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A "Wiki Lounge" was held at the University of Liverpool on 22 November 2011. A Wiki Lounge is an informal drop-in session at which Wikipedians provide advice on Wikipedia and related subjects to members of the public, who call in throughout the day. Aims include:

  • Teaching members of the public about Wikipedia
  • Assisting students and academics in using Wikipedia for academic research
  • Teaching members of the public how to correct errors on Wikipedia (sometimes in a way that ensures a lack of COI)
  • Answering any other queries people may have about Wikipedia

A Wiki Lounge is informal, but is similar in many ways to OTRS, just in real time. This lounge had no set schedule beyond a start time and end time, and nobody was obligated to stay for the full day. People interested in learning how to edit were encouraged to sign up here.

The Wiki Lounge was held at Sydney Jones Library in the University of Liverpool and there were members of staff directing people.


The full address is:

Sydney Jones Library
University of Liverpool
L69 3BX

The post code above is the Royal Mail sorting office for a PO box. Try somewhere near the centre of this map for the Library.

The rough schedule was to start at 10am and finish at 6pm.

After the event there drinks at the first-ever Liverpool meetup.

List of Volunteers[edit]

The event was organised by Panyd, who is unable to attend, and so the point of contact for the day is Harry Mitchell (aka HJ Mitchell).

Other volunteers included: