Data on Wikisource Vikifontaro 78
26 Allow table columns and rows to be freely movable in the Visual Editor Redaktado 76 T125145
Related: T240114
27 Support ISO 8601-2:2019 to specify uncertainty about times Vikidatumoj 75 T207705
28 Map in UploadWizard Multimedia and Commons 74
29 Automatically Notify a User when ANY of their subpages are edited Notifications 74 T3876, T5234
Related: T107836
30 Tool for recording voiced pronunciation of words Vikivortaro 74
31 Time and date handling improvements Vikidatumoj 72 T57755, T63958, T95553, T252627
32 Improve workflow for uploading books to Wikisource Vikifontaro 72 T154413
33 Support multilingual category names Categories 70 T89973
34 Reverse Partial blocks Admins and patrollers 67 Related: T27400
35 Enable sticky table headers Legado 67 T42763
36 Make edits auto-recoverable if the editor's network crashes Redaktado 65 T75241
37 Display categories in mobile view Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 65 T152199
38 Link Wikipedia redirects to Wikidata items Vikidatumoj 65 Related: T235420
39 Edit Wikidata in a map! Vikidatumoj 64
40 Improve display of multiple IPv6 contributions by a single editor Admins and patrollers 62
41 Kartographer icon improvements Diversaĵoj 59 T145475, T141304, T131618, T141715
Related: T141335
42 Wikidata contribution interface for mobile Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 59 Related: T257717
43 Logout confirmation dialog Notifications 59 Related: T217914
44 Duplicates and merge candidates Vikidatumoj 56
45 Tool for separating the references from the body text Citaĵoj 55
46 Overhaul spam-blacklist Admins and patrollers 54 T16719, T243484, T18326, T224921
Related: T254649
47 Suggest to Exclude Indirect Linked Articles from "What links here" Serĉo 54 Related: T14396
48 Diffs to deleted content Admins and patrollers 53 T30819
49 Display default/recommended values at Special:Preferences Diversaĵoj 53 T70689
50 Automatic switch from mobile view to desktop view for desktops after following a mobile link Legado 53
51 Watchlisting an image would show when it is added or removed from a page Multimedia and Commons 52
52 Alt-Texts and Image Descriptions Legado 52 T260006, T21906, T166094, T213585
53 abusive Usernames in the blocklog Admins and patrollers 51 Related: T23097
54 Re-use citations with changed page number in visual editor Citaĵoj 51 T96536
Related: T245299
55 Gadgets improvements Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 50 T31272, T238386
56 Making page history visible in mobile app. Not in mobile site Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 50
57 Undo on mobile Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 50 T191706
58 Mark all consecutive edits by same user as patrolled Admins and patrollers 49
59 Flickr-like uploader Multimedia and Commons 49 Related: T47656
60 Mobile editnotices Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 48 T201595
61 Include "This is a minor edit" box in mobile editing Redaktado 47 T123694
62 Link red links to Wikidata, for future reference and more benefits Vikidatumoj 47
63 Inline Audio-Player for pronunciations and other usages Multimedia and Commons 46
64 Using svg and wikidata to allow multilingual images Tradukado 46
65 Ability for sorting Special:UnreviewedPages by time Admins and patrollers 45 T45857
66 Watchlist of users Admins and patrollers 44
67 Check if a page exists without populating WhatLinksHere Diversaĵoj 44 T14019, T268526
68 Allow editing an entire page at once in the mobile app Redaktado 42
69 Content translation Tradukado 41 T105190
70 Save citations when translating Tradukado 40 Related: T200786
71 Sortable list of watched pages with date added Atentolistoj 40
72 Display definitions from Wikisource dictionaries Vikivortaro 40 T240191
73 Allow editors to write an edit summary from the edit preview Redaktado 39 Related: T140451, T148297
74 Select templates by categories Redaktado 39 T55590
75 Spellchecker Redaktado 38
76 Convert tools for different citations or citation styles Citaĵoj 37
77 Support more OSM relation types in Extension:Kartographer Diversaĵoj 37 T156433
78 Add Structured data during file upload with Upload Wizard Multimedia and Commons 37 T245861
79 Artificial Intelligence Spam hunter Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 36
80 DabFix Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 36
