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This page is a translated version of the page Meta:Babylon and the translation is 45% complete.
porth / hysbysfwrdd cyfieithwyr Wikimedia
Dyma Babylon, hysbysfwrdd a phorth cyfieithu Meta. I drafod cyfieithu'n gyffredinol ewch i'r dudalen sgwrs.


  • Tudalen trafod Babilon
    Os oes gennych gwestiynau, amheuon, cynigion neu unrhyw beth arall ynglŷn â chyfieithiadau y rydych eisiau gofyn, ysgrifennwch ar y dudalen yma.
  • Rhestr bostio cyfieithwyr
    Y rhestr bostio swyddogol ar gyfer cyfieithwyr wicimedia. Ymrestrwch!
  • #Cyfieithio-wicimediaconnect
    Y sianel IRC swyddogol ar gyfer cyfieithwyr. Ymwelwch â ni am gymorth, neu os y rydych eisiau siarad, neu ar gyfer diweddariadau ar ofynion newydd!
  • Rhestr bostio cyfieithwr
    Dewis arall ar gyfer y rhestr bostio gyda chylchlythyr ar-wici bydd yn gyrru hysbysiad i chi.

Automagical page listing all translation requests on Meta-Wiki with the new system (see Translate extension help).

Direct links:

Cofrestrwch i fod yn gyfieithydd

Problemau cyfieithu ar brosiectau Wicimedia

Translation of the week

Translation of the week here on Meta-Wiki is a project to add articles to Wikipedias where they do not exist by translating them.

WikiProject Translation on Wikisource

An initiative to coordinate between various Wikisource language wikis in the gathering of old translations and the creation of new ones for source texts that have never been translated or have only copyrighted translations et cetera. Hosted on English Wikisource.

About localisation

Information about localisation for both translators and developers can be found on the localisation page on MediaWiki.org.

You can read some useful tips on Amir’s blog.

Strategaeth cyfieithu hirdymor

You can read and discuss ideas about how to work with translations on the Translation strategy page.