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statusUnder review
WBG/Annual Plan 2024-25
start date2024-07-01
end date2025-06-30
budget (local currency)1738744 INR
amount requested (USD)21247.45 USD [note 1]
grant typeWikimedia Affiliate (chapter, thematic org., or user group)
funding regionSA
decision fiscal year2023-24
funding program roundRound 2
organization (if applicable)West Bengal Wikimedians User Group

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Applicant information[edit]

Organization name or Wikimedia Username for individuals. (required)
West Bengal Wikimedians User Group
Do you have any approved General Support Fund requests? (required)
Yes, I have already applied and received a General Support Fund
You are applying as a(n). (required)
Wikimedia Affiliate (chapter, thematic org., or user group)
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Main proposal[edit]

1. Please state the title of your proposal. This will also be a title for the Meta-Wiki page. (required)
WBG/Annual Plan 2024-25
2. Do you want to apply for the multi-year funding or renewal process? (required)
2.1. For how many years of multi-year funding are you applying? (required)
2.2. Provide a brief overview of Year 2 and Year 3 of the proposed plan and how this relates to the current proposal and your strategic plan? (required)


3. Proposed start date. (required)
4. Proposed end date. (required)
5. Does your organization or group have an Affiliate or Organizational Annual Plan that can help us understand your proposal? If yes, please provide it. (required)
West Bengal Wikimedians - Requests
6. Does your affiliate, organization or group have a Strategic Plan that can help us understand your proposal? If yes, please provide it. (required)
7. Where will this proposal be implemented? (required)
8. What are your programs, approaches, and strategies? What are the challenges that you are trying to address and how will your strategies support you in addressing these challenges? (required)

Wiki Docus

With the Wiki Docu programme, we plan to video document the cultural heritage and oral history of West Bengal. The aim is to make three documentary movies per year. We will choose the subjects from a list prepared by the research team. The pre-production will include researching the topic, creating the script and chalking out the shooting schedule. We will be reaching out to experts on the subject for guidance. Volunteers would be responsible for video shooting. Lastly, for post-production, we would hire video editors, voice-over artists, and an audio studio to complete the film. The films would be in Bengali, and there would be English subtitles.

Few videos shot during our past projects

We also plan to create one eBook per documentary. It would contain photographs and literature on the subject. We would print a few copies of the book to showcase our activities during various outreach programmes.

Related Wikipedia, Wikivoyage articles and Wikidata items would also be created/edited. Wikimedia Commons uploads will include the completed documentaries, all video footage, photographs, and eBooks.

We have already started video documentation during our Wiki Exploration Programmes. We learned several things from that experience, which led us to plan and create this project. Some of the challenges that we are trying to address are:

  1. We primarily used mobile phones, which resulted in lower-quality videos with shakes and jerks. We plan to shoot with a video camera and a gimbal to produce high-quality, steady output. Also, the recording time in video cameras is higher, making it possible to document long performances.
  2. The Wiki Exploration Programme mainly documents built heritage. We have created this programme to document cultural heritage like dances, music, festivals, handicrafts and oral history,
  3. Video clips are good references. But we wanted to create a complete story. A research team, video editor and voiceover artists would help us achieve that goal.
  4. The eBooks will complement the documentaries.
  5. We have experienced that many people still don’t like digital books. The printed books would appeal to them more while showcasing our work during outreach programmes.

Proposed subjects (we plan to keep adding to this list and choose three each year):

  1. Chhau dance and mask
  2. Sheherwali community and their food
  3. Leto Gaan
  4. Dokra in Bengal
  5. Public domain folk songs
  6. Rabindra sangeet
  7. Fanus

Wiki Documents Bengal Terracotta

The terracotta temples and mosques of West Bengal are full of beautiful panels. Due to a lack of maintenance and improper conservation, many are getting damaged. In temples, a group of panels together depict various stories. Hence, it is important to document them systematically and serially. Also, as some panels have minute details, the experts need high-quality images to understand and write the text. This project aims to solve these by documenting the terracotta panels systematically and in detail. The history professors in our team will be working on the meaning of the panels and the image description will be written by them. We also plan to create an eBook with images of the temples and the panels with a brief history and the stories depicted in the panels. We would print a few copies of the book to showcase our activities during various outreach programmes.