81 Show mobile site without the .m subdomain Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 36 Related: T214998
82 Fix search and replace in the Page: namespace editor Vikifontaro 36 T183950
83 Partial block of IPs across categories Anti-harassment 35
84 Audio file player Multimedia and Commons 35
85 Support for chemical formats Multimedia and Commons 35 T18491
86 Image Rotation Multimedia and Commons 34
87 Interactive chess content Multimedia and Commons 34 T244076, T244075, T246736, T239446, T248272
88 Fix the Content Translation bug Tradukado 34 T270625
89 Allow editors to identify the specific text that is supported by a citation Citaĵoj 33 Related: T149667
90 Structuring of individual references Citaĵoj 33 T100645
91 Option to load SVG instead of PNG on pages by default Multimedia and Commons 33 Related: T40010
92 Search by image size on Commons Multimedia and Commons 33
93 Search Commons images by (approx) coordinates Serĉo 33
94 Add DeepL translator Tradukado 33
95 Inform gadget developers of errors in their gadgets/scripts Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 32
96 Better tracking of category changes Categories 31 T89582, T130134, T140602, T147770, T148533, T243965, T264491
Related: T9148
97 Display categories before pages Categories 31
98 Include size change in diffs Diversaĵoj 31 T172698
99 Allow editors to control PageImage Redaktado 30 T91683, T265713
100 Allow access to some inverse statements through Lua and parser functions Vikidatumoj 30 T209559
101 Provide user info in recentchange stream on EventStream platform Admins and patrollers 29 T218063
102 Make subcategory browsing multilingual using Wikidata Multimedia and Commons 29
103 Visual Translation Override Tradukado 29
104 Revive the death anomalies project Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 28
105 Find similar images Categories 28
106 Allow creating bibliographic entries with the Citoid tool in VE Citaĵoj 28
107 Unintentional false links in VE Redaktado 28 T56947, T55973
108 Input Forms Diversaĵoj 28 Related: T259505
109 Maintaining a list of the most common search terms which do not correspond to an article name Serĉo 28 Related: T8373, T163463
110 Access to Wikidata from external (Media)Wikis Vikidatumoj 28 T48556
111 Bring back PDF book rendering Diversaĵoj 27
112 Moving page on mobile Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 27
113 Importing data from IMDb Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 26
114 Tool for easy user buttons Redaktado 26 T136152
115 Make signature global Diversaĵoj 26 T188200
116 "Favourite" or "Followed pages" button Legado 26
117 UNDO (rollback) by UserName Admins and patrollers 25
118 Case insensitive category search Categories 25
119 Integrate Template:Sfn into the visual editor Citaĵoj 25 Related: T245299
120 Hiding References Legado 25
121 Personal notes on watchlisted items Atentolistoj 25
122 Something like Extension:Variables to simplify template calls Vikivortaro 25 Related: T65324, T113859, T242514
123 Enable the ability to rollback to specific version Admins and patrollers 24
124 Allow loading gadgets from wikitext Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 24 T17075, T241524
Related: T8883
125 Unify Preferences and Global Preferences Diversaĵoj 24 T188424, T174521
Related: T188200
126 Real-Time notification Notifications 24
127 Bookmarking Legado 24
128 Expand automatic edit summaries Vikidatumoj 24 T108688, T171027
129 Automated move of items from Wikimedia Commons to Wikisource Vikifontaro 24
130 Talk page archiving bot updating incoming links Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 23
131 Display flexible number of images in categories Categories 23
132 Full reference in popup on hover over inline citations Citaĵoj 23
133 Make deleted edits visible to their author Diversaĵoj 23
134 Watchlists should highlight pages up for deletion Atentolistoj 23
135 UserBlind mode Anti-harassment 22
136 Expand "minor edits" checkbox-feature Redaktado 22
137 Welcome page on mobile app should respect dark mode setting Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 22
138 SVG to PNG converter that actually works Multimedia and Commons 22 T243893, T40010, T193352
139 Show Wiktionary definitions in Page Previews Legado 22
140 Automatically add subpages in the watchlist Atentolistoj 22
141 VE makes partially linked words and adds unnecessary tags to the wikitext Redaktado 21 T128060
142 Default languages for Captions and Descriptions on Wiki Commons Diversaĵoj 21
