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وەرگێڕانی ھەفتە

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This page is a translated version of the page Translation of the week and the translation is 18% complete.

ئەم پەڕەیە سەبارەت بە وەرگێڕانی ھەفتانەی ویکیپیدیایە.

ھەر ھەفتەیەک، لە دووشمە بەدواوە، کۆلکەیەک یان یەکەم پەرەگرافی وتارێکی گرنگ ھەڵدەبژێردرێت بۆ ئەوەی وەربگڕدرێتە سەر چەندین زمان کە دەتوانرێت (بە تایبەتی پڕۆژە بچووکەکان) بەپێی توانا.

Ideal candidates are 1) short, 2) easy to translate, 3) lead to potential translations of other topics. The goal is to have a wide range of topics covered in every language that we have. (See also: Proposed list of articles all languages should have.)

Please update the interwiki links on Wikidata of your language version of the article after each week's translation is finished so that all languages are linked to each other.

You can communicate with other translators or ask for help on Babylon, Wikimedia translation activity center.

This week (٢٩)

The winner this week is en:Adumu.

Please list translations here.

Current candidates

Put your name next to your favorite candidate, along with the potential links in the article (some people may want to translate them too). Please vote at /Translation candidates.

Failed candidates are found at /Removed.

Interested translators

Interested translators who would like to participate in this project may list themselves here. Thank you in advance for your support. If you want to have the translation of the week delivered to your talk page each week, you may list yourself with the button below.

Past translations (٢٠٢٤)