We have also been covering the temples under the Wiki Exploration Programme. However, there we try to cover as many heritage structures as possible. As a result, the terracotta panels are not covered in detail. Also, not all the temples covered under Wiki Exploration Program have terracotta panels (but are important due to some other reasons). Under this project, we aim to cover only those temples that have rich terracotta panels, and in detail.

Related Wikipedia, Wikivoyage articles and Wikidata items would also be created/edited. Wikimedia Commons uploads will include all the photographs, video footage, and eBooks.

Wiki Museums

We are already documenting museums as part of our Wiki Exploration Programs. Last year, we covered 16 museums. This year, we plan to cover more museums. But, we plan to do it under a separate project for two reasons. First, during Wiki Exploration, we cover museums along with other places. However, some museums require more dedicated time. Second, there are museums in certain areas where we might not go for a Wiki Exploration. Creating a separate project would help us to solve both of the above.

We have created a list of museums and plan to keep adding to this list.

  1. Debagram Museum
  2. Chandraketugarh Museum
  3. Vadya Vithika Museum of Musical Instruments
  4. West Bengal State Archaeological Museum
  5. Debalgarh

Wiki Loves Monuments 2024 In India

Like the past few years, the West Bengal Wikimedians User Group plans to organise the Wiki Loves Monuments in India in 2024. Before the competition starts in September, we will be organising two workshops. The workshops would cover Wikimedia Commons basics and how to upload images for Wiki Loves Monuments. As we have noticed an increased amount of mobile photo submissions for the competition in the past, a session dedicated to taking better photos with mobiles would be there.

We would also organise two photo walks to cover undocumented/less documented places in Wikimedia Commons. The photo walks would end with brief workshops on Wikimedia Commons and Wiki Loves Monuments.

We plan to video-shoot the workshops and upload them to Wikimedia Commons and YouTube for wider reach. Alongside, we would also create short videos explaining Wiki Loves Monuments, how to participate in the competition, Wikimedia Commons, and how to take better photos for the competition. We would upload these videos to Wikimedia Commons and YouTube, too.

We plan to add two special prizes this year. The first is for the participant with the most Quality Images and the second with the most Featured Pictures. These would encourage participants to go for quality submissions.


We will create a comic book to reach comic book lovers and motivate them to volunteer on various Wikimedia projects. The book will have comics on the activities of Wikimedia, some volunteers of our User Group showcasing their work and why they do it, and the projects of the West Bengal Wikimedians User Group. We plan to publish one such comic book each year to raise awareness and educate people about Wikimedia and the various projects of the user group in a fun way. The around 25-page free comic book will be published digitally in Bengali and English. We will work with professional comic artists and scriptwriters on this project. We will print a few copies for showcasing at various events.

Wiki Loves Your City - Kolkata

Arch entrance of a house in Sovabazar
Decorative grill of a house about to be demolished in Aurobindo Sarani

The Wiki Loves Your City - Kolkata program plans to document the ever-changing character of Kolkata. The project will work on several lists.

  • The first is the list of heritage buildings published by the local Municipal Government.
  • The second will include buildings of local celebrities not included in the heritage list.
  • The third will have important institutes, organisations and businesses.
  • The fourth list will cover cemeteries and memorials.

We also plan to document any house or a part of it with architecture representing a specific era. E.g., railings, designs, doors, balconies, windows etc.. A lot of these are being demolished in favour of modern houses. As they don’t have heritage tags, most are not documented, and a part of history is lost.

Most of the User Group members working in Wikimedia Commons are from Kolkata. As a result, it would be possible to document the above easily. There would be five meetups to coordinate the work and sort out any difficulties faced by any member. All images uploaded as part of this project will include the full address of the building/memorial for future reference.

Bangla Wikisource workshops and associated activities

We are planning 4-6 comprehensive physical workshops in different parts of West Bengal for people who care more about language and literature. The partners and venues are not confirmed now, but there have been primary promising discussions.

We aim to bring new active contributors to Bengali Wikisource.

