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The user group has suspended all offline Wikimedia activites and projects until 15th September, 2020 due to recent COVID-19 pandemic.
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Wiki Loves Food 2020 In India[edit]

Proposed activities I would like to lodge a proposal of holding a month long (1st May to 31st May 2020) photo competition entitled Wiki Loves Food 2020 In India under the patronage of West Bengal Wikimedians User Group. The competition shall be oriented on different types of Indian Food and Beverages in two categories- Food and Beverages. Wiki Loves Food 2020 In India is a public photo competition platforming Wikimedia Commons for the usage on Wikipedia and the other sister project. The said competition shall aim at developing and improving the quality and quantity of pictures of various Indian Subcontinent cuisines and thus highlighting and celebrating the profusion, diversity and ethnicity of Indian cuisines.

This photo competition further aims at highlighting the traditional as well as the less renowned local food items and thus to throw ample light on the profundity and diversity of Indian Cuisines.

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