143 Categorize notifications Notifications 21
144 Bibliographical references/sources for wikidataitems Vikidatumoj 21
145 Allow text and table colour to be featured on the visual editor to change Redaktado 20
146 Customizable sidebar Diversaĵoj 20
147 Improve horizontal scroll of tables Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 20
148 Turn off mobile talk view Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 20
149 Upload to current category Multimedia and Commons 20
150 Display reference in edit summary when a reference is added Vikidatumoj 20
151 Human readable wikilinks to Wikidata query service Vikidatumoj 20
152 Improve Auto-wiki-browser Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 19
153 Add indentation and alignment features to visual editor Redaktado 19
154 Allow past edits to be filtered by size Redaktado 19
155 Make insertable markup customizable Redaktado 19
156 Showcase promoted content (FP/QI/VI) in categories and search results on Commons Multimedia and Commons 19
157 Find a more satisfactory display of LaTeX formulas Legado 19
158 Thanks from watchlist Atentolistoj 19 T51541
159 API for deleted title search Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 18 T192023
160 Put the pages in my language automatically Diversaĵoj 18
161 Stay logged in to XTools Diversaĵoj 18 T224382
162 Have Apps reading lists available on Destop/Mobile Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 18
163 Edit Notifications Notifications 18
164 Add Preference setting to offer Desktop view as default for mobile Legado 18 T173527
165 sort statements as you wish Vikidatumoj 18
166 Automatically detect edit-warring Admins and patrollers 17 Related: T254074
167 Implement deferred changes Admins and patrollers 17 T118696, T150593, T153284, T150594, T248775
168 Hide native language codes from references Citaĵoj 17
169 Add information on sister projects to mobile apps Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 17
170 Crop tool to handle .SVGs Multimedia and Commons 17
171 Image inheritance, a bequest safe for Wikimedia Commons Multimedia and Commons 17 T120454
172 Easy and effective way to translate gadgets and userscripts Tradukado 17
173 Context-dependent sort key Categories 16 T183747
174 Edit 'macros' Redaktado 16
175 Add a Quick Settings Panel/Page Diversaĵoj 16
176 Add wikitext description pages for Commons tabular data files Multimedia and Commons 16 T155290, T249896, T242596, T235332, T250919
177 Translation tool for wikitext snippets Tradukado 16
178 New on-wiki block appeal process Admins and patrollers 15 Related: T269207
179 Convert typographic replacement characters like straight apostrophes and quotation marks Redaktado 15 T40724
180 New keyboard shortcuts Redaktado 15
181 Use sitelinks to link to Commons in the Wikipedia sidebar Diversaĵoj 15 T232927
182 Default expiry for watchlist entries Atentolistoj 15
183 Request Feedback (Richiedi feedback) Redaktado 14
184 Improve pdf outprints Diversaĵoj 14
185 Template:DISPLAYTITLE in mobile Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 14
186 Allow SDC SPARQL queries to more easily inteact with Wikidata queries Multimedia and Commons 14 T261716
187 Number of Pixels for images on Commons Multimedia and Commons 14
188 Start Wiki with cursor focus in search field Serĉo 14
189 Show the ORES score of the linked Wikipedia page Vikidatumoj 14
190 Allow multiple entries within each category Categories 13
191 Add global LaTeX macros for math in math tags Redaktado 13 Related: T137788
192 List of nested templates Redaktado 13
193 Improving Chinese on mobile Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 13 T195265
194 embedding crop, creating sub images, and possibly other file formats, while retaining reference to the original context Multimedia and Commons 13
195 Link Tree Legado 13
196 for logged in users: if you go to a certain page multiple times it shows up automatically Serĉo 13
197 Show only relevant wikidata property changes on client wiki Atentolistoj 13 Related: T90436
198 XTools Edit Counter for Wikisource Vikifontaro 13 T173012, T172408
199 Easier flagging Admins and patrollers 12
200 Overhaul AbuseFilter Admins and patrollers 12 T20110
Related: T186960
201 ListeriaBot to add alias meta-column Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 12
202 Clusterization of Categories Categories 12
203 Configurable order of references in references section Citaĵoj 12