Logistics and Infrastructure support for volunteers and project leads

The user group has tried to improve the working infrastructure of community leads and volunteers and will scale it up this year. A Sony ZV-E10 Camera with a kit lens and a Sony SEL11F18 lens will be purchased for shooting the documentaries (Wiki Docus) and other videos for the Wiki Documents Bengal Terracotta project. It will also be used for shooting video tutorials for Wiki Loves Monuments 2024 in India and our workshops. We will buy a Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi Battery Adapter Kit with four NP-FW50 batteries and four SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS I 256GB Card for 4K Video. These will help us shoot videos of long performances and workshops over an hour. For recording live audio we will buy a Rode Wireless Go II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System. A DJI Ronin SC Gimbal and a tripod will be bought to achieve steady and shake-free videos. Any volunteers in the region will use the camera, lens and the gears in future for similar kinds of video documentation.

A 5 TB Cloud Storage from Google would be bought for a year to store video and audio files during post-production and the storage would be used by other volunteers of the user group for any similar requirements. Adobe Lightroom Subscription for a year will be bought for a volunteer contributing high-quality images to support raw conversion and image processing and quality image submission.

9. What categories are your main programs and related activities under? Please select all that apply. (required)
Category Yes/No
Education Yes
Culture, heritage or GLAM Yes
Gender and diversity No
Community support and engagement Yes
Participation in campaigns and contests Yes
Public policy advocacy No
Other No


9.1.1. Select all your programs and activities for Education. (required)
Wikimedia Commons programs, Research
Other programs and activities if any: N/A
9.1.2. Select all relevant audience groups for Education. (required)
Vocational, tertiary, or higher education, Teachers or professors
Other groups if any: N/A

Culture, heritage or GLAM

9.2. Select all your programs and activities for Culture, heritage or GLAM. (required)
Other, Supporting institutions to open up their collections, data, metadata, and research, Supporting GLAM professionals to incorporate use of Wikimedia in their work, through documentation, training, or Wikimedian in Residence programs
Other programs and activities if any: Documenting the cultural heritage of West Bengal

Community support and engagement

9.4. Select all your programs and activities for Community support and engagement.
Organizing meetups, conferences, and community events, Off-wiki training of community members, On-wiki training of community members, Supporting community members' participation in events and conferences, Offering non financial support and services to community members (equipment, space, books, etc.)
Other programs and activities if any: N/A

Participation in campaigns and contests

9.5. Select all campaigns that apply. (required)
Wiki Loves Monuments
Other programs and activities if any: N/A
10. Please include a link to or upload a timeline (operational calendar) for your programs and activities. (required)
While the timeline for some of the projects is fixed, others might change depending on various conditions. A probable timeline is listed below -

11. Describe your team. (required)
Project Role Team
Wiki Docus Research, eBook Content Sumitsurai, Amitabha Gupta, Rangan Datta Wiki, Bodhisattwa, Pinakpani, খাঁ শুভেন্দু
Experts Devashis Kuthari (Sheherwali community), Partha Pratim Das (Bengal folk song)
Videography Sumitsurai, Partha Pratim Das, Saikat Surai
Photography Gangulybiswarup, RajashreeTalukdar
Video Editing Saikat Surai
Drone Operator Indianvagabond
Voiceover TBD
Proofreader TBD
Wiki Documents Bengal Terracotta Research, eBook Content Sumitsurai, Amitabha Gupta, Rangan Datta Wiki, Bodhisattwa, Pinakpani, খাঁ শুভেন্দু
Photography Gangulybiswarup, Sumitsurai, RajashreeTalukdar
Historian Dr. Sarbajit Mitra (Assistant Professor - St. Xavier's College, Kolkata), Sayantani Adhikary (Assistant Professor - Sadhan Chandra Mahavidyalaya)
Proofreader TBD
WiKomix Research, Content Development Atudu, Nettime Sujata, Gangulybiswarup, Bodhisattwa, Pinakpani, খাঁ শুভেন্দু, Sumitsurai, Amitabha Gupta, Rangan Datta Wiki, Tarunsamanta
Script Sumitsurai
Artist Charbak Dipta, Harsho Mohan Chattoraj
Wiki Loves Monuments In India 2024 Organising Team Sumitsurai, Atudu, Bodhisattwa, Indrajitdas, Amitabha Gupta
WikiMuseums Photography Gangulybiswarup, Sumitsurai, RajashreeTalukdar
Background Support খাঁ শুভেন্দু, Bodhisattwa
Wiki Loves Your City - Kolkata Photography Amitabha Gupta, Rangan Datta Wiki, Tarunsamanta, Sumitsurai, Gangulybiswarup, RajashreeTalukdar, Kinjal bose 78
Background Support Bodhisattwa, Sumitsurai
Bangla Wikisource workshops and associated activities Wikisource Team Bodhisattwa, Hrishikes, Nettime Sujata, Salil_Kumar_Mukherjee
Overview of all programs Atudu, Nettime Sujata, Sumitsurai, Gangulybiswarup, খাঁ শুভেন্দু (Representative Committee (RC) members of WBG, volunteers)
Coordination with Fiscal sponsor and WMF grants team Sumitsurai, Bodhisattwa
12. Will you be working with any internal (Wikimedia) or external partners? Describe the characteristics of these partnerships and bring a few examples of the most significant partnerships. (required)

