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Logo Amical Wikimedia

Ystyr "Amical Wikimedia" (a dalfyrir weithiau i "Amical") ydy "cyfaill"; mae'n fudiad dielw sy'n cael ei gydnabod fel Wikimedia Thematic Organization sy'n canolbwyntio ar y Gatalaneg a diwylliant Catalan. Ei brif nod a'i brif nod yw sicrhau fod holl wybodaeth y byd i gyd ar gael mewn Catalaneg a bod gwybodaeth ar gael am ddiwylliant Catalonia ar gael mewn ieithoedd eraill.

Mae gan Amical 116 o aelodau.


Background and history

The Associació Amical Viquipèdia was founded in 2008. Several attempts were subsequently made to gain WMF recognition as an affiliated organization. The first proposal of Wikimedia CAT aimed to establish a Wikimedia local chapter in the Catalan-speaking territories. This proposal did not receive a favorable recommendation from ChapCom because these territories fell over several sovereign states and overlapped with existing chapters. The second proposal aimed to frame Wikimedia CAT as a local national sub-chapter, reducing the territory to Spain's Catalan-speaking regions alone. This alternative invited comments from members of the Board of WMF but received clear support from only Jimmy Wales.[1] The third and last proposal, in 2013, was consistent with the new model approved by WMF Board, called Thematic Organizations. Amical Wikimedia was recognized by the WMF on June 7, 2013.

During those five years of existence without the explicit recognition of the WMF, the people supporting the organization worked hard to promote and support the Wikimedia projects in Catalan. Links to monthly reports can be found below.

The organization was legally incorporated as a non-profit in Catalonia (2009). Amical Wikimedia (former Amical Viquipèdia) and the Catalan Wikipedia editing community took a formal decision establishing links with Amical in April 2010. Amical has also been recognized in the Census of organizations for the promotion of the Catalan language by the Executive Council of Catalonia since 2011.

Awards received

  • LletrA Award 2011 for digital projects, granted by the Open University of Catalonia and the Prudenci Bertrana Foundation.
  • Pompeu Fabra Award 2012 for "his relentless work for the consolidation and growth of Catalan Wikipedia, which has had the result that the Catalan version of the open encyclopedia is among the most prestigious and well positioned and it is comparable and in some aspects superior to versions of the major languages ​​of the world".
  • Stic Award 2013 for their work on the Catalan in Internet, granted by STIC.CAT.
  • Francesc de Borja Moll Award 2013, granted by Obra Cultural Balear, for "the big promotion that makes for our culture both from an internal perspective, contributing decisively to the improvement of cultural resources available in Catalan, as from the external perspective, locating the Catalan culture in a prominent position within the universe of Free Culture".
  • Nomination to Martí Gasull Award 2013, granted by Plataforma per la Llengua. The jury considered that "success of the Catalan Wikipedia is the voluntary and collective success result of the dynamics of a society that wants to put the Catalan language to the highest international standards".
  • National Prize for Culture 2014, granted by the Catalan National Council for Culture and Arts.

Scope, focus of interest and mission

The Catalan language is spoken in Catalonia, Valencian Country, the Balearic Islands and Aragon (Spain); Northern Catalonia (France); Andorra; and L'Alguer (Sardinia, Italy).
  • Amical Wikimedia's focus is on the Catalan language and culture.
  • Amical Wikimedia's primary mission and goal is that the sum of all human knowledge will be also available in Catalan and that all knowledge about Catalan culture will be also available in every language.

The Catalan language is spoken in Catalunya (Catalonia), País Valencià (Valencian Country), Illes Balears (Balearic Islands), Catalunya Nord (Northern Catalonia), Aragó (La Franja), Andorra and Italy (L'Alguer). It has around 10 millions speakers, however, it is not recognized by the European Union as an official language[2] despite the fact that it has more speakers than, for example, Slovak (7M), Lithuanian (3.2M) or Maltese (0.5M), amongst others.

Territorial overlap with national chapters

The territory of activity of the organization is everywhere in the world where there are volunteers willing to work to achieve Amical's mission. Amical will keep other Wikimedia organizations that are active in those territories informed about the projects and activities to be done in these areas, seeking collaboration with them.

Strategic Plan


Amical Wikimedia periodically publishes its reports of the activities done and of the ongoing projects, both in Catalan and English:

Last available group photo, during our annual community meeting: Viquitrobada 2018

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January, February, March, April, May || Juny, juliol, agost, setembre, octubre, novembre, desembre


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Latest posts

Here we will include latest posts shared in English

Becoming a member

Any individual can become a member of Amical. To become a member, simply fill out and submit the online form on Amical's website.

Individuals or organizations who want to support Amical Wikimedia can also become collaborator members. However, voting rights are limited to full right members. Collaborator membership benefits are the following:

  • Member name on the Amical Wikimedia web page
  • Updates and extended information of the activities
  • Access to the members' wiki website and mail list

Please contact our membership team by email at if you have any further questions about becoming a member of Amical Wikimedia.


The board of Amical Wikimedia is composed of the following people:

Name Username Position
Laia Benito Pericas Barcelona Chair
Lluís Madurell Alemany Lluis_tgn Secretary
Xavier Dengra Grau Xavier Dengra Treasurer
Josep Nogué Josepnogue Member
Carles Paredes Lanau KRLS Member
David Parreño Mont Davidpar Member
Esther Bonet Solé Tiputini Member
Pau Colominas Pau Colominas Member


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  1. I strongly support the creation of Wikimedia CAT, for the same reasons and in the same way that I support the creation of sub-national chapters in a variety of contexts where local conditions make it sensible to do so. I say this as a personal opinion of one board member. --Jimbo Wales 14:32, 14 November 2010 (UTC)
  2. Official EU languages