204 New Gadget - Mark Files used in a Wiki or Wikidata Multimedia and Commons 12
205 See Exif without restoring file Multimedia and Commons 12
206 Possibility to expand subsections, button to expand all/collapse all Legado 12
207 linksfrom: filter Serĉo 12 T253642
208 Large watchlist access Atentolistoj 12 T41510
209 Add new functions to the abuse filter Admins and patrollers 11
210 Flagged Revisions randomly fails to load user permissions Admins and patrollers 11 T233561, T234743
Related: T185664, T237191
211 Predictive edit summaries based on changes to article text Redaktado 11 Related: T3307, T14411, T54859
212 Safari Push Notifications Notifications 11
213 Protection of all pages in a category Categories 10
214 Dropdown list option for edit summary Redaktado 10
215 Markdown syntax to wiki link conversion gadget Redaktado 10
216 Photo challenge Multimedia and Commons 10
217 Automatically import Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 9
218 Add monospaced text in Visual Editor Redaktado 9
219 Make a dialog box with an editable preview of the template. Redaktado 9
220 Request to amend the preview of the "NoteTag" template (请求修正“NoteTag”模板的预览) Redaktado 9
221 The Visual Editor for math tags should be usable without the mouse Redaktado 9
222 Geolocated Entries App Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 9
223 Increase file size limit Multimedia and Commons 9 T191802
Related: T191805
224 Increased accessibility Legado 9 Related: T91201
225 Simple import and export of Watchlists Atentolistoj 9
226 Creation of new objects resp. connecting to existing objects while avoiding duplicates Vikidatumoj 9
227 Globalize CS1 Citaĵoj 8
228 MediaWiki message delivery must consider order of messages Diversaĵoj 8
229 Search own tracking pages Serĉo 8
230 Option to be e-mailed for every change to a page Atentolistoj 8
231 Watch a Wikidata query Atentolistoj 8
232 Mass page protection functionality in the checkuser tool Admins and patrollers 7
233 Make CentralAuth extension to log actions everywhere Diversaĵoj 7
234 Private Notes Diversaĵoj 7
235 Social interaction Diversaĵoj 7
236 Link watchlist Atentolistoj 7
237 Watchlist Web notifications Atentolistoj 7
238 Extend Gadget - Drag'n'drop Vikidatumoj 7
239 New batch edit API Vikidatumoj 7
240 Slow and fast edits Vikidatumoj 7
241 Enabling preview data on the 2017 wikitext editor Redaktado 6 T267048
242 Unbreak selection in the wikitext editor Redaktado 6
243 Writing a : in visual editor shouldnt add a blockquote but a : to the source code Redaktado 6 Related: T111712
244 Illustrations should show the current season Multimedia and Commons 6
245 Make File syntax processing match the specification and documentation Multimedia and Commons 6 T216566, T216003, T215999, T179605, T266406, T264464
246 Separate property and user right for license, author and date Multimedia and Commons 6
247 Add a Back to Top function in Wikivoyage desktop version Legado 6
248 Allow to publish problematic drafts via ContentTranslation Tradukado 6
249 Accessible List of Pages on Watchlist Atentolistoj 6
250 Discourage External Spam that Exploits Wikipedia Admins and patrollers 5
251 Allow the usage of talk page specific markup inside the visual editor Redaktado 5 T39938
252 Mobile support for SecurePoll Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 5
253 Table of contents anchoring Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 5
254 Preference settings to modify crosswiki search results Serĉo 5 T266726
Related: T163463, T171803, T185250
255 Bot to input the proper class for all wiki projects Robotoj kaj aŭtomataj helpiloj 4
256 Allow customizing of Citoid/RefToolbar output Citaĵoj 4
257 Alert after adding or removal a CSD tag Notifications 4
258 Improve Derived Statements Vikidatumoj 4
259 Create an extension for fixing parent IDs Admins and patrollers 3 T223342, T223343
Related: T38976, T113004
260 Round brackets Redaktado 3
261 Allow sanitized-CSS to use pointer-events Diversaĵoj 3
262 Expand signature length Diversaĵoj 3
263 making portals USABLE on mobile Poŝtelefonaj uzoj 3
264 autoplaying and looping videos Multimedia and Commons 3
265 Allow administrators to access the user list that watches over a particular page Atentolistoj 3
266 Wikidata edit content storage method Vikidatumoj 3
267 Add a tracker for CSS selectors Diversaĵoj 2
268 Server filtration by user, tag or substring Atentolistoj 1