Kiwix - Fiscal Sponsor

13. In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select all that apply. (required)
Invest in Skills and Leadership Development, Innovate in Free Knowledge, Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement, Identify Topics for Impact, Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt


Wikimedia Metrics[edit]

14. Please select and fill out Wikimedia Metrics for your proposal. (recommended)
14.1. Number of participants, editors, and organizers.

All metrics provided are optional, please fill them out if they are aligned with your programs and activities.

Participants, editors, and organizers
Metrics name Target Description
Number of all participants 612 * Wiki Loves Monuments - 500
  • Wikisource - 40
  • Other Wikimedia Commons activities - 70
  • Wikomix - 2
Number of all editors 580 * Wiki Loves Monuments - 500
  • Wikisource - 40
  • Other Wikimedia Commons activities - 40
Number of new editors 370
Number of retained editors 45
Number of all organizers 18 Name/Username of organisers with new organisers in bracket -
Number of new organizers 8
14.2. Number of new content contributions to Wikimedia projects. (recommended)
Contributions to Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia project Created Edited or improved
Wikipedia 5 10
Wikimedia Commons 18000
Wikimedia Incubator
Wikivoyage 20
Wikifunctions / Abstract Wikipedia
Description for Wikimedia projects contributions metrics. (optional)

Other Metrics[edit]

15. Do you have other quantitative and qualitative targets for your project (other metrics)? (required)
Other Metrics Description Target
Number of photowalks * Wiki Loves Monuments - 2 2
Number of workshops * Wikimedia Commons - 2
  • Wiki Loves Monuments - 2
  • Wikisource - 6
Number of meetups * Wiki Docus - 3
  • WiKomix - 4
  • Wiki Loves Kolkata - 5
Number of institute outreach programme * Wiki Loves Monuments - 1
  • WikiMuseums - 1
  • Wiki Documents Bengal Terracotta - 1
  • Wikisource - 4
Number of video tutorials * Wikimedia Commons - 4
  • Wiki Loves Monuments - 2


16. Will you have any other revenue sources when implementing this proposal (e.g. other funding, membership contributions, donations)? (required)
16.1. List other revenue sources. (required)


16.2. Approximately how much revenue will you have from other sources in your local currency? (required)
17. Your local currency. (required)
18. What is the total requested amount in your local currency? (required)
1738744 INR
Multi-year funding request summary
Year Amount (local currency)
Year 1 N/A INR
Year 2 N/A INR
Year 3 N/A INR
Requested amount in USD
21247.45 USD [note 1]
Multi-year funding request summary in USD
Year Amount USD [note 1]
Year 1 N/A USD
Year 2 N/A USD
Year 3 N/A USD
  1. a b c The following amount in US dollars was calculated by Wikimedia Foundation staff using the fixed currency rates. This amount is approximate and may not reflect the actual currency exchange rates on the day of submission or distribution. If the application is funded, the funding will be sent in the recipient’s local currency.
19. Does this proposal include compensation for staff or contractors? (required)
19.1. How many paid staff members do you plan to have? (required)

Include the number of staff and contractors during the proposal period. If you have short-term contractors or staff, please include them separately and mention their terms.

