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London Wikimedia Meetup Number 46[edit]

Date and time: Sunday 12th June — 13:00 onwards[edit]

Location: Penderel's Oak Pub, Holborn, London WC1[edit]



Add your name to this list if you can make it to our forty-sixth meeting. Note that people of all ages and all Wikimedia projects are welcome!

Please also invite any London Wikimedia people you know (or have had wiki dealings with) – spread the word!


Informal chitchat with no set agenda. We usually have some experienced users and some laptops around so if you want a ten minute lesson in creating tables doing history merges or you just have a question on copyright this is a good venue (but please don't start discussions on copyright until enough people have arrived for a non-copyright conversation to run in parallel).

If you have some ideas for discussion topics, please put them below.

  • Remember GLAMcamp London for ambassadors and GLAM professionals is the following Friday (24th June).
  • Suggest a chat on alternative locations for the London wikimeet meeting the constraints of free wifi, open on a Sunday, handy for food and preferably nearer to a major train station that our current default location? A few interesting suggestions in this TimeOut guide but perhaps someone is aware of a future possible funky location next to a transport hub? Add a link here if you do... -- 09:56, 11 May 2011 (UTC)[reply]
    • I'd add quiet enough to talk and empty enough for us to be confident of getting space for 6-26 people. Also if we are going to change the idea is to find a venue where those who won't enter a pub would feel comfortable attending. WereSpielChequers 17:37, 2 June 2011 (UTC)[reply]