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Monmouth Wikimedia Meetup and Editathon Number 1[edit]

Date and time: Saturday 21st April 2012[edit]

Location: Shire Hall, Monmouth[edit]

Coordinates: 51.811878°, -2.715597°

Time: 12 - 5pm (afterwards there's the prize giving for the Monmouthpedia competition)[edit]

This is the organisation page for the first Wikimeet and editathon in Monmouth! A wikimeet is a social gathering for Wikimedia enthusiasts. Where we...

  • Chat about Wikipedia, Wikimedia and any other topics we fancy.
  • Eat lunch and drink, evening do was at the Roundhouse at the Kymin
  • Discuss what we did to contribute to MonmouthpediA

Editathons are events aimed to encourage many new and existing Wikipedia editors to help improve and create Wikipedia articles.

MonmouthpediA video introduction
A Celebration -yes it's a mockup

Wikimeets are mainly casual social events. You can expect to meet some very keen Wikipedians, however this is also an open invite for anyone interested in finding out more about Wikipedia, other Wikimedia projects, projects re-using Wikipedia, and other collaborative wiki projects. Also wiki technology, MediaWiki, or discussing the business impact of mass collaboration. Anything of interest to Wikipedia:GLAM/MonmouthpediA will also be relevant here. Feel free to come along and raise these discussions over a beverage of your choice. (:Monmouth pubs serve coffee too :- Kings Head Hotel (free wifi in some areas), Old Nag's Head, Robin Hood Inn and Punch House (free wifi))

We normally meet in a quiet, family-friendly pub - so hopefully younger Wikimedians will also feel welcome and safe. Alcohol consumption is certainly not required!

This meetup will coincide with an Wikimedia UK in-person board meeting in Monmouth over 21-22 April, which you are also most welcome to attend. Please see wmuk:Agenda 21Apr12 for information and to sign up to attend that.


Here is a suggested lists of activities, please add your own:

  • Going to the museum and and playing with the QRpedia codes and possibly writing articles about things that are missing
  • Looking at the QRpedia codes on display at the Shire Hall, both the world's first QRpedia'd tourist information centre and a museum
  • Looking at new ways to use Wikipedia and WIkimedia projects and other open data things within the town including Shire Hall and Monmouth Museum, look here for suggestions
  • Write about the trial of the chartists at Shire Hall
  • Add Monmouth (we're having the torch through the town) to the Olympics Torch Relay 2012 article

Resources and places[edit]

There is a fundamental problem that if we travel all over Monmouth, it presupposes that everyone will have arrived when we leave Shire Hall. That is by no means certain, so perhaps some discussion on the talk page will help to ensure that everybody can be sure of being included.

Shire Hall[edit]
  • we've booked a room with tables and chairs
  • wifi
  • big touchscreen tv
  • limited number of laptops
  • printer
  • scanner
  • camera
  • local history books
  • wifi
  • guillotine
  • main collection of local history books
Monmouth library (in Rolls Hall)[edit]
  • wifi
  • local history books
  • scanner


The Charles Rolls Challenge prizes will be awarded at 5 in the Shire Hall. Webstream link is here

Sign here if you are coming ...[edit]

Our mission - one town at a time

Please sign below if you intend to come. If you want a reminder closer to the time, please leave a note after your signature.