7 short term contractors.
  1. Video Editor - 3 documentaries
  2. Drone Operator - 3 days
  3. Voiceover Artist - 3 days
  4. Proofreader - 4 eBooks
  5. Comic Scriptwriter - 25 pages
  6. Comic Artists x 2 - 25 pages
19.2. How many FTEs (full-time equivalents) in total? (required)

Include the total FTE of staff and contractors during the proposal period. If you have short-term contractors or staff, please include their FTEs with the terms separately.

19.3. Describe any staff or contractor changes compared to the current year / ongoing General Support Fund if any. (required only for returning grantees)
We have used drone operators earlier. Apart from that the other six short-term contractors mentioned in 19.1 are new and will be working on our new projects.
20. Please provide an overview of your overall budget categories in your local currency. The budget breakdown should include only the amount requested with this General Support Fund (required).
Budget category Amount in local currency
Staff and contractor costs 307500 INR
Operational costs 267677 INR
Programmatic costs 878250 INR
21. Please upload your budget for this proposal or indicate the link to it. (required)
# Costs
Category Line Items No. of Units Cost per Unit in local currency (INR/unit) Total cost in local currency (INR) Total cost in USD Notes
1.1.1 Travel and Events Train Fare 20 return journeys ₹1,000.00 ₹20,000.00 $260.00
1.1.2 Local Transport 12 days ₹4,000.00 ₹48,000.00 $624.00
1.1.3 Hotel 12 days x 3 rooms ₹7,500.00 ₹90,000.00 $1,170.00
1.1.4 Breakfast+Lunch+Tiffin+Dinner 12 days x 7 persons ₹7,000.00 ₹84,000.00 $1,092.00
1.1.5 Meetups 3 meetups ₹7,000.00 ₹21,000.00 $273.00
1.2.1 Services Video Editor 3 documentaries ₹30,000.00 ₹90,000.00 $1,170.00
1.2.2 Drone Operator 3 days ₹8,000.00 ₹24,000.00 $312.00
1.2.3 Voiceover Artist 3 days ₹8,000.00 ₹24,000.00 $312.00
1.2.4 Proofreader for ebooks 3 books ₹8,000.00 ₹24,000.00 $312.00
1.2.5 Performers/Professionals appearing in the documentary 3 documentaries ₹15,000.00 ₹45,000.00 $585.00
1.2.6 Audio Studio 3 days ₹12,000.00 ₹36,000.00 $468.00
1.3 Communications Printing books 10 copies ₹1,000.00 ₹10,000.00 $130.00
1 (1.1+....+1.3) Wiki Docus ₹516,000.00 $6,228.12
2.1.1 Services Winners Gift vouchers 10 persons ₹62,000.00 $806.00
2.1.2 Winners SWAG materials 10 persons ₹20,000.00 $260.00
2.1.3 Special Prizes 4 persons ₹14,000.00 $182.00
2.1.4 Token of appreciation for core volunteers and Indian jury 9 persons ₹1,500.00 ₹13,500.00 $175.50
2.2.1 Travel and Events Photowalk + Post walk workshop 2 walks ₹10,000.00 ₹20,000.00 $260.00
2.2.2 Full day workshop 2 workshops ₹25,000.00 ₹50,000.00 $650.00
2.3.1 Communications Promotion on Facebook/YouTube ₹25,000.00 $325.00
2.3.2 Competition Booklet 400 copies ₹10.00 ₹4,000.00 $52.00
2.3.3 Postcards 1000 copies ₹4.00 ₹4,000.00 $52.00
2 (2.1+....+2.3) Wiki Loves Monuments 2024 In India ₹212,500.00 $2,564.88
3.1.1 Travel and Events Train Fare 8 return journeys ₹600.00 ₹4,800.00 $62.40
3.1.2 Local Transport 12 days ₹1,000.00 ₹12,000.00 $156.00
3.1.3 Hotel 12 days ₹2,500.00 ₹30,000.00 $390.00
3.1.4 Breakfast+Lunch+Tiffin+Dinner 12 days ₹2,000.00 ₹24,000.00 $312.00
3.2 Services Proofreader for ebooks 1 ebook ₹8,000.00 ₹8,000.00 $104.00
3.3 Communications Printing books 3 copies ₹1,000.00 ₹3,000.00 $39.00
