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the Wikimedia translators' portal/noticeboard
Babylon is the Meta translations portal and noticeboard. For general discussions about translations see the talk page.

Gettin stairtit


  • Babylon tauk page
    Gif ye hae speirins, doots, proposals n oniething else aneat owersets that ye want tae speir, write at this page.
  • owerseters mailin leet
    The offeecial Wikimedia owerseters' mailin leet. Sign up!
  • #wikimedia-owersetinconnect
    The offeecial owerseter's IRC channel. Veesit us whan ye need heelp, jist want to tauk, or fer updates oan new reqMeta talk:Babylonuests!Meta talk:Babylon

Owersetin requests

Autæmageecal page leetin aw owerset requests oan Meta-Wiki wi the new system (see Owerset extension heelp).

Direct links:

Sign up tae be aen owerseter

Owersetins issues oan Wikimedia waurks

Owersets o the Week

  • Owersetin o the week, here oan Meta-Wiki.
  • Ingils Wiktionair: Owersets o the week. Three wairds ar chosen ilka week tae owrset: dinna ferget tae link ilka owerset Ingils waird aes ae possible owerset fer the associatit waird entries in the ither Wiktionair (n fil in thair missin defineetions, pronoonceeations n thaiir derived forms like plurals).


Contrarie til whit we owerseters micht think ;-) things shid na aye be owerset. That's why Wikispeelin wis cræftit, in order tae avoid misspeelin o proper noons n local names. Wikispeelin is ae trans-wiki n multilingual waurk. Please heelp bi checkin the owerset in yer ain leid o commit messages at Wikispeelin. n feel;-) free tae parteecipate !

=== Capitalisation oan Wiktionair ===Special:MyLanguage/Capitalization

Leids hae differant rules aneat capitalisation. Fer example, in Ingils, the month names n maist wairds o wairk titles ar aye capitalised, bit in French thay'r na. Maist Wiktionair waurks differantiate nouadays atween capitalised letters n smaa letters. Wiktionair needs tae ken whit rules ilka leid haes aneat capitalisation. Please heelp tae compleate the buir o Capitalisation!

WikiWaurk oan Ingils Wikisoorce

Ae new ineetiateeve tae coordinate atween vareeis Wikisoorce leid wikis in the gatherin o auld owersets n the cræftin o new owersets fer soorce texs that hae niver been owerset, or hae yinlie copierichted owersets, etc.

About localisation

Information about localisation for both translators and developers can be found on the localisation page on The information may be outdated.

Long-term translation strategy

You can read and discuss ideas about how to work with translations on the translation strategy page.