3 (3.1+....+3.3) Wiki Documents Bengal Terracotta ₹81,800.00 $987.33
4.1.1 Services Artist 25 pages ₹4,000.00 ₹100,000.00 $1,300.00
4.1.2 Scriptwriter 25 pages ₹1,500.00 ₹37,500.00 $487.50
4.2 Communications Printing Cost 3 copies ₹400.00 ₹1,200.00 $15.60
4.3 Travel and Events Meetups for discussion 4 meetups ₹7,000.00 ₹28,000.00 $364.00
4 (4.1+....+4.3) WiKomix ₹166,700.00 $2,012.07
5.1.1 Travel and Events Travel 10 days ₹700.00 ₹7,000.00 $91.00
5.1.2 Lunch+Tiffin 10 days ₹600.00 ₹6,000.00 $78.00
5.1.3 Museum ticket 10 tickets ₹75.00 ₹750.00 $9.75
5.1.4 Photography charges 2 museums ₹5,000.00 ₹10,000.00 $130.00
5 (5.1.1+....+5.1.4) WikiMuseums ₹23,750.00 $286.66
6 Travel and Events Meetups for discussion 5 meetups ₹7,000.00 ₹35,000.00 $455.00
6 (6) Wiki Loves Your City - Kolkata ₹35,000.00 $422.45
7 Travel and Events Workshops 6 workshops ₹25,000.00 ₹150,000.00 $1,950.00
7 (7) Bangla Wikisource workshops and associated activites ₹150,000.00 $1,810.50
8.1.1 Equipment and materials Sony ZV-E10 Camera + 16-50mm Lens 1 ₹70,000.00 ₹70,000.00 $910.00 A dedicated video camera will help record quality video footage. Will be used in following projects - Wiki Docus, Wiki Loves Bengal Terracotta, Wiki Loves Monuments (creating video tutorials and recording workshops), Wikisource workshop
8.1.2 Sony SEL11F18 Lens 1 ₹50,000.00 ₹50,000.00 $650.00 Wide angle lens to video shoot performances during Wiki Docus
8.1.3 Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi Battery Adapter Kit 1 ₹30,000.00 ₹30,000.00 $390.00 This is a four battery adapter that can power video cameras during shooting long performances/workshops.
8.1.4 Sony NP-FW50 Battery 4 ₹5,000.00 ₹20,000.00 $260.00 Batteries for the video camera. Along with the adaptor they would help shoot long performances/workshops.
8.1.5 SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS I 256GB Card for 4K Video 4 ₹4,138.00 ₹16,552.00 $215.18 Memory cards for video recording
8.1.6 Rode Wireless Go II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System 1 ₹27,800.00 $361.40 For recording live audio during performances/workshops
8.1.7 DJI Ronin SC Gimbal 1 ₹25,000.00 $325.00 For shooting steady videos
8.1.8 Ball Head Tripod 1 ₹2,500.00 $32.50 For shooting workshops
8.2.1 Software and Digital platform costs 5 TB Cloud Storage Google 1 year ₹16,250.00 $211.25 Will be used to store video and audio files to be shared between volunteers and editors, voiceover artists during post production.
8.2.2 Adobe Lightroom Subscription 1 year ₹9,575.00 $124.48 Will be used to process raw files for the following projects - Wiki Documents Bengal Terracotta, WikiMuseums, Wiki Loves Kolkata
8 (8.1+...+8.2) Logistics and Infrastructure support for volunteers and project leads ₹267,677.00 $3,230.86
9 Contingency events, plans and expenditure not mentioned above ₹127,250.00 $1,535.91
A (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8) Total Program Expenditure ₹1,580,677.00 $19,078.77
R (R1+R2) Remaining fund from previous year's grants ₹0.00 $0.00
G (A-R) Total amount of money requested to WMF for program expenditure ₹1,580,677.00 $19,078.77
B (10% of G) Fiscal sponsorship charges to Kiwix ₹158,067.70 $1,907.88
T (G+B) Grand total of money requested from this proposal ₹1,738,744.70 $20,986.65

Additional information[edit]

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